BEST MARKET IN CHIANG MAI THAILAND – Sunday Night Market & Walking Street

I’m like the world’s worst haggler. I
can’t. I’m like let you take this much please? And they say no. So I say okay. what’s up guys welcome back to another
video and we are in Chiang Mai for the first time ever so excited to be back in
Thailand and I gotta say this is probably so far my favorite place we
have ever been I really kind of want to live here that’s how much I enjoy Chiang
Mai I’m gonna force him to live here I know I’m screwed for saying that now but
tonight we are going to the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai so we don’t
normally start our videos at night but this is Chiang Mai’s best and most
popular market and you guys know how much we love markets so we have to take
you there so it’s about a 20 minute walk from where we are staying in Chiang Mai
to get to old City where the market is and I’m hoping that I can find some
fried chicken like I did at the Chatuchak market and Stacia is looking for some
more clothes okay so we’ve arrived and this place is
enormous it’s like 1.2 kilometers long. yeah and they say every week like 25 more meters get added because vendors just keep wanting to
be a part of this huge market what’s really cool about this market is it’s
not like your typical touristy souvenirs you do find some of those
things but a lot of it is like local makers and artisans coming here to
sell their goods Stacia has found the clothes basically
this is just one long walking street it’s actually not closed any other day
of the week besides Sunday so Sunday is the only day that cars are not allowed
and it turns into a walking Street really amazing stuff but the food is
actually found on the side streets right in front of the temple entrances they
turn each one of these entrances into like a little mini food court so I’m
kind of hungry we need meat on a stick. what did
you get? I just got a Thai sausage Hopefully it doesn’t taste like a hot dog
I had a Thai sausage at the Krabi night market which was so good. I haven’t
had anything as good since so I’m hoping it’s will live up good. this isn’t our official food video
but I feel like I have to try one more thing I saw this egg like this omelet that was cooked on charcoal in a banana leaf and I’m very interested to
see what that tastes like hello how are you very good thank you
these look good can I have one of these and one of the egg omelet as well.
yes let’s do a little sure thank you perfect sure thank you. 40 Baht. Free for you. oh thank you! Now he gets to eat thank you thank you so
much good night. so sweet they’re so nice now Ryan has to try one
they were both such a sweet little couple. Oh
are we gonna sell omelets in bamboo when we get old? that’s exactly what
we’re gonna do. all right guys here’s our egg haul I’m excited I think these are
little baby quail eggs or something I don’t think they’re real big chicken
eggs no definitely not they’re really small so these are quail eggs topped
with crab and soy sauce and then we have two original omelettes one with chicken
one plain and that was the one that was free for us. I don’t think I’ve ever had a
quail egg if that’s what this is yeah yeah really good yeah it’s really
good I would never think to put soy sauce on an egg it’s awesome I love it
Ryan and I are trying to be like low-carb right now so I’m eating eggs
and meat on a stick trying to stay true. all right you guys want Ryan to try food. how
do I eat this thing? is it just an egg? yeah literally just an egg it’s weird
it’s in like this bamboo. yeah they cook it in there. it’s cold.
yeah It has a very different flavor to it because it’s cooked on like that charcoal grill or I think it’s
because of the banana leaves that gives it that flavor. very different.
do you like it? nice. Oh spilling it everywhere yeah it is different
really good actually. leave some comments down below and tell us what
Thai foods we should try in our food video. we’re trying
to get Ryan to be more explorative. is that a word?
exploratory. yeah more adventurous with food you know I don’t think that’s
gonna happen. I think it will so leave a comment down below tell me which Thai
food in Chiang Mai I have to try maybe there’s some northern Thailand
specialties that I don’t know about and we’ll release that soon stay tuned I need to do this I need to shoot some
guns let’s see how good a shot you are oh my god you’re good dude let’s see that
thing thank you I got two duds over here not
bad yeah seriously you have every single number in the bullseye area what a kill
shot you are. so far this place is pretty impressive yeah really it’s so big it
just keeps going and going there’s a lot of the same stuff at these different
little areas but you can find some hidden gems and some really cool things if you’re interested in shopping come here that’s for sure. there’s so
much and food yeah there’s so much food but I still haven’t found my fried
chicken on a stick. these things are so dope all these things are made out of rope.
look how intricate this is all of that is made out of one single thing of rope.
more shopping. I really wanted a dress since like forever and in Bali
everything was so cute but it was really expensive it was all like Western prices Thailand is known for a better prices. if I go get
400 will you take 400? okay so I really wanted that dress it fit me it was 490
baht I’m like the world’s worst Hagler I can’t I’m like can you take this much
please? and they’re like no and I’m like okay fine no problem. I’m sorry to bother you. I had to take over I had to take
over I got her down to 450 she wasn’t gonna budge this lady was
hardcore man yeah I wanted to get her down 400. 400
would have been perfect but no she was like nope. I was like 400 and she
put that shit right back on the rack we just got like to the center of this
area this place goes on forever we’re in like an intersection right now it goes
all the way down behind me here. all the way down that way down this road luckily
this place is open till midnight. we have plenty of time it’s open from 6:00 to
midnight probably the earlier or later you come the less busy but
right now it’s 8:30 peak hour you can barely walk through these aisles but
it’s still really fun I really don’t even know which way to go this is definitely very overwhelming
because these streets just keep going it’s so long and I have no idea which road we are on right now and they just they just go
on and on and on forever there’s so many people here I know. this is very very
cool. if you’re coming to Chiang Mai try to plan around a Sunday this market is like
one of the coolest markets we ever been to now we just made a
right and we came into like this entirely new area where there’s tons of
stuff it just keeps going and going no matter which way you turn there’s more
stuff so part of this market is in the temple entrance areas so there’s a
beautiful temple right behind me but look at the one over to my right thing is enormous it’s so beautiful it’s right in the center of Chiang Mai’s old city and I think
there’s like 30 temples around this area but it’s really neat that they open it
up to the market and look there’s some food vendor right here and there’s
clothing vendors all in here so not only can you shop and eat but you can admire
the beautiful temples so we have just been walking around that
entire place I am so tired it was madness like absolute madness I
don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in one location all just shopping
and you get cramped it definitely rivals the
Vietnam market ben thanh market and Chatuchak market in Bangkok it was
absolutely huge really good stuff I can’t believe we came away without
buying anything yeah not one thing suprisingly I wanted
that dress but by the time we had walked so far away I couldn’t find her again
and you know how that goes. definitely come to this market if you are in the area just for
the experience because it really is like a sight to see but that’s about it we’re
gonna call it quits for this video if you enjoyed this one hit the thumbs up
button on your way out and we’ll see you guys in the next video. Seeya!

