AT&T Believe in Retail is Making a Difference in Chicago

♫ music ♫ It actually excites me being a part of Believe Chicago. We are actually reaching out to the community, trying to let them know that we’re not only here to provide services but we’re here to also be a part of the community. When I wake up every day I’m strategizing to think of something that I can do not only for myself, for my kids, but for the community. And it makes me want to be more involved. ♫ music ♫ CANDICE: We are working on a project where we can have students come in after school, assist them with their homework, to see what can we do to help. It makes me feel good that customers are comfortable with coming in here and hanging out with us. They feel like they have some type of hope and change in the neighborhood and change in the communities. ♫ music ♫ CANDICE: Today’s activities really excite me because we’re getting feedback from the customers and the community. We get to explain it to them that we’re not only just a store here, we’re here to be more involved with the community. We’re just not a retail store, we’re here to give you all hope. If you don’t have hope, you don’t have faith, you don’t have nothing. So when you get a mustard seed, eat a little mustard seed of hope or faith, it’ll take you a long way. ♫ music fades ♫

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