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100 thoughts on “Basic Facts 01: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later

  1. Hello, I will be registering a logo that I designed for my business. However, my company's name has my last name in it,  so I will not be able to trademark it, is that correct?

  2. Why does have such a canned and scripted infomercial type video? Absolutely embarrassing. Fire that director.

  3. Hi there,

    I'm setting up a mobile app company. I want to trademark the name. It is a unique name, however, there are several apps that have SIMILAR names.

    Will there be any trouble? I've searched the listing and there are no trademarks currently with the name I want.


  4. I love your playlist! Just what I needed to hear today! I enjoy a lot of the comments as well! I'll be checking out some more of your rock star videos, please check out mine as well! Thanks and God bless!

  5. Can a mixture of an acronym and a descriptive word be copy written and trademarked federally. For example HINetwork where HI stands for "Home Improvement" and the descriptive word "network" comes together to Identify the type of network and the name of the business at the same time. Further more if the business name is also the domain name such as

  6. I understand the concept that making an infomercial seem like it was an actual presentation to try to make it easier for viewers but this video is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. The speaker at no point makes any pauses in his speech and all of his words are seamlessly integrated and referencing to earlier statements with perfect memory which doesn't happen in natural language and normal human social behaviors. All of the change in camera angles occur before the actual events that should cause them (i.e. the transition to the person asking a question occurs before they've indicated they are going to ask a question). Also the audience is frozen stiff which is super creepy. I couldn't actually make it through the whole thing and had to go to the website to get the info in text format.

  7. If there is a trademark for "Finesse Materials Company " that sells clothes but I want to register for "Finesse & Co" that also sells clothes would I be able to be registered? keep in mind the status on the previous trademark is "non-final action mailed" as of 5/20/15. also if the previous trademark I would like to register "finesse & co" didn't work then could I register "worldwide finesse & co" or "finesse & co worldwide"?

  8. what if i want to create another youtube channel but trademark the name of the channel so nobody takes it and the theme that goes with it? For example: Buzzfeed! not taking that but that's an example. HELP

  9. Are their seminars or any of these sorts that I can go to ? I really want to get an in depth and knowledge for everything before I start my clothing company, I want to solidify my whole brand before I act on it to protect me and my brand. Please give me any contact info or any of that information so I can get a better understanding thank you! 18 by the way so I have plenty of time and it's best to start a business at this age , mark Cuban said so and id rather take advice from a person who just netted 3 billion last year over anyone.

  10. So if I want to start a blog about "balloons", I get the domain, "Balloon King", and I also want to sell T-shirts with that brand, do I really need two different trademarks- one for the website and one for selling T-shirts? Also, should I register it as "BalloonKing" or "Balloon King" or would it be protected either way? Thanks so much!


  12. i want to correct my self on the comment i made on Trivago I got Trivago mixed up with a different company. Trivago actually means gogogo it is essentially the word go in three different dialects.

  13. Great video!
    I believe I know the answer now, but I want to ask:
    Example 1: If I want to use a shirt with Green and yellow accent (for Green Bay Packers, No logo) is that ok?
    Example 2: A shirt with a silhouette of Cristiano Ronaldo and # 7 with white and black colors (No logo) is that ok?
    Would greatly Appreciate your assistance.

  14. I have a question; why does he have pre-prepared slides for every question? Oh wait, because this is a fake presentation.

  15. Excellent video. 💖

    Eventually you want to check out my channel and videos as well.

  16. Trademark Definition Any word, Slogan, symbol or combination of these? Ok i have all three Word brand name, slogan and symbol, do i have to file these in separate classes with a new Fee for each or does one time Fee cover all three? it says $225 per class so i guess you have to do them separately or did you guys make it so i can save 500 bucks with just one Fee wtf No

  17. Excellent video and excellent presenter. How much does it cost! What is the least one has to pay? Im in fashion and hoping to sell on Amazon

  18. not all forms of intellectual property are the same … my clients come to me at discovery thinking they are commonly but we know "creative" is different than elements of commercialized "reduction" …

  19. Can you modify your trademark later on after registration (assuming it gets approved in the first place) if you later decide you want to use your trademark for something like selling branded clothing that wasn't initially considered for?

  20. It says a Movie cannot be Trademarked? What about a Character? I have a Character I would like to use as a Brand to produce Dolls, Action Figures of. Is this acceptable or will it be rejected? I will look forward to your reply.

