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G’day. It’s Tim Gentle, and we are talking
eCommerce or selling online. So what sort of things can you sell online? Well of course you can sell products but you can also sell services, time. Say you’re a hairdresser,
people could book an appointment online. Now we can sell eProducts, those are the electronic products, things like PDFs or audio files or videos. We can accept donations, we can sell subscriptions and we can also sell gift certificates. There’s so much out there. Okay. So we know what we can sell online, but what are the benefits? Well first of all
people are getting more and more confident in buying online. So if they’re on your
website it gives them less excuse in walking away. Now it helps improve cashflow. Nothing
better than waking up in the morning and you’ve had a few sales. Now it opens you up to an international audience as well. And what I think it does is it shows your business in
a real professional way if you’re selling online. Okay. So you want to sell online.
How do you do it? Well there’s lots of different models. Now the traditional one is the shopping
cart. You know, where you click and add to cart. But also you can put your products into
marketplaces. A great one is like Farmhouse Direct. This is where you as a producer, could sell your oranges online. Now PayPal, that’s a great way to accept payments online. But there’s also a PayPal shopping cart that you can integrate into your website. Now mobile commerce is huge. Do you know now you can use things like say the Square reader, you can put it in your mobile device and accept payments on the move. And the one that I love is that I’ve got
the ability when I sent out an invoice from my accounting software, they click and they can pay that invoice online. And I’m using Stripe for that. Okay. I wanted to end off
with some tips and tricks on helping you to improve your selling online. Starting at the
top, make sure you have various payment options. What I mean by that is accept your Visa card
and your MasterCard, but also accept PayPal as well. Now you want to also make sure you
have an SSL certificate installed on your website. In real simple terms that’s that
padlock we see on secure sites. It encrypts the data and makes people feel safe. Now have call to actions. Actually say to people buy online, you know, add to cart, buy today. Give them calls to put into action. Now have various categories. You might sell one product but put it in multiple spots. For example, gift ideas under $100, and men’s clothing. Now do some cross selling. If you’re selling a torch, sell them the battery. And I love social videos that show people how to use the product, or even reviews from customers. And finally, have some refund options. Sometimes people are a little bit nervous in buying online so just give them the ability to get their money back to instil some confidence. Alright, well that’s selling online and you can learn more about growing your business online in some of the Small Business Victoria workshops. My name’s Tim Gentle and I’ll catch you soon.

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