Amanda Brinkman Takes a Trip ‘Back to Bristol | Small Business Revolution – Main Street: S2E9

(crowd applauds)
(somber music) – This gathering carries so
many emotions: first enormous pride for what we have
accomplished as a town! (crowd applauds) But there’s also some sadness because we’ll being
saying goodbye to a team of absolutely wonderful people. To the entire crew of
Small Business Revolution, thank you for your expertise, thank you for your generosity, and most of all thank
you for your friendship. (crowd applauds) – [Amanda] It’s been almost a year since the last time we
were in Bristol Borough. During the Spring and Summer of 2017, the Small Business Revolution
team spent much of our lives and half a million dollars
working to revitalize this town. We teamed up with six
incredible small businesses, helping those entrepreneurs
build their dreams stronger. And we collaborated with
the town in the hope that the entire community
would benefit from the work. And sometimes I forget
the impact of what we do in these communities and
I’m extremely proud of it. When you think about the
difference that getting a business healthy can make for an entire town. I just feel so blessed to
not only know these people, but to have played any sort
of role in their success. – [Train Announcer]
This is Bristol Station, next stop Croydon. – [Amanda] I think we are
all on this planet to leave everyone we encounter
better than we found them. So coming back to Bristol Borough, this isn’t just a casual check in. This is when we get to
find out if the work our team has devoted itself to lives up to the ideals
we believe in the most. – [Announcer] Small towns
across America are fighting for their survival with the
odds stacked against them. But what happens if we join that fight? – Small Business Revolution
Main Street makeover. – [Announcer] The second year
in a row for the competition. – [Reporter] One Community is getting a half a million dollar makeover. – Thousand of small cities and towns taking part. – [Announcer] What started
as an idea became a national movement with over a million votes cast throughout the country
and finally one winner. – Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania! The Borough will get grants,
publicity, and advice. – [Announcer] The town went
all out to win the competition. – I know I voted. – [Announcer] And now marketing
expert, Amanda Brinkman and her team at Deluxe are going to work for the people of Bristol
Borough, Pennsylvania and they’ve brought along
entrepreneur Robert Herjavec and a cast of small business experts to help revitalize the town. – [Woman] This a story we’ve
been following all summer long. – [Man] Borough residents
hoping for that big boost. – [Announcer] Every episode,
we’ll be working with a new small business
bringing marketing expertise, financial advice, and
decades of experience, strengthening the town’s
economy one business at a time. The team has only a few short months to see if they can change the odds, if together we can start a revolution. – While we’re in town
working with the businesses, filming, things are great, right. Their momentum is high,
the businesses are excited but the real test of
whether or not this worked is coming back a year later
and seeing that these changes and the impact was sustaining. So we’re going to start out by
sitting down with the man who really got the vote on and
deserves so much credit for bringing us here in the
first place, Bill Pezza. – The contest galvanized people, there are so many people out
there that want to be involved if you give them something to do. – How has the town as a whole felt on the other side of this whole process? – Four years ago, I think
we had 26 empty stores. That’s pretty scary. Now we’re down to four
or five storefronts. – That’s really exciting. – I’ve seen some of the
most successful businesses doing things now to expand
and enhance themselves. They know now there’s competition. There wasn’t any competition before, there weren’t any businesses. – It’s just been so
exciting to see the energy, you can feel it when you’re
walking down Mill Street. It’s just the bustle is really fun. – I think we feel a tremendous sense of responsibly to keep it going. We’re constantly thinking about what can we do that is eye-catching. The opening of the docks
was a tremendous boost. This year, we’re really
committed to opening some kind of a bed and
breakfast or boutique hotel and we offer a series of
seminars on social media, customer service, we try to
educate all the business owners. – And I hear that the
Raising the Bar meetings are standing-room only now, is
