Bad Company | Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love | Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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54 thoughts on “Bad Company | Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love | Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. The "Proof" is I subscribed to this man a year ago, and I spend more time watching his greatness than I do Christmas shopping with the wife🤣

    Great great song Ken
    Thank you!

  2. I Love it sir 😍😍😍😍…what about ,if you needed somebody.. it will be a great pleasure for me sir if you do it 😊😊..thank you sir ..

  3. 10 from 6 is one of the greatest albums. Great cover Ken! I don't think Paul Rodgers gets enough credit. One heck of a front man!

  4. Short briening i i just do ! Selfperforments is good im not surprise by your endiver for perfectin ! Carry on ! We have Winter ! Cold is it and dark we have no vote ! Must waiting for a new season ! So Ken p a o and good night ☝️👏 💤🌲

  5. I love his cover. I know you did a reacts to video on Sting, but I'd love to see you cover something like, It's probably me, or Shape of my heart. I'd be interested in hearing you soften/restrain your great voice to those types of tracks. Keep it up Ken, killer vocal technique and fantastic teaching if your "students" are anything to go by!

  6. Fond mems of takin a dime from my GFs purse to pop the cellyphane on this brand new LP costing 4.98 and blastin this thru my new TNT 100..LOL Great mix Ken! Cant beat that open C gtr sound. Killer spot on vocal outro.!

  7. Nice !!

    If I could have Rodgers voice on
    " Good Lovin Gone Bad " …………….
    ………… ………. ………. ………..

  8. 🤔 what happened to time ❓ I remembered when that album came out – it seems like 10 years ago. ⚡
    Cover was sooo close to original 👍

  9. I've been listening to Queen's White Queen on repeat all day. ❤️

    Now I can't help but wonder, how awesome would that be if Ken did a cover of it!? 🤔

    It is written by one of your favourite guitarists, Brian May, after all! 🤘

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