APA in Minutes: Websites

this is Humber Libraries APA in minutes this video will show you the basics on
how to cite a website in APA format. To cite a website you will
need the author’s name, the year and date of
publication or update if available, the title at the web
site or page and the URL. Sometimes you may find it
difficult to find all of this information be sure to look carefully throughout the
website. Begin with the author’s last name comma and initial. If the author is an
organization or company use the full name in this case the
author is Health Canada after the name add a period, the year comma month and day are added next in
parentheses and followed by a period. If the date is
not given place n period d period in parentheses to signify that there is no date found on
the web page follow with a period. Now comes the title
in italics in APA capitalize the first letter of
the title and subtitle capitalize any proper nouns, end with a
period add the words retrieved from and follow
with the webpage URL this is your APA a website citation. Your
reference list is at the end of your paper make sure to put your citations in
alphabetical order. Don’t forget to double space and indent after the first line. For more
information and support with APA book an appointment with the Writing
Center consult the OWL at Purdue or refer to the APA manual available at
Humber Libraries

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8 thoughts on “APA in Minutes: Websites

  1. I love all your videos they are so helpful and spot on. This saved me so much time, every thing I needed in one organized place. Thank you so much.

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