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100 thoughts on “BEST MARKET IN CHIANG MAI THAILAND – Sunday Night Market & Walking Street

  1. Just ran across your channel and subscribed. We will be in Chiang Mai for 4 days at end of the month, unfortunately we will not be there on a Sunday so will miss this market! We too are looking to move there as CM seems like a beautiful city to live in at a great cost of living. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video!

  2. there is a four season changmai and a elephant resort that you have to sit on the elephant and a hotspring nearby. no idea the name.

  3. four season changmai resort is a must stay one night if you can afford it. check the pictures and price on the website first and see if you like it.

  4. I would still love to go to Thailand someday, sure Vietnam was cool but something about Thailand! Would you guys ever go to South Korea or Japan by any chance? heck, even Cambodia you're close right now lol. hope you do make it down to New Zealand someday.

  5. Wow, an update after many years.
    Fyi, I was staying in Suriwongse Hotel in Chiangmai.
    For a suggestion, you may like to visit Doi Suthep temple.
    Btw, Thailand is safe. There is the "Tourists Police". So is Bali @ Kuta.
    And nowadays for hotels, you can view the property first, before you decide to or not to book, (as it usually have free WiFi).
    So enjoy your holidays.

  6. This time near the festival of Thailand. Especially in Chiang Mai.

    You should plan your trip so that you don't miss important events.
    Welcom to Chiang Mai.
    ***Thai Tourist Police Tel. 1155 (24 Hours free from anywhere in Thailand)

  7. Ethan and I arrived in Siem Reap but they lost his bag so he has no clothes! We just went to the market to buy some shirts. I told him what he should pay for the shirts but he choked and blurted out a number that was not "best price". face palm DOH! HAHAHA Especially with the US exchange rate….cus everything is in USD here!

  8. You gotta try Thai banana pancakes and also sweet sticky rice with egg custard. Pad krapow gai which is thai basil chicken is a must also. Thai food is the best food ever. Can't wait to be back there in a month.

  9. Oh man I’m glad I wasn’t in the background of any of your shots. There’s tons of fried chicken here and it’s all the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. I actually got a few pieces and sticky rice with chilli sauce for dinner tonight from a food cart near the three kings memorial.

