Android Developer Story: Hyperbeard builds a successful indie games business on Google Play

When I was a kid, the only companies that made games were the big ones. Now, it’s two friends that come together in their free time and make games. One of the first great games we created was “The Balloons”, which is an arcade-floater. The first thing everyone
who played it said was, It’s difficult, impossible.
Nobody is actually enjoying it. Yes, we had an audience, but not soliciting feedback hurt us a lot. we should make things simpler and clearer first, and then, growing is easier. One day, we came up with an idea of a cat and a piano. Joe thought:”How about when you poke the cat, it’ll go away and bring you back a small gift?” And we said, “Oh, it’s so simple! It may work.” “KleptoCats” is a virtual pet that doesn’t need you to take any kind of responsibility. The game is very simple, you have a cat and an empty room. You poke it and tell it to leave. The cat leaves and says, “I’ll be back soon”, and it comes back with a surprise. For our players, to keep them playing, we try to optimize the essence of fun and what it is that makes games interesting today. We believe there are these moments when the surprise is brought to you that generate a lot of emotion in the game. Which kind of represents gacha machines, where something falls and it’s a surprise. We have a very close relationship with our users. We read all their comments. We read everything they tell us. And we always take that into account. We always launch on Android first because it provides us with the early access platform. “KleptoCats 2” is part of the early access platform, which has helped us a lot as fans appreciate that they’re part of the process. They feel united with us when making the game. I remember at some point we had an argument over which icon was better. We had an icon we liked, but apparently the users didn’t like it so much. We decided to use A/B Testing on the Store listing… and when we did the tests between the different icons we saw our app downloads increased by 30%. We’re adding people to the family to help us develop more and more games. Our future plan is “KleptoDogs”,which is “KleptoCats” but with dogs. Our fans have asked for this,so let’s see what happens. I think the funniest and most difficult thing for Latin American developers when launching games, is actually the simple aspect of launching the game. Make games. Don’t stop making games.And don’t take too long to make them. You don’t have to create a masterpiece. Learn step by step with each iteration and feedback you’re getting and your work will eventually pay off.

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