  21. I had a question concerng Tradmarking. Where Dance Fitness is concerned. Does the trade mark protect concerning choreography or dance moves used within the Dance fitness program. My answer would be No. But I wanted to ask a Pro. Zumba, FierceFunk, UJam, Cize and Bokwa just to name a few. All use dance styles that come from each other. Because if that was the case everybody would be suing each other concerning dance steps and choreography used. I would love to get some information concerning this.

  22. Informative but
    How come that USPTO can't even handle solicitors that are trying to be USPTO?
    Solicitors that look like they come from the USPTO but there are not. Their advise 'Avoid those'. (?)
    You will get correspondence from solicitors / companies that copy and pretend to be USPTO (?)

    Does USPTO have a trademark? Why/How can others copy them? Solicitors can scam you and nothing is done by USPTO?

    It really doesn't make sense!

  23. @ USPTOVIDEO but what if the choreography being used involves dance techniques that come from other dance styles like ballet Jazz hip-hop African or even Horton which has fortifications.

  24. Hi again from Paris, Mark if for instant i want to register would that work? or do you thing that is like a Like ? please i would be so happy if you could help me with it Mark huge appreciations from here from Paris.

  25. Whether you register your mark with the State, government, or any agency whatsoever, Common Law Trademarks are used and can enforce a lawful remedy towards any and all perpetrators who infringe upon your mark be it that mark has with it a violation Fee in its scheduling.

  26. If I want to register an icon (like Apples bitten apple) combined with a name, i.e. The Apple icon with the word Apple, and I also want to register the icon itself, do I need to apply twice?

  27. I have a application in process in Canada and I spoke to a lawyer about "dates"  That I must with suggestion apply to the other county regions within six months of the first application in order to secure the trademark in that region as long as I was the first to apply in Canada.

  28. I noticed that after I applied for a trademark that many uses have arised. Can I claim infringement or propose licencing only after my trademark is officially registered? Or is it legally permissible during the application process?

  29. I have the understanding regarding the Priority Filing Date, that during my first application (Canadian) that I must apply to the next region (USA) within six months. Question: After filling in the USA, What is the time regulations and restrictions to apply for the next region/country eg. Europe?

  30. I have filed an application from (Canada) region and now filing to the second region (USA). Do I have to file an international application with WIPO to continue to file in the next region? And when I file the application in the USA, what time frame do I have to file in the next region eg. (EU) ? What is the time frame in which I must file from each individual country to the next?

  31. Why is this gentleman speaking to the crowd in an elementary tone? It's like he's talking to these poor souls like they're children.

  32. Also if its a graphic design how do I search an image for trademark/copyright/patent. I understand a text can be searched by not sure how to check for graphics

  33. Well I didnt really need 40 minutes of convincing to decide to file a trademark. I'm trying to determine the right classification for my product. That's what I was hoping to learn from the video…

  34. This is one of the phoniest "infomercial" type of setups I've ever seen. They should have taken it one step further and made it a "spoof" of infomercials, and tried to inject some humor. The people in the audience were probably Patent office employees who were asked to sit in. (I love that they brought their questions!! I am so sure! lol)

    Overall, in spite of the horrible attempt at genuineness by the director, it probably made this material slightly less boring than if we had to read it ourselves. I applaud their effort, and most importantly, I AM learning about Trademarks, so can I really complain?
    (Obviously I can.) 😉

  35. I sort of have a question. In the video, he mentioned that if I try to file for a trademark that is very similar to a trademark that is already in the system, it will get rejected. But what if I try to trademark a name that is very similar to another business name but that business name is not in the system? A few weeks ago, I came up with a business name for my startup. However, some other company in a different country other than the US (in Indonesia) has basically the same name but that name is not in the system (or at least, I cannot find any proof of it). The difference between my name that I came up with and the other company name in Indonesia is only different by 1 letter at the beginning of the name. The rest of the name is spelled exactly the same. Is this a problem?

    EDIT: The company in Indonesia is like a tourist and exhibitor attraction service for new technology devices like laptops and so on. My company is primarily hands-on service based in the technology field like computer repair, computer building, graphic design, and so on; plus some other services, not just tech-related.

