Bizmatesビジネス英語 Q&A Question 1 “Can beginners learn business English?”

Hello and welcome to this Bizmates
question and answer video series. OK. where I answer a question from you.
OK, in this video, in each video. And the first question for today
is a common one that I often get. It’s can beginners learn business English? It’s a great question.
And I hope some beginners are watching this. OK, so let’s answer this question. But first we need to think about, What is business English? You know, we hear business English all the time.
But what is it? Because so many people think this. Business English is more difficult than General English. Maybe you think so.
You’ve heard of this before. I certainly have. But, it’s really not true. OK? Now doing business in English is perhaps more difficult than just living overseas and using general English, maybe yeah. Because you need different skills.
You’ve got to negotiate. You’ve got to be assertive. You’ve got to be persuasive.
You’ve got to speak with impact. Yeah, but the actual language of
Business English and General English. No, it’s not more difficult OK?
All right. Because to me, this is the definition of Business English. Business English is English that you need for your work. Now you are already familiar with your job, with your work. So it shouldn’t be that difficult to talk about your work in English. Maybe it’s more difficult to talk about ice hockey in English. I think that’s difficult. It’s a general topic. Yeah, but if you don’t know about ice hockey,
it’s difficult right? Yeah. So, let’s look at what this is.
What kind of English you need to do this? Well English for your work needs to be simple.
OK, not complex, difficult words. No, no, no. Simple is the key.
But it needs to be polite. OK? And it needs to be effective.
And that’s the type of English that we need. And let me give you an example of General English or Social English. OK, so this is someone introducing himself.
So he says, Hey there. How’s it going?
Yeah, my name is Marcus, but my friends call me Mark. OK, General English.
Maybe you’ve heard of this kind of English before. OK, well let’s look at business English. Hello. My name is Markus Kinley.
Please call me Markus. There is business English.
It’s simple; it’s polite and it’s very effective. Yeah. So what’s the difference between this General and Business English? There’s not that much difference. Right?
It’s not much more difficult. Yeah. The words we use are yes a little bit different.
Maybe the tone of our voice yes is a little bit different. But, it’s not much more difficult than General English.
At least, I don’t think so. OK, so I hope that answers your question. Business, yes beginners can learn business English. OK, so if you have another question,
please post it, let me know. And I will answer it in our video lesson. OK. Thank you.

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