Best Software For my Coaching Business?

– Alright coach so in
this video I am going to be once and for all ending the software and the whole tech debate
of what is the best software for my specific application
inside my coaching business. Believe it or not this probably one of the most popular questions I get asked. It’s probably one of the
biggest stumbling blocks especially for a lot of brand new coaches, but not even brand new, ’cause I’ll be working with a coach and they’re a few years into the business but they wanna launch a new webinar or they wanna do some kind of new funnel and they get really hung up
on which software to use. This video’s going to once
and for all end your dilemmas when it comes to software
and really what inspired this question was from Reggie inside the online coaching academy. It’s a free Facebook group,
you can check it out, I’ll put the link around here somewhere. And he asks, “What is the
best email program to use? “I have heard some about
Convertkit, but still unsure.” And why I wanna create a video about it was now every time a coach
asks me this question I can just link this video to the answer and I can save my fingers from typing the exact same response. Now, why I really dislike this question is because just spending
mental energy trying to find the right software
is taking away time, which is a rare commodity,
you can’t get more of it. Everyone’s got the same amount of time and energy mental focus away from doing what actually matters,
which is getting clients and building a business. Now the software is trivial, it’s insignificant,
it’s not that important. Now a days any piece of software
is going to do the trick. I would go at it from a different angle, instead of asking what
software is best for me I would ask what do I
want out of my software. If you’re just starting and you’re building a really simple list in just like one or two
step really basic lead gen and sales funnel which is what I mostly do in the university with coaches, pretty much any software is gonna work. Any landing page building
software, any website software, any email marketing software, and any booking calendar
software is really going to work. Now I prefer some over the others and people are like well
tell me what software and I tell them but they
say it’s the most expensive. And I say, yeah, I don’t
mind paying for software because what you pay for, you get. There’s more tech support. The integrations are better, and if something does go wrong there’s a support team
generally that will help you. Whereas the free software or the software that you pay less for you
obviously get less support with it because there’s less
money in the company, right? So it makes sense. But if you’re just starting
and cost is a factor start with free stuff like Mailchimp. I don’t like Mailchimp because it’s free and it’s a limited, but it works. There’s million dollar
businesses that use Mailchimp. It works. For landing page software, you can use- You can basically use anything. I prefer ClickFunnels. I’ve built multiple businesses on it. Every one of my coaches builds
businesses on ClickFunnels. But it’s not necessary. Pick whatever it is you want. I used to us AWeber. It worked just fine. I used to use Drip. It worked just fine. I now use ConvertKit. I love it. It works just fine and the big shift was because I was working
with someone who wanted, who worked with ConvertKit so they wanted access into ConvertKit. I thought, you know what,
this will make it easy instead of relearning how to use it. But at the end of the day they all work. So instead of asking what
softwares should I use, what software’s best for me? Instead ask the question of
what do I want from my software? And then look it up, make sure that the piece of software
you stumbled across has what you want it to do, and get it. And stick with it. And commit to it. Commit to mastering that platform and that piece of software. It’s going to work. Don’t be chasing shiny objects. If I have a coach who I’m working with who has different software than what I use I’m not like we need to change. I say let’s learn the
basics of the software so I have an understanding for it. It all does the same thing, and they’re just as successful as someone who uses the software I recommend. It doesn’t matter. There are million dollar
coaching businesses built on every type of platform out there so for me to tell you, you
gotta use this software, is doing a disservice. The only reason I recommend to the coaches and the clients I work with a
particular piece of software is cause I’m very familiar with it. So it’s easy for me or
the team to jump in there and fix certain parts of
the funnel or integration or if something breaks I
know exactly what’s going on, but it’s not necessary. That is the only reason I
would recommend the software and it’s usually software that I’m using so I know it very, very well. But other than that, I wanna end this debate once and for all. So please if you’re spending
more than 30 minutes deciding on a piece of software, and you’re blaming the reason or the fact that you haven’t picked a
software from moving you forward, stop the nonsense. Pick a platform, right now. Pick a piece of software. You’re just starting, use Mailchimp. I just answered it for you. You want a little bit better, use Aweber. Drip is free to start with as well. Find the first one that
resonates with you. The first one that you like. Click around. Sign up for them all. Play with them for one day. Find the one you like. Grab it, use it, and commit to it. And that goes for every
other piece of software. Truly hope that helps. Don’t waste time. Don’t waste your energy
on decision fatigue when you have much more
important decisions to make. Truly hope that helps. Check out @LucasRubix on Instagram. A lot of these videos
come from two places. They come from questions on the Instagram or questions inside the
online coaching community. It’s a free Facebook group. And for anything else, both
free and paid, The podcast, we’re
putting a lot of attention on the podcast and the
YouTube channel as of late and for our paid programs,
I’ve simplified it. There’s two versions of it. There’s the Coach’s University, which is a group coaching program. Teaches you everything step
by step from start to end and how to build, launch, and grow an online coaching business. And, of course, the
Coach’s Circle Mastermind, which is my one on one program. Depending where you’re at, everything is through applications so we make sure that
which program you choose is a perfect fit for you. With that said hope this video helped, and I’ll see you on the next one. (exciting music) ♪ Feel the freedom ♪ ♪ Feel the freedom ♪

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the video! For more value, pop by the coaches corner podcast and let's take your coaching business to a whole new level at

  2. Thanks Lucas! I've wasted way too much time trying to decide on what to use, but I'm realizing it's my just procrastinating / fearful of failure

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