Are website creation sites like Wix or Squarespace right for your business?

– There are plenty of websites out there designed to help you
build your own website, website builder tools or
website creator tools. The question is, is it the
right choice for your website? That’s what we’re talking about today. Let’s get into it. (upbeat music) Along with traditional
development techniques for web development, there
are number of tools out there, particularly those online that claim to build a site for you in 20 minutes, and it’ll get your
business off the ground, and that is true for a lot of cases. Is it perfect for every business though? My belief is not. These tools utilize sort of a framework of standard templates and components that you can drag and
drop into your website to build ultimately what
looks like a great website. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s great for SEO or
great for search in general. Anytime a tool is used that allows somebody with no
experience to build a site, chances are you’re gonna miss
some of the important details. So who are those builders right for? Well, if you just launched a business, you have no capital, and you need to get a business card style website out there, something that you can refer people to when you speak to them, well
then those tools work great, because they are easy to put together and they are simple to manage. Down the road, however, you’re gonna find that very often they have
limitations in terms of search. Because they’re built with components that they drag off of
a rack, that also means that they’re not completely searchable by major search engines. The major search engines
don’t execute code to find out what’s on your page. If you’re gonna buy into those tools, make sure you’re using
them for the right reasons. They’re great for a landing page or a single, one-off site that drives to a more detailed or
well constructed site. They’re fantastic for
startups and new businesses who simply need a way to
communicate their address and their phone number and
some of their information to new potential clients
that you’ve received through traditional marketing means. Lastly, if you want a proof
of concept to try something, these tools are fantastic for that. When you have a functioning
business though, and a budget that’s in
place for that business, you’re probably gonna
want to talk to somebody that has some experience
in the world of marketing, who has some experience
in the world of engagement and getting click through. You’re probably gonna
want to talk to somebody who’s built a few sites. Because your case is very likely
similar to someone else’s. There’s no sense not taking
advantage of that experience. That’s this week’s tip. I’m Greg from Mtek. Have a great week. (upbeat music)

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