  10. Hi Guys, love the videos and the research that goes into them. If you get a chance, while in Chiang Mai, try and visit the Maesa Elephant Camp. It's up in the jungle and has elephant shows, a restaurant, and elephant rides through the jungle. Also, might want to check out the Chiang Rai Hill Tribes (5 of them) tribes (the Long Neck Karens are the most popular and friendliest), and the Golden Triangle, where 3 countries intersect (Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar/ Burma). You can visit Laos and Myanmar on the same day, and have your passport "reset" for another 30 days after leaving Myanmar back into Thailand. Be prepared to be hit up alot to buy cigarettes and Viagra in Myanmar haha. Huge opium trade up there too, and opium pipe shops are kind of cool to see as well. Have fun! Mike from L.A.

  11. I'm Thai but everything is more beautiful when see through your lens.
    Stacia is so lovely, it's pity for her to not get that dress. Wemen will definitely understand your way for bargaining, We're same😂.
    Subscribed Done !!!

  12. Last time you came in summer so the weather rather hot and humid this time is good for travels.😍😍😍😍 don't forget to take a bath with elephants.🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

  13. If you make it to Taiwan check out the markets there, Shilin night market is also huge.
    You would love touring the scenery and food, some of the best I've seen.
    By the way, Taipei has several huge markets, clothing in one, Electronics in another.
    If you do decide to go there give me a shout, I can give some advice for you on Taiwan.

  14. We´ve been there last year.. your videos bring up lots of memories… and btw.. NICE B-Roll… your shooting in 60fps? its sooo so smooth…

  15. Try the local dish in northern of Thailand called "Khao Soi" . it's an egg noodle curry soup with chicken or beef. Another dish is "Miang kham"a traditional Thai snack. It's healthy and very unique tasting full of flavours and textures.

  16. You know why there are so many temples in thailand like chiangmai or bkk, one of the awnser is that the rich families in the old times built them for their children as a playground. Nowsdays you can find some temples still having with their family'names. Thanks

  17. Banana leaf gives a better smell and add a unique test to the egg, plus charcoal smoke, it's all good combination and aromatic.
    Ps. Respect for your gorgeous cinematic VID.

  18. At time 4:54 Maggi sauce was put on your eggs, not Soy sauce. Maggi sauce is used for eggs. It is also used in the rice congee called jok at breakfast. Soy sauce is darker and saltier.

  19. Chiang Mai and its market *SIGH*. I have been to the Saturday Night market 4 times. Once by myself when I was there for the first time and then to show other people. I loved this city and the only reason I had to leave was a Visa issue. But I don't regret it now, since I ended up going to Vietnam, living there for 2 years, fell in love and got married to a Vietnamese girl.

  20. Do you know the Chiang Mai joke? If someone asks you about where a certain thing is, you tell them it's between a temple and a 7/11 :).
    If you are still there and end up near Santhitham area, find a yogurt lady. Her Yogurt / Chocolate / Banana (other fruits) mix ice cream thingy is awesome.

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  23. Did you guys try the real traditional northern dish? Its some kinds of raw meat or raw blood with lots of herbs with crispy noodles? Its awesome honestly 🙂 its a must 😉

  24. Wow,, I like your videos very much. It is fun to watch. Especially the Thailand videos. It reminds me at the time I was in Thailand myself. Thanks for sharing. Greeings from Dave in The Netherlands. (Dave Nagel on Facebook, Davey Macnail on You Tube)

  25. I was at Chiang mai Sunday market in September. I had crocodile meat for 30 baht. It tasted great actually. Like chicken and no bad aftertaste.
    So much food and massive, probably size of 3 football fields.

  26. Sunday Market,you guys need more weeks to learn from them it was not cheap because it for tourist so the prices was high any way.You can buy from original area around CM,dont buy at sunday market at least you dont have times

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  28. Death by Blog. I just love the stuff you do is just so useful to me. I am going to Thailand in March 2019 and looking for things to do. I am going with 3 other people. Going for 3 weeks so we are going to travel about. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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    On a side note: what lens do you use for your broll and do you shoot broll on Auto or manual ?

  37. I've learned my lesson in such huge markets. When something catch your eye and you like it, buy it. Continue walking and you will regret not buying it as you may not be able to find it anymore. First time in your vlog and wow shots are amazingly beautiful!

  38. Don't be fooled too much by "local handmade" because 90% of what's in Thailand comes from China. From local coconut souvenirs, to the half finished paintings. What is in Bali is also in Thailand coming from the same Chinese catalogs

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