there really that much interest? – Yeah, the nice thing is people say, how do I join Raising the Bar? And I say, you just did. All you have to do is step up. – Well I have to say, this
town is just so blessed to have your leadership. – Well, thank you. – [Amanda] It’s obviously
in amazing hands. – Thanks, we’re going to try
real hard and you need to come back so you can do
season three or Bristol two years down the road or
whatever, just keep coming back. – I think I’m going to buy
Ron and Michael’s house, this would not be a bad view. – [Bill] No, this would not be a bad view. – It’s been unreal. Housing prices are up in town, we have a lot of new young entrepreneurs. That happened because of the revolution. – We opened a week after
they were announced the big winners, so it
was like perfect timing. It’s been nothing but
open arms, warm welcoming, major, major support;
people walking by looking in the windows, saying hey
what’s going on in there. I can’t say anything other than amazing. – So it wasn’t just
only the six businesses, it was everybody, the whole community. – [Amanda] Everyone is excited,
business owner, resident. – When the Revolution
first came in you could see the people were going through
painting their houses, taking care of the lawn. – My clients traveling
down from 30 minutes away are coming down here and seeing the town and are totally amazed. – It’s still pretty surreal, we still a lot of us can’t
believe it really happened. It’s definitely brought
many of us closer together and then you’ve got things like the Bristol Borough
Business Association and Raising the Bar that have been there but even more now that the show happened. – [Woman] We had nothing, nobody
even knew about this block. Now we have a barbershop, a beauty shop, and a fabulous restaurant. It’s been really awesome. – We’ve been working on it since the ’80s. We go up and down and up
and down and up and down. With the Small Business Revolution, we’re not going back down. It’s not going to happen. This was our big shot
and we took it and ran. – [Amanda] Bristol Borough’s
resurgence is incredible, but we also need to check in on the six individual businesses
we worked with so closely. We spent months with those
entrepreneurs, overhauling websites and buildings,
redesigning logos, and rethinking accounting and operations
all with the hope that their success would ripple outward
into the entire community. Hi!
– Hi, how are you? – [Amanda] I’m starting
at Hems Truck and Auto, when we first arrived in town
this husband and wife team had been around for a decade,
but long hours, money issues, and a workplace that had
fallen into disrepair had them close to giving
up on the business. So how is business, in general? – We are so excited. We don’t even know where to start first. Business is so good that we’ve expanded. By Monday, Tuesday we’re generally booked for the rest of the week. We’re seeing new faces everyday, we’re seeing new cars everyday. – And you hired another mechanic, right? – Yes.
– We did, we did. Mr. Ian, yes. – [Amanda] Hi Ian, welcome
to the Hem’s Family. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you as well! Just even in the way you’re talking, your confidence level. You seem empowered. – Yes, it really has relit my fire. This was better than winning the lottery. – [Amanda] Next up, is
Discover, Learn & Grow. – Hi, Miss Amanda!
– Hi! – Hi, how are you? – [Amanda] Unlike Hems,
they were brand new when we got to town. – [Woman] Say hi, Miss Amanda! – [Amanda] And Ramona and
Marcelous had only enrolled six out of 20 plus spots at
their early learning center. On top of that, they had priced themselves so low that even a full
house wouldn’t have provided them with a livable wage. – Our numbers have expanded
to above our capacity and because of that we have a new location that is opening in June. – Oh my gosh!
– Yeah! – [Ramona] If you want
to take a quick trip, – That’s great news!
– It’s in walking distance. – Alright.
– Alright. – Wow. – Our biggest challenge was charging more, once we were able to get
those calculations where we were seeing a profit, we
were like okay, we’re ready. – Since Deluxe has came in
and gave us this template, things here are going good. – There’s not a day that I do
not look forward to coming in. – Hey Jose! – How are you?
– Good to see you! – Nice to see you, too. – I’m a little nervous about
walking into Keystone Boxing, we gave Jose a lot of tough
advice, mostly around focusing his business and some of it
wasn’t easy for him to hear. Working with Jose was
challenging for him and for us. And I just hope a year later, he feels like the whole
thing was worth it. Business is good?
