Best free job posting sites for small businesses.

In this video we are going to
learn about free job posting sites. Posting your jobs to free job posting sites
is a budget-friendly way to reach candidates. And it turns out that some of the best,
busiest job sites in the world are also free. Let’s take a look at the
top three free job listing resources that Betterteam uses to get your jobs seen online: Google for Jobs. Google displays job opportunities in their search results, but you cannot post jobs directly to Google. If you want a job posted on
your own site to be displayed in search results, you’ll need to add structured data. This data tells Google that your entry is a job posting, so that Google can index it differently. If you’re unable to add structured data to your site, you can post it other sites
that do it for you, such as Betterteam. The obvious benefit of making your job posting easier for Google to find is that people who are searching for a particular position or job location on Google will quickly find your job. Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a review site with company profiles. Employers can also use their
profiles to advertise job opportunities. You can list your jobs for free
on Glassdoor for up to 10 days. After that, you pay per month
for a single job slot for the various options. Glassdoor receives a lot of traffic and is trusted by job seekers because it allows them to learn what it is like
to work for a company that they are interested in. In addition, Glassdoor will distribute your job
posting to other sites for maximum exposure. Indeed. Indeed is the busiest job board in the U.S.,
and one of the leading job boards worldwide. Users can post jobs for free on Indeed by
choosing the “Post job without sponsoring” option. If you want greater visibility,
you can “Sponsor” you job posting, meaning that you pay per click for more exposure. Indeed allows job seekers to search by
location, job title, or keyword, so your postings are very easy
for the right candidates to locate. You can also include details about
compensation, hours, benefits, etc., and job applicants can respond to your posting by submitting their resume directly through Indeed. Betterteam. One of the issues you’ll have posting to free job sites is sorting through many applications coming from various sources,
and deciding which are best. With Betterteam, you can create a job posting
that is instantly sent to over 100 job boards, and see all the results in a single dashboard. From the dashboard, you can quickly review applications making it easier to shortlist
candidates and narrow your search, helping you find the best of the best. If you would like to try using
Betterteam for your business, our free trial allows you to
post up to 10 jobs for four days. Just visit and click
“Post Jobs for Free” to try it out! Try it out for free today and see the results for yourself! Click the link below for more
information or go to you

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