  36. Great video. Professionally well done and very clear. May have been staged questions but I don't care. It was super clear and informative and that's what matters. The speaker did a fantastic job. Watched it at 2 times speed.

  37. Would have been less awkward if they didn't try to make this fake speaking session look real 😛
    It was actually quite distracting, so I minimized it and just listened instead. The info is definitely a nice introduction to Trademarks.

  38. This is a high-quality video that does well to clear up a ton of ambiguity across multiple key topics. Well done, USPTO — a lot more than I was expecting!

  39. Glad to see I'm not the only person freaking out over how bizarre this is. I think this is all set up. For some reason they thought this would be more palatable if they pretended he was giving a real speech to people. Instead they had him ACT like he was giving a speech to people who were actually just all paid extras most likely… Like… what? Why not just record a real version of this? I can't even really wrap my head around the thought process behind this video it's just so bizarre. That's the government for you! Completely out of touch.

  40. Highly informative video! The USPTO probably doesn't have the budget of commercial entities to commission a fancy video, so I am not concerned about the production values. What I needed was information and I got it. Yes, the audience was set up, the audio volume fluctuated, the content and the "questions" were synchronized, blah blah blah, but I came for the content. Thanks, USPTO, for this video-oriented series. Much appreciated.

  41. TESS is hard to use, its confusing. make it user friendly, and maybe people might register trademarks.

  42. Making this info available is an excellent investment in our Nations Future Health!
    5 Stars for the Producer/Director, and 5 Stars for the writers & actors! Good ol simple folk like myself have been pushed & pushed to get on board wit the digital age computer love thing, we's be havn a hard time acclimating. So we try to trust our fellow God fearin Americans and get on board wit the internet, and them dam snakes keep bitting us and poisoning our bank accounts! It's hard enough trying to open a business and figure out the triks of the trade without getting all confused and ripped off by them fast talking pretender lawyer sales folks that say we will lose everything we got with our big ideas if we don't pay them to help us. And that google, I thought it's suppose to be our friend, not serve us up as supper to them snakes when we be searching for business help. Great Video, simple for simple folk like myself, appreciate y'alls very much! God Bless This Mess! J.J. 😉

  43. It takes 8 to 10 hours to get a trademark the RIGHT WAY. So, you KNOW your name, slogan or logo is LEGALLY CLEAR – then apply for a trademark.Common sense! To save $ AND do it right – hire a full service trademark specialty company – not an attorney – not to try to do yourself. Do the math! The answer is good trademark attorneys make $300-$500 an hour, so expect to pay $2000 to $3000, while the $69 – $200 filing ONLY companies are totally negligent because they are giving the guise of professional help, without the ethics of informing people they NEED a COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH before ever filing a trademark because the USPTO does not check beyond it's own database of 2 million marks in the USA, NOT any research of the 14 million State trademark and common law uses out there that can simply oppose your mark, immediately or up to 6 years after you start use. Those companies are ready to sell you more "packages" for USPTO refusals – 39%, or cease & desist orders – because they were too busy selling you a bill of goods that should never had been sold. They should know better, but they care so much more for their immediate sales, rather than all the $ you are going to lose in changing the name of your service or product. A great way to save $ is to hire a trademark attorney to file your trademark AFTER using a specialty firm, to do the needed $600 COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH that takes 5-6 hours and APPLICATION filing that takes 2-4 hours – to catch if a proposed trade name may be infringing on anyone else's prior trademark at the USPTO or any of the 50 States or under Common Law where companies have rights if they are using the same or LIKE name in sound, appearance or meaning even just 1 day before you in commerce. This is a very specialized task and needs a trademark attorney to analyze any resulting conflicts or similarities. Most specialty trademark firms have access to a trademark attorney too. IF clear, and you have the funds – get the trademark – as you should if advertising on Amazon. Own the name. No surprises later. What you build you keep. IF you do not have the $275 to file a trademark application, then wait a few months for your business to prove itself. Test the market. If all goes well, THEN trademark. Keep things simple! Build a strong foundation for your business with a successful trademark filing. Common sense!

  44. Such a great comprehensive video. How is this presenter so good at explaining the seemingly complex topic!

    Magic, MAGIC I SAY!

  45. Excellent and informative video. Took a dry and complex topic and presented it…wet and easy? WetAndEasy is my new trademark, you all back off from it!

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