– Oh yeah, yeah! Business is doing amazing. Now it’s pretty simple, I’m really good at Little
Ninjas so I do Little Ninjas and I’m really good
boxing so I opened boxing. I’m focusing on what I’m really good at and I’m making it better. I want to show you.
– So great! It’s hard to take the criticism, especially for a person
like me that thinks that I can do everything but as
a business owner I feel like I took 1,000 steps ahead and
just a short amount of time. So it definitely pays off. – It seems like the most important changes are always the hardest, with
that in mind I’m going to visit Miguel’s Riverside Barbershop. Hey! – Hello, how are you?
– How are you? Half way through working with
Miguel his landlord locked him out of the barbershop his late
father had helped him build. We’ve never had anything like it happen and in the space of a few
hours, Miguel had to make the decision to move his
life-long dream into a new home. – We have a TV so you can
just watch some sports. A buddy of mine he made this by hand. – This is so cool. Moving was like the best thing! – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh! – My dad, anything for him
that’s like something new, it’s grander so he would definitely be super stoked with all this. I hired two new guys so now
have four of us right now, rockin’ and rollin’ all of them full time, all day everyday. And bumping up the price
was the best thing. It put me to that next level where I kept saying I wanted to go. – That’s so great. I’m anxious to get to Polka Dot Parlor. – [Paulette] Oh my gosh! Hello!
– Hi! Paulette is an incredible spirit
and a sharp business owner but she also loves collecting things. After having helped her totally redesign and simplify her boutique last year, I’m curious to see if she’s
fallen back on old habits. – [Paulette] Well welcome! – It looks amazing in here! – Yeah, so it’s low when you
walk in, remember you said– – [Both] Don’t break sight lines! – I am feeling good about the way it looks but it is a struggle and
the struggle is real. But I love to keep putting
more and more and more. – So it sounds like business is good. – Oh my God, it’s like a dream. Business has definitely been
picking up by at least 33%. I’m always thinking that way now and I’m showing other
businesses to do the same thing. – [Amanda] You are killing it! – I’m telling you.
– I love it! – I’m telling you!
– I love it! Last stop the tour is Annabella’s. – [Alison] Hello. – Hey guys! We fell in love with Bobby
and Alison because of the way the love each other and
the restaurant they share. But the business wasn’t supporting them or producing enough money to make updates or repairs in the kitchen and dining room. – There’s more new customers every week. We have money in the
account all the time now. – Business has doubled since The Small Business
Revolution has come to town. It was like a catch 22,
without business being better we couldn’t have made
the improvements we have. It was literally the jumpstart we needed. – It’s been… She’s just amazing, I follow
her lead and things work out. – There’s another side
to this whole experience for each of these business owners. When the series airs,
their lives become public. Their strengths, their
vulnerabilities, their relationships. It all gets reflected back to
them and to their community. Alright, so what do you guys think? What was it like to watch your episodes to see yourself on television? – Cry.
– Yeah? – And then everybody
that’s ever watched it, yeah they cried. And they’re like, you’re
story is just like our story and I really connect with you guys. – That’s awesome. What was the one piece of advice that you feel kind of
made the biggest impact? – I think for us, for me,
it wasn’t just one moment. I think it was a cumulation
of everything between us sitting down in Minnesota and
saying that we need to raise our prices to people walking
into the business and wishing us luck and all that, I think
it just gave us this pride. This is our business
and we’re here to stay and we’re here to grow. – I think it my situation
where things went down, like kind of failed, a
huge community got together to support my business and
help me move and help me grow. You guys are a family now this whole town, they know my story. It could have been like in a closed shell, it would have never came out. That’s my favorite part
about this whole thing. – Yeah. – I think everybody took that,
took the low points and said, okay we need to change what we’re doing. From failure you learn. – Have you guys heard that from
people, where they’re like, oh my gosh, I’ve gone through
that or when I watch your episode I felt like I’ve
struggled with that too as a business owner or even just a person? – Yes, yes.
