Biggest Online Marketing Mistake I Ever Made, But You Shouldn’t

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As an online marketer, you might have made many mistakes in your marketing journey and
the good thing about online marketing is: you can always learn from your mistakes, rectify
your errors, and always move on after analyzing what’s wrong with your marketing strategies
and what needs to be done instead. I myself have made many mistakes during the
past several years but I still regret one of the biggest mistakes I made years back
that never allowed my online business to grow as expected. But when I see other online marketers making
the same mistake, I feel very bad for them. If you are wondering what’s the biggest
marketing mistake I’m talking about, then keep listening, because that’s something
coming up in this episode. Hey Digital Learners! Welcome back to another episode of Digital
Marketing Made Easy podcast. I’m your host Rahul and I blog at In this episode of Digital Marketing Made
Easy podcast, I’m going to talk about the biggest marketing mistake I have ever made. And the reason why this episode is very crucial
is: you can learn from my mistake and take actions right now so that you may avoid making
the same mistakes I made earlier or many others are still making. So let’s get started! But before that let me tell you a story. Do you like stories? Well, I don’t know about you, but I like
stories very much. Anyways, let’s get started. Once upon a time, there was a boy who started
a blog from scratch and turned that blog from a blank WordPress installation to a cash pumping
asset. He was good at writing, but that’s all he
was good at. He learned various marketing strategies, Search
Engine Optimization being the prominent one. Once he learned the SEO tactics, he started
experimenting, and fortunately, his hard work paid off and his blog soon started getting
over 1 million page views every month. Things were running quite smoothly. And then suddenly, he lost everything. How sad…! Yes, that was very sad. But how do I know that? I know that because this is my story. And the biggest marketing mistake I have ever
made is: not building an email list of engaged audiences. When I had a blog with over a million page
views per month, I could easily build an email list of tens of thousands of people. In fact, many people suggested me to start
collecting emails from my blog visitors. But I was completely unknown from the benefits
of having an email list of engaged audiences. Being an SEO guy, I could easily find an easy
keyword and create content to rank for that keyword in the search results of search engines
like Google, Bing etcetera. Back then it was so easy to rank in Google
and other search engines. But later, when competition increased, Google
changed its algorithms to make it much harder for the SEOs. No doubt, you can still rank for your target
keywords and get tons of free organic traffic, but keep in mind, you must start collecting
emails from people who visit your blog. Why? It’s because businesses don’t run without
customers. And if you are relying on a single platform
to get customers for your business, you are doing harm to your business. Because in online marketing space, everything
is changing very rapidly. What’s working today, might not work next
year. And this is not a random prediction from me,
I know this because I can see that what used to work 5 years back, is no longer working
now. For example, one of my friends recently told
me that his Facebook page has over 20,000 followers but if he posts anything, his post
hardly show up to even 50 people. And for me, that’s not surprising. Facebook has limited down the organic reach
of Facebook pages to a great extent recently and you shouldn’t be worried about that. Because that’s not the case with my friend
only, it’s the same for my facebook pages and everyone else who has a facebook page. You need to understand that Google, Facebook,
Instagram, or any other platform exist for business. If they start promoting our post organically,
everyone will be able to get leads and customers without spending on ads. So, that way, they won’t do any business,
and finally, go bankrupt. In order to avoid bankruptcy and grow their
business, they want us to pay them to promote our social post. That is why they keep making changes to their
algorithms, thus making it even harder for us. So what’s the takeaway? Whether you are using blogging as a tool to
get leads and sales, using video marketing to grow your business, or doing the audible
form of marketing, whatever marketing strategies you choose, start collecting emails from your
audience to build an engaged email list, so that you never have to rely on a platform
that’s not under your control. The beauty of having an email list is: you
can access your audience at your own disposal whenever you want and for whatever purpose
you want. And the best thing is: you don’t even have
to rely on Google, Facebook, or any other platforms. For example, when someone visits my landing
pages, I ask for their contact email in return for some freebies like PDF, Ebook, cheatsheet,
or tutorials on my blog, YouTube channel, or even this Digital Marketing Made Easy podcast. I have properly set up and configured my sales
funnels and email marketing software for email list building. So, I don’t have to do the manual work. When people enter their email in the sign-up
form of my landing page, they are automatically added to my email list in the email autoresponder
software that I use. Now I have their contact address, and I can
contact them or followup whenever I wish. It’s true, I work hard to maintain a healthy
and engaged email list by educating them, entertaining them, and offering them useful
pieces of advice to grow their business. Although I treat my email list subscribers
as real human friends, yet my email list is like my sales machine. If I need the traffic to my new blog post,
YouTube video, or podcast episode, I would send an email to my email list subscribers,
and boom…. I’ll get hundreds of readers, viewers, or
listeners easily. If I’m promoting an affiliate product, I
can send an email from within my email marketing software and boom…. I’ll get a good number of sales within the
first 24 hours of sending. And this sales machine is so effective that
during an affiliate promotion of a certain product, I recently got 46th rank in the global
leaderboard of affiliates. Although not a huge deal, yet even being in
the top 50 helps boost confidence a lot. And the best part? My email list subscribers are the real people
who follow me because they find my stuff valuable and now, I don’t even have to rely on Google,
Facebook, YouTube or any other platform to access my audience. Now, I have learned from mistakes and future
proof my business from any algorithmic changes. But when I see other marketers making the
same mistake, I feel very bad for them. If you are making the same mistake, then you
have got some homework here. You’ve to learn from my mistake and start
collecting emails from your website visitors right now. So here is the actionable step: Step #1: Visit
and Sign up for ConvertKit email marketing software. This is the same email autoresponder that
I use for my email marketing automation. By the way, if you use my link which is, you can get 30-days of free-trial of Convertkit, and that has become possible because I’m
partnered with ConvertKit. Step #2: Create an email sign-up form in ConvertKit
and configure it to use on your blog. If you are using WordPress you can install
their free plugin to display sign up forms on your blog. However, if you are not using WordPress, you
can copy and paste a few lines of script code. Step #3: Create some freebies to offer your
website visitors in exchange for their email. Be specific and create something that’s
helpful and valuable for your audience, if they don’t find it valuable, why would they
exchange their email for it? Alright, now that you have your technical
part ready, start sending visitors to your website, landing pages, or sales funnel. And that’s all you have to do, so you may
keep your focus on bringing more traffic. Because the rest is done by the marketing
automation you have already set up from step #1 to step #3. By the way, a quick tip for you, when it comes
to lead and conversions, landing pages or sales funnel tend to perform better than traditional
web pages of websites or blogs. That’s why I prefer sending traffic to my
sales funnels rather than traditional blog pages. If you need more information about how I have
created my sales funnels, I’ll leave a link to this and all other resources in the show
notes below. The show notes for this episode which happens
to be the 2nd episode of Digital Marketing Made Easy podcast, can also be found on So there you have it. You have got the idea of mistakes that every
other online marketer is making, you have learned the takeaways from my mistakes, and
you also have got your homework with the step by step action plan. Now it’s time for action. Well, that’s all for this episode. And before I sign off, time for listeners
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