Best Accounting Software for Small Business

The right accounting software can make all the difference between a small business that runs and a small business that thrives. Here are features to look for when choosing the best accounting software for your small business. 1. Personalized invoices Good accounting software empowers you to present professional-looking invoices in no time. 2. Online payments straight from the invoice Give your clients the option to pay you in just a few clicks. 3. Automated payment reminders Set up pre-written emails so you don’t have to remember to follow up with clients who are late to pay. 4. Late fees Create consequences for clients who miss your payment deadline. 5. Easy record-keeping An intuitive interface will make it easy for your to track all of your financial transactions. 6. Estimates and proposals Give potential clients a cost estimate or proposal for specific projects so you’re on the same page before the work begins. 7. Expense tracking Look for an easy way to enter your expenses so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending. 8. Reporting Get insights into your business, like how much you have in outstanding invoices and how much you’ve spent in expenses so far… that way, you can make informed business decisions. 9. Accounting reports Make tax time even easier and collaborate with your accountant with a system that offers double-entry accounting. 10. Access anytime, anywhere On your laptop, tablet or mobile device, cloud-accounting software gives you 24/7 access to your accounting. 11. Customer service The best accounting software for your small business will have customer service that’ll knock your socks off. Look for real, live human help available whenever you need it. Set your small business up for success with accounting software that offers features designed to help you take your business to the next level. Give Freshbooks a try, free for 30 days at

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