– Oh, many times. – What bothers me is that I
felt like I was the only one and why am I the only one
that’s going through this? Because I have had a hard time. I started this business with no money and had to work three jobs
to keep that gym open. Next thing you know, I’m
standing on the corner and this one guy shouts at me, get out
of our country, you Mexican. And I’m like hey, I’m just
trying to run my business and it seems like every time, I felt weak and I felt like that’s it, I’m done. – When you get like
that you need to think, when I went to that
boxing event that you had, you had people from all over. You had white, black,
Mexican, you had kids boxing, doing the right thing, being clean. It’s such a good thing that
you do for this community. I was proud to be there as
your friend and there’s a lot of people that also believe in you. We all have lows. – Everybody is struggling, no matter how much you smile
everyone is struggling. Yes, keep going. – Yeah. – Alright, toast! – To Bristol!
– To Bristol! – [All] Hurray! – [Amanda] And to family. – I asked these business
owners to talk about themselves and without even thinking, they started talking about each other. This is the perfect group
to enlist in helping us with one last surprise
for Bristol Borough. Every year it is so
hard to narrow it down. We always feel like there is
worthy businesses that aren’t included in the process so
Deluxe would like to give $2,500 to one of the businesses
that were not selected. But we want you guys to help
us pick which business that is. – Oh, awesome. – Okay. – I think the commitment
that Karla has made across the street at
Antiques is really something watching them not only
open and take that risk, but expand already,
with a really nice shop is pretty good stuff. – Penelope Fox, she does
classes with children with special needs,
not just general public that is a beautiful, wonderful
thing and creativity and art that’s a tough career. – [Marcelous] I want to
say Bristol Antiques. – I was thinking Karla, as well. – Karla or Penelope. – Both of them struggle and
they’re both awesome people, and they both do a lot for the community. So its really, really tough. – Sometimes when it seems
like there’s no right answer, it means you need to rethink the question. This program is never about
just those six businesses, it’s about the town as a whole
and we just think that what both of you are doing for the
community is really remarkable so we want to give you both
$2500 to boost your business. – What? Thank you! – This has been such an incredible year. It’s hard to imagine that
it’s been a year since we won The Small Business Revolution
and our real task is to make sure that we run with this
momentum, we set our sights high, and we move forward together. – It’s so rewarding to be back here and see the amazing progress
since we’ve left town. We recognize that the revolution
was already underway in Bristol Borough before you guys
made it to the final stage. It’s been so amazing to see
how you’ve used that momentum to continue to propel yourself forward. You guys have so much to be proud of. (crowd applauds) – It’s been an incredible
roller coaster, really. The Revolution has given us the
confidence to go next level. To know that we can do this. – Nobody ever tells you
when you’re doing good. Never. They gave me that. To me, that was the biggest
thing I got out of it, honestly. Was just someone going, I like what you’re doing, you’re good, you know what I mean? And you’re needed and you’re wanted and that was awesome. – [Amanda] This work is
hard for everyone involved, it means long hours and nights
away from home and family but even more than that,
it means rethinking the way things have always been done. So as we had into The
Small Business Revolution’s third year in Alton, Illinois,
I’m going to try and hold onto this moment when we all
get to look back and realize that because of what we did
together we’re leaving this town just a little better
than when we found it. – [Announcer] New Season. – Oh, wow! – [Announcer] New Businesses. – This place was grandfather’s dream but it turned into my dream. – [Announcer] New co-host. – You’ve been selected! – [Announcer] The hit series Small Business Revolution
Main Street is back for season three and the
stakes have never been higher. – We just don’t know that we can rescue the way we have in the past. – [Announcer] Marketing Expert,
Amanda Brinkman and her team at Deluxe have brought along
renovation icon Ty Pennington to help revitalize Alton,
Illinois one business at a time. – This place is gonna be insane. – [Announcer] Now streaming on Hulu and

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