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I’ve been involved with Allstate for 22 years. I started in Sears. I was one of the last agents hired to go into Sears, because Sears created Allstate. A lot of people don’t realize that. And I stayed in Sears for three years before I moved into the agency. When I first started with the company, I was dirt poor. I had poor credit because I hadn’t paid off my school loans. I was single and living with my mother. I started with zero, zero policies. Now we have 11,000 policies. And right now, the premium base is right around $7.5 million. The one thing that I love about Allstate is the brand. When you think about this business, it’s just a piece of paper. There’s no intrinsic value to it; it’s a promise and it’s a trust that you have with the client because people aren’t buying product. They’re buying people. They’re buying you, and they’re believing that you’re going to be there in that moment of truth, and that has played out over and over again, daily throughout the course of my career. We protect what’s most important for people, and it’s their homes, it’s their cars, it’s their lives. And when you start putting all these moving parts together and things happen, and you’re there for someone at this catastrophic event in their life… it’s an amazing feeling for both sides. When Allstate rewards you, they give you what I call a taste of the good life. And they want you to know that if you perform well, they’ll continue to give you this good life. I’ve been able to travel with Allstate to these amazing places. I’ve traveled all over Europe; I’m going to be traveling again in three weeks. I’m going to Switzerland. They haven’t been over to Europe in many years, and so this is really exciting that they’re sending us to Geneva and Montreux. There’s so much opportunity with this job. I can’t stress enough that if someone were to make the decision to come to be an Allstate agency owner, that there would be no looking back. It’s a great ride.

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