BET founder says 2020 Dems aren’t ‘capable of beating Donald Trump’

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100 thoughts on “BET founder says 2020 Dems aren’t ‘capable of beating Donald Trump’

  1. I sure wish that the democrats would realize that they lost the election and And quit being such sore losers!

    Another thing for those democrats would you please look at you and all your other investments and see how much money you made since Trump took office!!!!

  2. the man is right…Trump is going to beat anyone that comes against him….he's gained millions more since 2016 and that will continue…our fellow colored folks are waking up now and realizing how corrupt the democratic party is…

  3. Black voters will literally paint whites as racist no matter what. Its not worth pandering. I think the GOP is wise to let them come to us.

  4. Agreed, the only way the Dems stand a chance is to lie and cheat with assistance from the Democrat controlled mainstream media.

  5. Wake Up MSM & the Elites, wake the hell up. It was never about Donald Trump, not about him or his style. It was about millions & millions of Americans who needed someone, anyone to go to DC & stop the machine that benefited only 1% – 2% of the country. Anyone who would turn this corrupt machine off, dismantle it & remodel it to work as a positive force for the other 98% of Americans. We didn’t care who it was that would take on that task, man or woman, any race, didn’t matter. It was about a mission that just so happened to involve Donald Trump. After 4 years, not one person except Tucker Carlson understands this.

  6. Really? He's been on an 11 state losing streak since giving up the House in the 2018 midterms. Of course the Democrats can beat Trump. It's a matter of who they pick to do it that is the issue. Trump is not a difficult opponent and he is ripe for the picking. Trump's rally based mindset deludes him into thinking that he is more popular than he is. He's held rallies before elections and his candidates have still lost.

  7. LoL! Remember when THEY said Trump will never be president and then mic dropped. EAD, WE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR YOU.

  8. A year to go and people are making predictions? That’s really dumb! You political nuts sure know how to embarrass yourselves. Our idiot President got himself into possible impeachment and you don’t know who is running against him yet so why would you make a prediction? Especially a yr from now. Of course some owner, ceo or founder is going to want a republican to win no matter what so of course he’s going to say that.

  9. What the Democrats don’t understand is that they are in the presence of greatness. For the first time they are experiencing greatness. They are in the presence of President Donald J. Trump. They do not have the mental ability to realize that our President is a gift to America.

  10. The latest… a president bragging about donating his salary ( pennies ) which is a farce as he intimidates and pressures the chairman of the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates so his own stock portfolio run by his crooked Sons will continue to increase in value by millions. The ultimate insider trading scam.

  11. Joel:
    The Base doesn't elect a President. The country does.
    If you only run candidates that appeal to the base, then you will have 41% support Jan 1 and 41% support in November.

  12. Does the popular vote not matter? Our economy is crumbling. The media keeps saying Trump may win, but they don’t understand this. There is a strong chance for a revolution or a coup. The centralized powers and agencies of government are so alienated from Trump that they no longer support him. There is an entire impeachment going on and he has consistently p/o the CIA, FBI, the majority house, senate, and military. On top of that, the entire working and middle class is entirely disregarded in favor of the 1%. That is a recipe for disaster.

  13. Of course trump will win, why wouldn’t he America hasnt been in a better place then it is today in over 30 years!

  14. To be honest how any normal person who votes for the democraps are weak minded delusional fools.

  15. Everybody loves Trump because he is a businessman not a career politician. The Democratic Party is full of career politicians who do nothing but steal money from there constituents. These evil people need torn apart and cast to the wind. I'd hate to be the Servants of the wicked when they die and have to face their maker an answer for what they've done here. It seems to me it doesn't matter to them that they're at death's doorstep I guess power and money is an addiction. They're like Elijah Cummings they will remain that way all the way to the Grave.

  16. People talk about racist why not call the guy buy his name why does that nuub say the black guy and then his name they dont say that white guy shame on them . are we not in 2020 soon

  17. we saw what CNN told us in 2016 TRUMP will lose they told us. Then the ELECTION happens and TRUMP wins by a land slide. Who will you trust. 2020Trump

  18. Bob is delusional. What's clear is his support for Trump and the ideals he shares with Trump about humanity, class, gender, race and ethnicity. Bob Johnson doesn't speak for African Americans. I've never seen or heard Bob Johnson fighting at the forefront for humanitarian justice. And when he does speak, he supports Trump. Bob, enjoy your wealth and be quiet.

  19. I wonder if Black Entertainment would make a bet


    All the reliable data shows Bernie way ahead of one Warren has twice as many Facebook likes three times as many Twitter followers twice as many unique Donors, and raised five times as much as Warren
    According to ABC CNN IPB/TIPP Survey USA FOX news Quinnipiac poll And Emerson polls ; Bernie. Sanders beats Donald Trump in the general election

    Biggest rally in the race so far last month in Queens
    Does not take any money from corporations are super PACs but has 4 million individual donors A historic number and more than any in the race
    1 million volunteers the largest of such network in the race

    Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump in:
    North Carolina
    New Hampshire

  20. 2:07 "not really where the base primary voters for the DEMOCRATIC party…" you are correct, the Dems have gone too far left. This guy obviously is forgetting that to win in the general election, you need to appeal to Independent voters, not solely your own party.

  21. This subject is stupid! Look at the people watching the debates look at the people when nutty BIDEN goes out to give a speech! NOW look at the crowds surrounding Trump! the people have spoken!

  22. The Polls stated that Hillary Clinton was HIGHLY favored to beat Trump! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣DEMONRATS CAN BELIEVE WHATEVER POLL THEY WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED IN 2020!!!

  23. Trump have no reason to take bribes, he has what he need already.
    Joe Biden an the other politican doesent and seems hungry to sell out their country.

  24. The economy won't survive 4 more yrs of Trump. Even a fool can see that. Economy changed from depression to growth under Obama. Trump will sink it into the worst resession that the world has ever seen.

  25. Trump is the only chance of extremism to be contained and China from exploiting everything .other Nations are following too . Democrats just needing approval and being politically correct is not suitable at this time . There are a lot silently praising Trump , while trying to seem to be politically correct . We will see results soon .if there was a battle with Godzilla , would you put Cinderella as the opponent ? .. get real need another monster .. vote wisely .


  27. No, the gentleman is correct. The lying liberals are influencing their party to the hard left, yet their DOA leading candidate is the furthest to the right… If they don't find a centrist that has garnered more than 8500 mayoral votes, they are looking for an a$$ whoopin'. LOL

  28. What we learnt about the polls in the last election is that they are shamelessly wrong. Will they improve in the next election? Probably not because they are shameless. A shameless media repeats its error to maintain its shameless standards.

  29. The polls are to sway voters to vote the way the Dems want them to vote. If Trump was going to lose they wouldn't be trying to impeach him! How people don't see how well are economy is doing I have no words for them! America is actually thriving. Look at the jobs the housing and stock market. I'm extremely greatful to our President for giving my family an effective way to earn how life is meant to be! Nobody wants to be on welfare everyone wants to earn a living! I can't vote for anyone that is pro abortion period. Children are our future nobody has the right to take them from this Earth except our Lord and savior!

  30. Whoever God puts in office will all be according to His will. If He decides to reinstate Trump I'll be really happy, but if He decides not, I'll understand.

  31. Donald trump filled bankruptcy 3 times but he still a millionaire.cheating the system makes donald trump a thief. We dont need a thief as president, a thief that even wants to take the food stamps money…

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