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Hi, I’m Greg and I’m gonna show you how Rain is going to increase your sales by 20% or more The first thing you need to know is that Rain is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that’s super easy to use with all the standard stuff like inventory tracking, purchase orders, special orders, gift cards, and customer history. But if you need features that are off the beaten path like rental management, class management, or service tracking we do that too. The big difference between Rain and other systems is that we automate your marketing to get more people into your store. There’s three ways we do this. Number One: Rain provides a fully integrated ecommerce website that looks fantastic. All your in-store activity is synced with your online activity in real time, so your inventory is always up-to-date. Add a product to your POS and it’s instantly on your website as well. For Rain customers, this is a total game changer because so many people pre shop online before going into the local store to make the purchase Number Two: Rain automatically sends texts emails and posts to Facebook to get your customers returning more often. For example. On your customer’s birthday rain will send them a text with a 10% off coupon that they can use by the end of the week Or when it’s time for their new purchase to be serviced, Rain will send them an email reminder to bring it in. Rain can even post to Facebook about new sales and other interesting stuff that’s going on in the store. And the third tool we use to drive more traffic and sales is integration with third-party marketplaces like reverb. We automatically push product information over and when sales take place the inventory is instantly updated in the Rain system. Now you can fulfill all your online orders from one place. Give us a call or complete the form below to learn how Rain will increase your sales.

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