B2B LEAD GENERATION | How to create a successful business website💻 (EPISODE |||)

Hey everybody thanks for watching this video. Welcome to episode 3 on how to build an effective
website to get more leads into your online business opportunity. In this video I’m going to show you why it
is very important to have your contact information visible to users that are coming to your
website. You want to have your contact information
above the fold. Meaning clear, concise, easily found. Visible, preferably you want to have your
contact information like your phone number, maybe your address on your home page. Maybe in your header or footer, that way regardless
of where your visitor goes on your website that information is going to sick out. Especially if your business caters around people
being able to contact you or your sales team. You definately need to pay attention to where
you decide to put your contact information. You want to make sure its concise, clear,
available. Make it easy so that your visitors don’t have
to search for it. They don’t have to navigate or be confused
about how to contact you or your sales team. This is going to ensure that you attract more
leads into your business and that you are able to close more sales and ultimately earn
more income. Guys, thanks for watching this short video. Stay tunned for episode 4. I’m going to have a link in the description
that’s going to take you directly to our team’s website, the Lead Generation Academy. Make sure you share this video to anyone who
is new at Network Marketing and who is thinking about, or in the process of building a website. Make sure that you like this video and that
you hit the bell so you get notified when we put out the next couple of episodes here
very shortly. Guys thanks for watching this video and I
wish all of you much success on building your websites.

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