An Nou Pale E05 “Redesigned Website For Haiti Business & Economic News”

we back at it again, a new episode of An Nou Pale!
welcome, welcome, welcome again! Whenever you guys would turn and watch me sharing
this information really to charge me up, ours me up because everybody who, every single of you is a potential action maker right, someone who potentially will potentially
come to the country and really influence change right, because the more of us who
are acting on our ambitions and thoughts about doing business in the country the
more of us the more the country actually does change, so welcome! I appreciate you;
An Nou Pale. So a big thing that has influenced my decision to come back to
the country has been you know how can we change the narrative of the news right,
what’s going on but but more than that of course is actually keeping up with
the news right and particularly for me a big thing that I do every morning as
ritual is to go on our handful of websites and and see what is the news
from a business perspective what is the economic news from the business
perspective to ensure that you know I’m in the know you know I know what
direction in the economy is moving and in low key you know i’m looking for good
News right and good news about things that I know given that I have economics
background will help the country are it’s good news for the country because
in which in which would indicate we’re moving in the right direction and and so
I thought you know what I had a those who’ve been following me
for a long stretch know that the first iteration of my ventures that I started
was haiteameansbusiness and and so and at the time that was staffing the company that
I had in addition to consulting ultimately we decided to split that
company into two entities: the consulting piece remained with haiteameansbusiness and a
haiti pro staffing became strictly the staffing right so it was a clean split
because there was a little bit of money to so what the entity was from a
communication standpoint explain your springiness about what it was and so
haiteameansbusiness really became the economic arm ultimately economic
consulting business development and also IT some of the stuff I did and also my
business partner and now it’s really become more business partners
responsibility but but I felt that it could add something to the page add some
content some something that really drive engagement and positive action to that
site a manner that is consistent with the vision I have with you know helping
folks like you come back and so what I’ve done and what I’m gonna show you
guys is this new web page is that’s the big announcement show this google web
page that is an effect a accumulator right accumulator of economic news from across
Internet so in effect this is a one-stop shop for
economic news that’s going to be relevant to you and what you’re looking to do
in the country. So let’s jump into it! Okay and so I think what we’re gonna see
here is when I open up my web page should be Google I think anyone who has
Bing on their opening screen it’s to search for Google so you can get to your
Google page right and so when you have your browser you might go ahead and type
in haiteam right it’s a combination of a few different words right enter that into your browser and what you’re going
to see is when you open up the page right the home page we’re going to focus
on right we’re going to see over up the page, is economic news right, and we’re gonna see and this is coming
from a bunch of different websites right where it’s talking about different
things related to business, economic indicators anything within the domain of
news and the economy in Haiti is going to be here now depending on the website
that it’s coming from it’s going to either be in French or It’s going to be in
English right and so if you guys don’t have so you just Google Chrome just like
you saw at the minimize translate who chrome does have the ability to
translate your pages from French to English as part of just automatically
right and so do take advantage of that if you’re not a native French speaker.
Okay here we go, all right so say if we go ahead and we
select a bit of news that that’s relative to Haiti and so if you’re going
to grab you can see this bit of news you see this video news here,like the corporate town in economy, where the economy of Haiti is basically the real estate market of Haiti is
being discussed and so we get into there by selecting this page and then we can
go ahead and read that information on that page and of course what’s cool
about what we have here is on the right hand side which is here you can go when
we can go ahead and select other information other news articles right
that we pulled from that particular source right there are archives right so
again the idea of this page right is that we’re gonna have a site that’s
pulling from someone come over some of the bigger sites in Haiti, Haiti Libre, Le Nouvelist, Info Haiti and about five four five six other you know
pages that focuses on the economy and different information. Now,to be honest
that information isn’t always the best right but the hope here is at least have
that information at your fingertips will allow you to make better decisions
better moves as you go about deciding how to invest, how to impact
the country, you know that information is here right you can wake up every
morning and you can take a look up there what is going on in the economy and
hopefully hopefully at some point it will be better good news and then the
news that isn’t but you know we’ll see we’ll see as time goes on and we’ll see
how you brought an impact Haiti to your action, your activity. All right! Another
quick and short episode, don’t get used to it.
take care!

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