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100 thoughts on “Archaeologists Open Ancient Coffins In Egypt | TODAY

  1. I'm only interested in the woman in the pink headscarf and how her brethren with a mentality from 3,000 years ago see Western girls as whores for not similarly shrouding themselves in life.

  2. None of them will look like Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton Because WHITE PEOPLE aren't Egyptians. all of the movies starting white people betraying Egyptian should be deleted…🤔 They are BLACK PEOPLE fake news WHITE media are you blind? All of it is BLACK excellence

  3. Why oh why the need to keep diggin' up dead people and showcasing them as if they're for the world's entertainment?! @MollyMHunter – do you have a deceased relative (a father, a mother, a grandparent)? How would you feel if their graves were desecrated (regardless of how long they've been dead)? Leave the dead in peace, and let them stay dead. 'such a tasteless and disrespectful act. UGH!

  4. "Purposely hidden from tomb raiders" … then came you … How would you feel seeing your grandmothers grave opened and photos taken? She obviously wasnt royal, right?

  5. This is a disrespect to indigenous African people of Egypt whose ancestors built the greatest civilization where they were so advanced for there time. The indigenous people of Egypt are against digging of any mummy once it's buried it's forbidden of but ever since Arabs conquered Egypt they have been looting and robbing.

  6. I draw a line in the sand when they delve any deeper that Al Capone's vault! They should have respected the dead and left them alone! Grandstanders!

  7. one Day they will open the wrong tomb and the ground will crack! Let me go dig up some one grave today am going directly to jail. I Guess thats why its so much death in that region they bin digging up our ancestor from time out of their natural resting places.

  8. A 100 yards away and found by accident, that entire area has been excavated by grave robbers for hundreds of years.

  9. Thanks Egypt for being so,noble and showing us more of your culture am intrigue.The way they bury the dead.Looks like a they did long celebrations of life like a mass festival and took so,much care and detail in the preservation and coffin.Especially the fact that they coffin look so,colorful after years being bury.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  10. 3:25 why don't her descriptions match the CBS video at all? Especially since she said she was "one foot away" from them?

    "They're guessing priestesses" – only 5 of the 30 were reported as women. 23 men, 2 children.

    "All 30 coffins, same color, same designs" – at least one was all black. One all white. The child coffin had no hieroglyphics.

    "exact same stories, exact same kind of hieroglyphic designs" – Each coffin was DIFFERENT hieroglyphs.

    why is the reporter spreading false information????

    CBS Video timestamped at the evidence:

  11. "Purposely hidden from grave robbers." And then they go and rob them from the ground, crack them open, and desecrate the dead. Lol

  12. European VAGABONDS go around the world messing with things that have nothing to do with their history, one day they will unleash a spirit that they are going to regret.

  13. Unleashing demons and evil that is what archaeology is..!!!!!That’s why the world is in total chaos they have unleashed what God has buried

  14. Why y’all always waking up the dead?! Mad disrespectful. Yes, it’s Extraordinarily Powerful…It’s Egypt. Full of History and mystery.

  15. With the level of sound and or quality of this video, they've already been cursed… STOP doing this so-called Jack in the Box with people's coffins..#Sad/#Sick

  16. خطير شاهدو كيف تورطت سمية الخشاب في شبكة قوادة و إبتزاز بالمغرب
    التي تظهر معها في الفيديو إسمها سكينة غلامور ، و هي الآن في السجن و هي صديقة حميمة لسمية الخشاب.. القضية التي هزت الرأي العام بالمغرب.. و في الشبكة للقوادة و الإبتزاز أيضا الفنانة المغربية دنيا باطما

  17. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I understand their excitement and desire to learn more. On the other, I hate that they are disrespecting their right to stay buried, and left alone.

  18. ITS A ROYAL ANCIENT CEMETRY and not " the valley of the Kings " ! They are buried DEAD bodies and not " Mummies " !
    A CURSE BE UPON ALL YOUR heads and houses !Grave robbers !

  19. Africans Nubians south Sudanese are the real Egyptians these Turkish people are mixed breed colonizers they don’t respect African tombs and history!

  20. Those coffins with the yellow faces look fake!! Arabs and and European are all in cahoots to lie about Egypt’s African past!! Stop with the lies!

  21. Anyone who's actually traveled to NUBIA (Aswan, Luxor….SOMALIA-ETHIOPIA) you'd know it gets VERY hot, there. Like, over 110 degrees. ALSO, the Nubian empires are older than Cairo and the Mediterranean invaders. Including the pyramids of Nubia ( denied by white media, but later found by satellites, UNDER the sand ).

  22. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️. Leave these people alone. Funny how black people become super important to the world when we are dead.

  23. So when are we going to dig up George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, let's see if we can Garner up the same amount of excitement.

  24. If the king's and original Egyptian people who placed those dead inside were alive to see this, someone would get hurt real bad.

  25. I would be afraid to open up a tomb. Why not just let them rest in peace. Do they consider it to sacred grounds for the Dead.

  26. Why would Zahi Hawass be involved I thought he was still in prison for stealing and. Selling artifacts, I thought he was fired?

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