Birmingham Business School: Make us part of your story

The University has got a long history, a
very noble tradition, a civic tradition of providing excellent business
education. I’m proud of a whole number of things about the Business School. I’m
proud of the thought leadership and the research, I’m proud of the way we’re
moving in the responsible business direction. I’m also very proud of our
students who are very creative, critical thinkers. When I started I was quite
nervous, I was quite shy, quite timid, so I kept myself to myself – I’d attend
lectures and go straight home, but I was surprised that there was so much support
in the lecturers who really pushed me and comforted me and provided me with that reassurance that you can do it. So there’s certainly a number of
personal connections I made at University, be that course-mates, housemates or even teammates who are still friends today but also not just
friends but also business partners. Birmingham and the University played a
huge part in where I am today. A Business School graduate has a whole
range of skills – they have knowledge about a particular subject but also I
think they have an additional set of things that comes through their
engagement with what we offer at Birmingham. One of the absolute joys of
this job is to see how our students develop during their time here so we see them become more knowledgeable, become more confident. To really understand the depth
of business and the more practical modules – events management and
crisis management that really provides an insight into real life issues. Since graduating I started multi-award-winning social enterprise that supports different United Nations global goals as well as
homelessness here in the UK The business has scaled hugely in the last year we now work with some of the biggest brands in the world through the
power of starting conversations around causes that matter. My greatest achievement so far being at University of Birmingham is
I’ve acted as a mentor to other students and I’ve helped share my experiences, and to
see those people in their final years now studying alongside me is astonishing – the confidence I’ve seen grow in them. I feel excited about the prospect
of going into the career world but I only feel that way because of how confident
I’ve become while studying at University. I feel really excited about in the next
few years and I feel Birmingham University played a huge part in who I am today – it
was only three years here that the rushed past but I feel like you never
really leave University. I’m really excited about the direction the
Business School is taking. I’m excited about the responsible business angle, our thought leadership in that area When I started university I was very shy –
now I’m confident, I’m open and I will take any challenge head-on. For everybody
who joins Birmingham Business School we become an important part of their story
and they’ll always be a part of Birmingham Business School for life. you

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