Best Advice I Ever Got I’ve Used for My Cleaning Business

What is the best advice you
would give to cleaning business owners? That’s a great question and we’re going to
talk about that today. Hi, there. I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s show is brought to us by which is a resource hub for all different kinds of things that you need to grow your
cleaning business and there’s also more business advice than what I might give you today. Now, coming back to the question which was
written in from a house cleaning business owner who wants to know what is the best piece
of advice. Well, the best piece of advice and I’m not
sure there’s one best piece of advice. There are probably several. But the first
one that comes to my mind takes me back to the time I went to buy a car. And I was new
to buying cars and I did not know a lot about negotiation. And I drove by the car dealership and I thought “I’ll just stop because it doesn’t cost anything to stop and look.” So I stopped and as I was looking at a car,
I was greeted by a high pressured salesman. As we started talking, he kind of encouraged
me, if you will, to take the car for a test drive. So I took this car for a test drive, and before
you know it, I was inside his office and he was trying to wrap up the deal. And I wasn’t quite ready to buy. I wasn’t sure if I was going to sell my existing
car or if I was going to trade it in. I hadn’t actually gone over my bank numbers
yet so I wasn’t sure what my payment was going to be and what I could afford on a monthly
basis. I was just in the beginning stages of looking
at the different types of cars and what would best be suited for my business. But instead of taking what I needed into consideration,
he took into consideration what he needed and he needed a sale for the day. I sat there in his office feeling very high
pressured and I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable because I didn’t know how to
get out of this situation I was in, when he said to me these words, and it left a lasting
impact on me. He said, “Well, what are your options if you
don’t buy this car?” And I started thinking about that. And I thought, “Wait a second. I do have other options. I’m going to leave right now and I’m going
to go home and I’m going to think about my other options.” What’s interesting about this is this became
one of the very best pieces of advice I could give a new business owner is what are your
other options. There are times in house cleaning that we’re
face to face with a customer who’s really unhappy with our work and we want to fire
them and never see them again, or we have employees that are just being belligerent
and they’re making our lives miserable. And we want to just fire them and move on. What are your other options? Now, my suggestion is always look for three
because the first one that you have might be a gut instinct. It might be a gut reaction. It might be you spinning off the top of your
head and it might not be your best decision. If you think of a second one, it might be
the polar opposite and it might be, “Well, I could not fire them at all and I could just
let them walk all over the top of me, or they might be happy medium somewhere in between. Now, my suggestion is if you spend the time
and you pull out any pen or paper, or you use your cellphone or however you take notes
and you write down at least three options, this would be my best advice. There are always more options. And when you are aware of your options, then
you have choices. Because you could still fire the person or you could still fire the client but you might decide to do something different instead. Now, oftentimes, my gut instinct guides me
but before I make a decision, I sit down and I look at the different options that are available
to me and I can always go back to my gut instinct. I can always follow that gut reaction. But instead of just reacting to it, how about
if I try to resolve this first and I can always come back and fire this person at a later
date if need be or I can fire this customer at a later date if need be. And so I have other options. My best piece of advice to you would be, do
listen to your gut and do follow your instincts but not hastily. Not hastily. There are times in this business where it’s
easier to try to mend a broken fence than it is to try to replace it. And by that I mean if you have something that
has gone awry, whose fault is it? And if it’s your fault and you can fix it
and you can correct it, then you’ve saved the customer and you save the day. And there are a lot of customers over the
course of my career I wished I would have fired. And as times went on and we were able
to work things out, our relationship became stronger not weaker and they became my allies
and my friends. I could have just let them go. So, there are times in business where you’re
just going to want to “Ah!” And get rid of everything but don’t do it
just yet. Stop and look at your other options because
when you’re aware of your options, then you have choices.

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4 thoughts on “Best Advice I Ever Got I’ve Used for My Cleaning Business

  1. Great video! My best advice to anyone thinking about doing this is to ask themselves if they enjoy it. It's a lot easier to be successful at something we enjoy. That is the one thing I have learned about my work environments. We spend so much of our time at work make sure you enjoy it. Life will be a whole lot better Lol!!

  2. I stumbled upon your channel recently. I am glad I did. I really enjoy these videos and find them helpful, and I am not even in the house cleaning profession. I think your business advice is very valuable and applies to a number of professions and work situations. Thank you !

  3. Can you share with me how long it would take you to clean a 3400 square foot house. The owner would like it done in three hours with two of us cleaning. There is hardwood floor with an open concept. Two large dogs who slobber on walls cupboards and appliances and shed short hairs on furniture and floor.. a lot!! Lol My partner thinks i am way too fussy on what and how i clean. My energy goes towards vacuuming up dog hair and washing the floor,slobber, baseboards on my hands and knees. I wipe ceiling fans down to windows smeared with dog noses, and patio tracks vacuumed. She would like to wet mop and dust with a feather duster, basically breeze quickly through the house. Our different styles of cleaning is causing frustration on both our parts. Owner gives no direction other than …. just clean!😊
    1) do you come up with a rotating cleaning schedule. I am trying to clean everything every time we clean(every two weeks) and do you have a link for a cleaning check list?

    2) do you clean each room to completion then move on or do you do all the vacuuming then all then all flat surfaces, etc. throughout the house?

    3) do you recommend we each have our areas that we are responsible for or do we work together in the same room until it is done, then move tog to the next room.

    4) the upstairs three bedrooms are the guest bedroom where the owner will read on the bed, and two childrens bedrooms who are no longer living at the home. Do we still dust all the trophy's left behind and wash the hardwood floors under the bed? Do we clean the bathroom ipstairs throughly or just quickly wash the toilet seat and bowl? My partner cleaned the upstairs in 10 minutes, by vacuuming briefly and washing the toilet seat. I think we should still clean the bathroom well and dust on a rotation. Move furniture to vacuum well.

    5) how thoughly do you wash the kitchen? wipe inside the microwave
    Counter tops sink scrubbed or wash just the floor and empty garbage?

    6) how do you clean under a king size bed with hardwood floors?

    This is our only house we clean together. She is otherwise newly retired from a janitorial position at a high school and i have another full time job. I have been helping this family for years, starting with child care when the kids where little to now dog sitting and cleaning. I want to offer the best possible service to this family.

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