Anastasia (1/5) Movie CLIP – Once Upon a December (1997) HD

Dancing bears, painted wings Things I almost remember And a song someone sings Once upon a december someone holds me safe and warm Horses prance through a silver storm figures dancing gracefully Across my memory (Instrumental) Someone holds me safe and warm Horses prance through a silver storm Figures dancing gracefully Across my memory Far away, long ago Glowing dim as an amber Things my heart used to know Things it yearns to remember And a song someone sings One upon a December

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100 thoughts on “Anastasia (1/5) Movie CLIP – Once Upon a December (1997) HD

  1. Those thumbs down are just crying and missed the like button because they were sad when her dad kissed her

  2. So it says Anastasia was the only one that survived the attache of the castle but her grandmother survived to

  3. And that's where you are wrong sassy coughing Nicky's uniform at balls was allways bright red with blue pants AHA

  4. At 0:42 the ballroom lit up as if it was alive again and that’s a touch that really made it feel like the ballroom was at the height of the party

  5. I don't think Anya is Anastasia. I think the real Anastasia did die on the train tracks trying to escape the Bolsheviks and Anya was just some random, possibly schizophrenic young girl who coincidently had a necklace similar to the princess. Also, towards the end, Dimitri calls her Anya, not Anastasia. So that's my own personal opinion. But it's still a great movie though.

  6. It's amazing that something can be so beautiful and so sad at the same time.
    The memories or ghost of her family dancing with her. Seeing her as all grown up. Something thet could have happened if things were different. I got chills…

  7. The guy she dances with at 1:40 blows her a kiss as he moves away. Never noticed that before, and it goes to show how much she was probably loved and adored by everyone around her so long ago.

  8. The Russian version of the song is better. "Dancing bears" part is completely not in the "theme". Other then that, the song is good. The costume that they chose for Anastasia is a bit weird, but then 20th Century Fox doesn't know the difference between monarchy and communism. The dog too, was just an addition of their imagination. The Czar himself never had any pet, other then his royal horse.

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  10. I watched this movie today for the first time in years. It’s heartbreaking to watch knowing what I know now. When I was 9 it was just another princess movie to me, now at 15 I cried when they showed her family’s ghosts and during her dream/nightmare on the boat. I couldn’t live knowing that my family was slaughtered in such a way, and if Anastasia truly did get away then my heart goes retrospectively out to her. Idk man, feeling pretty sad about this now.

  11. I use to watch this movie nonstop, this and pocahontas. I had a dress that flowed and would always put it on to dance like them. Good times. Miss being 7-9

  12. 1:14

    I always thought she was seeing her family as spirits that couldn’t leave their home. I think when her parents and brother come out of the picture, you can see the fathers and mothers crown and robe disappear as they land. So that explains that they came to visit her but couldn’t show her their true selves.

  13. The elegance, the colouring, the movements, the music, the eye for detail on historic bits…I missed a masterpiece here!
    But whatcha expect? It's from the 90's. The last golden age of movies.

  14. If They ever, and they will eventually, make a live action version of this movie, they better not screw this part up! This is my fav part

  15. When she starts dancing with her father at the end always gets me.
    And then when I actually read up on the real history, gets me even further.

  16. I remember watching this movie when. Me and my sister were 12 years old at my tutor’s house and I loved the movie

  17. why cant they animate like this still? this and the hunchback of notre dame are probably one of the best animated Disney movies i have ever seen

  18. I think that the people she was dancing with that came out of the paintings were the souls of the people who died that night of the revolution

  19. Whether not by some Miracle the real Anastasia survived. This song can be seen from the point of view of her grandmother who actually survived and that feels so painful in a lonely way.

  20. Of the finest movies that deserve to watch a real very nice film very beautiful story and personalities the most beautiful film magnificence and voice beautiful

  21. Even though this movie was really popular when it came out, I still think this movie is underrated af. Like seriously this movie is better than most Disney movies I’ve seen!

  22. This scene always broke my heart! 💔 Anastasias father walking towards her to have one last father & daughter dance. And then kisses her forehead as his finally goodbye to her 😢😢 it’s so sad that she could never be with her father again.

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