Beth Warns Monica About the Family Business | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

May I sit? Mm-hmm (affirmative). We don’t know
each other very well. We don’t know each
other at all. Don’t worry, Monica. It wasn’t my father
and it wasn’t my boyfriend. This was business. What kind of business does that? The family business. With that face, I recommend
you stick with teaching. Don’t judge us for the way we protect
the thing we’re giving you. I’m not judging. I just don’t
understand this place. I wouldn’t try doing that,

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34 thoughts on “Beth Warns Monica About the Family Business | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

  1. When does Monica leave … definitely doesn't appear that she will ever fit into the Dutton lifestyle.. What contribution is she ever going to make other then providing the Duttons with another Vaquero…

  2. Beth was trying to keep it 100 with Monica and she is right. They are trying to keep the ranch that her son Tate will one day inherit.

  3. Beth is trying to do Monica a kindness and Monica just doesn't get it. Poor Beth's face… can't wait until Rip, John, and Kayce avenge it.

  4. That’s right cry baby Monica …. Stop your bitching & have your mans back & respect what the family is doing for u & your child…..

  5. The end of the episode the beck brothers having pictures of the Dutton family members on the coffee table. And one they are going to go after omg I hope not. I see kayce going military on their a$$. Its only 2 more episodes 🙁 I definitely know we will have Season 3 2020. This is epic. By far the best I have watched first season and now 2nd season I absolutely love this series. Jamie serves nothing, Beth hard as nails her and rip definitely deserve to be happy ever after. Good catch in the beginning when John takes the recorder from him I knew it.Kayce and Monica future baby?

  6. they should have broken Beth's jaw.i'm about done with her shit talking.
    the more she talks shit to Jamie,the more i like him.

    This last episode was basically a filler.Nothing happened at all.

  7. Great episode again! The screenplay is unreal, they really kill it with the background scenery and whatnot. It really feels like I’m watching a classic before it even gets that title! Like I really hope people start discovering this show because it’s my favorite now

  8. Beth is kinda annoying all that strenght is forced, all it takes one good punch and it's over, she should be without teeth after those punches

  9. We're all going to turn into Beth's character. Times up. Thank you Paramount for showing us how women must start acting for justice.

  10. If they kill Tate, Monica is going to be a fucking badass. However, in the 3 episode finale trailer, Beth is crouching over someone with Monica's hair…and she looks panicked. I think the show is going to save Tate by using Monica as the bullet shield.

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