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In high school I did some painting with
a painting contractor here in Iberia. We moved actually to Texas to
Houston what’s in Houston nothing but all field. Actually I got a job in Houston
and until with the downturn in all feel I went back to doing the residential
painting just to have some money coming in and that’s kind of how we’re ran into
the Ben Moore Rep. Benjamin Moore through the NEP program wanted to start
branching out to different locations so that’s kind of how the mid Moore store
here in your Iberia came to be. It’s a older town a bunch of historical
homes, plantation homes, it’s a small town big on culture being on Cajun culture
very very friendly. We are the only Benjamin Moore paint store open here
in New Iberia at this time. Breton was like hey you want to open up a Benjamin Moore Paint
store I was like okay I have absolutely no experience in paint so but sure. To me
you don’t need to be a painter or a contractor just to justify you open in a
paint store I mean anything you need they have the technical support line
it’s amazing the support that we have them anymore from our rep all the way up
to corporate office I mean you can just pick up the phone and call someone their
just at our disposal and I don’t think I know of any company that you have that
Conner resources whether it’s product support equipment support signage that’s
all part of the NEP they take it from start to finish and pretty much give you
their recommendation and you kind of take it from there which you can do. We
did make a few changes with our POS counter we put our own little touch to
it to fit our area. When people walk in we wanted them to
feel like it was home that they could be comfortable they could touch things they
could ask anything and they could approach anyone we have made decisions
and Benjamin Moore has supported us it’s you know you guys decision is your business
it’s a give-and-take relationship with them. It’s just the service even in my off
field days I ran crews and did pretty much the same thing don’t make a
difference what it is or that’s all feel or the paint store here service is gonna
carry you a lot further. Which sets us apart is the customer service I mean we
have people that come in here and I mean they come in here just to say hi we’ve
build relationship so yeah it’s very rewarding a lot of companies will tell
you to you know they’ll do this do that and you know and from what I heard
doesn’t pan out well. The NEP program works whatever they tell you it’s true no
questions asked we’ve had some NEP’s that came in through the stores one of
the questions they all ask is this too good to be true no it’s not it’s
everything they said they were going to do anymore.

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