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I’m 29 years young. I started at Allstate September 2010. Because I’m an Allstate agent, I can travel the world. It’s more than fun. You know, it’s a dream. I wanted to become a professional athlete. I wanted to play baseball. Played baseball my whole life; last game of my season junior year, blew out my elbow, and now here I am. Talk with my uncle, and he put me onto insurance. He wanted me to work for State Farm. I was born and bred to be a State Farm agent since the day I was born, and my family’s been with State Farm for probably 50 plus years with agency experience, and now I’m an Allstate agent. You guys want to have a meeting real quick? In the year and a half that I’ve been an agent, we’ve really had to reverse what was happening, and now we’re actually growing close to 5.5%, or plus 5.5% now. It’s definitely changed my life completely. It’s a 180. I mean, I literally feel like a celebrity being an Allstate agent. Financially, most importantly, I’m able to do things that I’ve never been able to do before. My car out front, that’s been my biggest splurge. I mean, I’ve always driven not-so-nice cars, and first couple of paychecks, I said, “Wow, I could kind of get used to this.” I went out and I bought an Audi. You have to be willing to not only bend over for your staff, but #1, bend over for your clients. I went to a couple scenes of accidents. I’ve showed up to people’s houses during their claims to help them out, and I stayed with them throughout the whole process. I think good-hearted individuals make extremely great agents. I have a lot of friends, and not many of them can say they own their own business right now, and Allstate’s given me that opportunity. All the leaders at Allstate, they believed in me, and now I’m here. It’s a dream come true.

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3 thoughts on “Billy Ziegenbalg – Small Business Opportunities | Allstate

  1. Hey, I just started at allstate in AK. I'm getting licensed soon. Are there any tips you can give me? Please…:-)

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