AWS Knowledge Center Videos: How do I publicly host my IIS website on EC2 Windows?

hello I’m on their cloud support engineer here at the AWS Sydney office sometimes customers ask me how do i bob likley host my website using is on Amazon ec2 windows I tell them you can run your ec2 instance as a web service host your web application therein is and access on the Internet let me walk you through the process now I have already logged into my AWS management console let’s go to ec2 console to get our instance IP address first you would need to set up your ec2 windows instance with is installed so let’s get the instance IP address and I will show you the steps here this is innocence that’s the IP address you can copy that then we will our DB to this IP address now I have logged into my instance let’s install is so we will go here to server manager local server then we will scroll down here to find roles and features then tasks add roles and features next choose the appropriate server here the local one is selected by default so we will click Next then find the web server role that features no more features needed at the moment so we will then configure the is you can customize your installation of the is here or accept the default settings that have been already selected for you so I’ll leave the default installation for our demo should be finds and click Next install when the is installation is completed the weather will reflect the same now we have the is ready so let’s open the is manager and let’s configure our first website click on site default website Explorer I have prepared a dummy page here index dot HTML just have one line HelloWorld happy cloud computing so let’s make sure first that we can access this page locally so I will click on the default website and just route a we can reach happy cloud computing now we can access the same externally but we would need the public IP address so let’s go back to the console and give the instance IP address I got the IP address of this machine the public IP address let’s try browsing that and see yep we can reach so now we can reach the website locally on the servers and externally with the public IP address but we would need to access our website via hostname of course users won’t remember the IP address and we want to give our website a name so what you will need to do first is you will need to buy a domain name from any host provider and link that with your instance public IP address but in this case you would need to set a static public IP or elastic IP address as you might know that when you stop and start an ec2 instance the public IP address change so you have to assign an elastic IP address to your innocence so we are back here in the console Nico to easy to scroll down here under Network and security elastic IPS I would allocate a new IP address and just click on the IP address it will filter the list with that one then we need to associate this address to our instance so I will pick up here the instance ID this is on then associate as the sheet at this request succeeded so now that would be the IP address the static IP at bublik IP address that you can give it to your host provider to associate it with the domain name that you will buy for hosting I use Amazon route 53 so let’s school to win route 53 here on the host is owns in houses ohms I will click on my domain name and here you can create a new record set with a record or edit one of the current so I will edit this one and just give it my instance elastic IP address so that’s the IP address and I will copy the name and save the record card now let’s browse with the host names so browsing here with the host name we can reach our website thanks for watching this video and happy cloud computing from all of us here at AWS

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4 thoughts on “AWS Knowledge Center Videos: How do I publicly host my IIS website on EC2 Windows?

  1. this explanation is really easy to follow and straightforward to the point. thanks Amazon #Great #Instructor

  2. Great explanation. Simple and functional, I was able to publish my site quickly with this. Thanks Omnia!

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