Behind the Scenes: A Peek into the Future of Retail with eBay’s Innovation Lab

This is our innovation lab. We call it the bat cave. We’re over here in Campbell. Really, we needed some
space to do things like build big fitting rooms
and have large displays. And there wasn’t a lot of
room on campus to do that. And if you can
tell by the space, there is always an evolution. Well, our relationship
with Rebecca Minkoff actually started last year. We did a digital storefronts
project at the Westfield in San Francisco. And in partnering
with eBay, we were able to actually
have a wish list and work with them
to create really what we thought would be pushing
the boundaries between fashion and technology. And it’s really about
being able to bring in this concept of mobile,
and physical, and e-comm, and retail all together
in this one moment. It’s incredibly complicated
to make a simple experience. We’ve labored for
months, making sure that when you walk up to this
tech, it just speaks to you. It’s beautiful. It’s seamless. It’s integrative, and
you know how to use it. Multiple experiences, basically,
fuel the next endeavor and next experience. And to leverage that and harness
it, that’s really powerful. Not a lot of
organizations can do that. Powering experiences
with technology in a retail space
in the offline world will definitely have people
thinking of eBay differently. After months and months
of crazy customer research and a bunch of testing
in our lab in Campbell, you’ve got to have it
live in New York City. And seeing customers
delighted by this is a true testament to how
far the technologies come and how amazing this
partnership truly is. They went above and beyond
to make this happen. So I feel incredibly
indebted to the eBay team. Because without them,
this would just be, you know, oh,
that’s a good idea. By bringing this technology
into retail space is literally the
implementation of us participating in all commerce. It’s no longer
blurring the line. We are doing it. I think upon seeing the
reaction from people, it really made it
clear that, oh, this is the future of retail. This is the future of shopping. It’s incredibly
engaging and energizing to wake up every morning and
have that as your mission. To be able to move
retail forward with probably its biggest single
advance in years is just– you can’t describe
what that feels like. This is just the starting point. We have so many more ideas. Over the course
of this next year, I just can’t wait to see
what the future has in store. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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