Auto Repair Shop Business Plan – SECRETS REVEALED

Do you want a business plan for your repair
shop that’s going to grow your car count not gonna drive your nuts
not gonna cost you a pile of money and it’s gonna be repeatable
if so buckle up because it’s going to start right now I’m going to show you
everything hey I’m Matthew welcome back to car count hackers we’re all about helping auto repair shop owners grow their car count
income and profit so you can change the lifestyle of everyone you care about so
let me tell you what just happened I literally just got a message from one of
my clients one of my private car count hackers and it was a good message so I
thought I’d jump on this video and share everything with you and hopefully you’ll
get something out of this if you do don’t forget to tickle that like button
and feel free to share this with shop owners that you think will benefit so
this started out a little while ago where my client said that he was a
struggling I mean you know his car count he could see a steady decline in the
number of cars profits of course were not where they used to be he had to techs
and he was getting to the point that he was concerned you might have to let go
one of those two tax and of course you know you have to good techs which one do you let go and does that start a slide so we got together and started looking
at what he could do to bump his car count and get I can’t say instant
results but get things started right away
remember I said he was you know in a spot he was struggling it wasn’t like he
had the bailiff knocking at the door so we went to work and here’s you know what
happened before I tell you what the message was about let me tell you it
sure a simple strategy that I used with him and hopefully this will help you and
a simple strategy is this number one identify your low-hanging fruit number
two go ahead and pick that fruit go ahead and you know reap the rewards from
that fruit number three make sure it’s repeatable and you do it month after
month after month in essence I wanted to build him a little car count machine
so here’s what happened I got him to sit down and generate a
simple report from his system and create a list of all the customers that he has
not seen from 90 to 180 days old so in other words if you were a customer on
his list and you had not been in his shop for 90 to 180 days or you know from
3 to 6 months we generated a list and had you on the list
step number two was simple pluck that fruit how do we do that well it was
pretty easy we sat down and wrote them a letter yes a just a plain letter
delivered by USPS and as we progress through this keep one thing in mind on
average your letter is going to cost you about a dollar with postage so the
investment here is not that great and when he got finished with his list
double-checked everything and confirmed that yes here was a list of people we
had 256 people on the list so now we just have to write the letter so the
letters were personalized and it basically said hey I was thinking about
you the other day and realized it’s been a while since I’ve seen you I thought
I’d write you this letter just to be sure everything’s okay nothing sales e
there is it great letter went on to say I was hoping you’d be able to stop by
even it was just say hello and while you’re here I’m gonna offer you this
crazy bribe now that’s basically the gist of the letter and it was just a
simple letter nothing serious long story short he was able to calculate all the
revenues generated by that letter over the last month he sends me a message
this morning he’s all excited that letter generated four thousand six
hundred and eighty dollars so my question to you is would you invest that
two hundred and fifty six dollars to generate four thousand six hundred and
eighty dollars worth of business I’m thinking you probably would so the
formula is simple identify that low-hanging fruit which is generating a
list of customers who you have not seen from 90 to 180. Second go ahead and pluck that fruit sending him a letter just like that hey
I was thinking about you hope everything’s okay
stop by and say hello and while you’re here I’ve got this great offer for you
thirdly you’re gonna be able to replenish this because every month
you’re gonna go into your records and dig out the people who you have not seen
from 90 to 180 days or somewhere in that range and regenerate that list so that’s
the simple system it’s really just that easy and it’s not difficult at all and
what’s best is you’ve already got all the tools you need to actually make it
happen if you have any questions about that you can go ahead and drop them in
the comments below I respond personally to each one of those comments if you
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email message that gets right to my inbox and if you’re really excited about
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to virtually eliminate that competition I’m gonna show you how to actually get
customers to refer you to friends family coworkers and associate and I’m even
going to detail an almost sneaky tactic that you can use to get 100% perfect
reviews every time all the time hey my name is Matthew Lee I really faith you
for watching this video can’t wait to see you on the free training take care
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