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Nothing says Australia like the sun, surf and the great outdoors The beach has been an inspiration for many small businesses, from Speedos, which are now worn by over 90 per cent of Olympic medallists, to Quiksilver, a global surf wear icon. Working outside and on the land has sparked many great business ideas, from R.M. Williams’ world-famous elastic-sided boot, to Lance Hill’s quintessential feature of any Aussie backyard, the Hills Hoist clothesline. Small business is a vital part of the Australian economy and community. There are around two million small businesses registered in Australia. The sector employs over 4.8 million people, and represents around ninety-six per cent of all businesses. Australia is a broad and diverse country and we love a bit of friendly interstate rivalry, especially around State of Origin time. But our unique, three-tiered government system can be a challenge for a small business owner and that’s where comes in: we’ve done the hard work for you. is your one-stop shop for business information and tools from all levels of government. We save you time and money by helping you navigate through the requirements of starting and running a business. We make your life easier by taking the hassle out of finding small business information. Australian’s love things that make life easier; like the cork hat, and the meat pie with built in sauce. Well, that one never really took off. Or the internet, which has revolutionised the way we do business. We’ve come a long way, but that innovative Aussie spirit is still one of our defining characteristics. helps Australians to keep doing what they do best: working smarter, not harder, spending less time dealing with government and more time on your business.

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