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100 thoughts on “Ariana Grande – thank u, next

  1. Guys pay attention there are three people from the Victoria cast do you know Ariana Grande played cat in it on Nickelodeon you’ll be able to see three I guess look it up seriously

  2. coming back and watching this again understanding who more and more people were made me think of how incredibly sweet and caring ariana is. like wow.

  3. the comment section used to be normal before victorious went on netflix wth now all little kids are commenting "omg jade and robbie" lmao-

  4. Can u blv?
    This song is 1 year old?
    I ve been with this song from very start and now its 1 year….NOSTALGIA

  5. She can never be what Rachel McAdams a.k.a. Regina George created in history…. It's level of Sass is unmeasurable.

  6. When i firstly saw the scene they dance on the stage I was reminded by the scene on mean girls where they dance on winter talent show

  7. This song is stupid. It completely lacks any meaningful lyrics, and it’s swill like this that is corrupting my generation. Have fun in your illusory world, because you’re all deluded, and you don’t even realize it.

  8. Did anyone else realise that the start of the video where the people were talking, the music in the background is the same as the tune for seven rings

  9. somebody please help what is the movie where some girl puts glitter on her or something and it like turns her life into the future 🤨

  10. So, Ariana and Matt is like, bestfriend? Because I just started watching Victorious on Neflix and I googled a lot about Matt haha

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