B2B LEAD GENERATION | How to create a successful business website 💻(EPISODE I)

Hey this is John, thanks for watching this video. This is episode 1 of why it’s very important
to have a mobile version of your website to generate more leads. It has been proven and these are some stats
from 2016 that more than 90% of people while already in a retail store, use their cellphones
to check on, compare prices as well as for product reviews on things they were looking
to buy. Over 40% of people went to their competitor
if they had a bad experience on the website they were currently on. Statistics show that in 2016 about 45% of
consumers made purchases using their Smartphone. So these are just some numbers I wanted to
share with you, just to kind of back the importance of having a website that is mobile friendly. It’s very important to have a mobile responsive
website because in 2019 guys more people often than not are going to rely on the mobile devices to do
their shopping as well as product reviews and to compare prices and things of that nature. So this is episode 1 guys, stay tunned for
episodes 2 and 3 when it comes to building a highly effective website that allows you
to compete with the big boys, the big stores, the big retailer stores, anybody in the
world. So when you building your website, one key
point that you want to keep in mind is that you want your ideal user, who ever your target
audience may be, you want them to have a good experience when they are there. Because like I said, more than 40% of people
in 2016 went to their competitor because they had a bad experience on the website that they
were currently using to shop. So guys I want you to share this video, like
this video. Stay tunned for more episodes on building
an effective website in 2019 to help you get more leads into your online business opportunity. This is John from the Lead Generation Academy. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell
so you get a notification of all the future lead generation videos that we put out. Thanks guys and enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for watching this short video.

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