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Over the past ten seasons, our hidden cameras have captured some unforgetable responses to the question: “What Would You Do?” It’s time to celebrate some of our favourite moments on this Flashback Friday. [woman’s voice] Another black shopper is accusing the NYPD of racial profiling [man’s voice] says he was handcuffed by cops after using his debt card Very embarrassing. I was very much humiliated. It happens all too often. African Americans: followed, questioned, even accused of stealing. Simply because of the color of their skin. [Obama speaking] There are very few African American men in this country, who haven’t had the experience of being followed while they were shopping in a department store That includes me. Today, we’re setting up at Sarar, an upscale suit and clothing store in the heart of Wall Street. Gabriel is an actor Playing a customer profile while shopping for some clothes. [worker] That belt is $150 dollars. [customer] Thanks. If you were shopping here and you heard this: [worker] You’re in the wrong store. We don’t sell urbanwear here. This is Wall Street, it isn’t Harlem. What Would You Do? Well, we bring along a $250 million dollar shark! Someone who knows a bit about fashion and what it’s like to be profiled. [Damon] Hated it! I’m out. That’s right! Damon John, founder of Fubu clothing, investors, Shark Tank. He sits with me behind the scenes to watch this all unfold. [worker] Hello there. [customer] Hey, how you doin? [worker] Hi. [worker] Sir, something you’re looking for? [customer] Uhh.. just checking out the jackets right now. [worker] You know that’s a $600 dollar jacket. Right? [customer] O-kay. [worker] Alright. Just want to let you know. Right off the bat, our sales man makes things.. uncomfortable. [worker] Sir, we do have a lot of cameras throughout the store. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of that. [worker whispering] I just want to make sure that it’s not bothering anyone over here. You guy’s are okay? [female customer #1] Uh, why would he be bothering us? [worker] I just wanted to make sure. I don’t – I want to make sure a customer is certian [female customer #1] Well- [worker] I would rather be spending my time and attention with, you know, ladies like you that are obviously able to afford, you know, clothes in this store. [female customer #1] How do you know he’s not able to afford anything? [female customer #2] But, I don’t even have a job. [female customer #1] She doesn’t – She’s in Med School and I’m a stay at home mom. [worker] You have a Louis Vuitton bag. You guys have – [female customer #1] I mean, honestly. He probably has more money than we do if he’s looking at $600 jackets. [worker] I highly doubt that. Crystal Harrison is incredulous. And then, our sales man makes it crystal clear. I mean, 9 times out of 10, if somebody steals something, they’re black. Okay? I mean, it’s – pretty much how it goes. [worker] It’s not racist! It’s just – it’s just the facts. Okay? It’s not about racism. [worker] You guys watch the news, I mean – [female customer #1] He’s not bothering us. [worker] Okay. [femalecustomer #1] You’re more bothering us than he is. [Damon] She said, “You’re more bothering us than she is.” [female customer #2] Aren’t you being rude to him? What if he’s like, a celebrity? It struck me that you were laughing throughout it all. [female customer #1] Well, because I was so uncomfortable so I had no idea what to do. It was nervous laughter. [female customer #1] Yeah, I’m still really nervous. We’re at it again with Damon John riding shotgun. And what he sees, doesn’t surprise him. [worker] I really don’t think we have anything that’s gonna interest you, sir. [worker] We’re very – kind of a classic, gentleman look. [customer] I don’t know what that means but.. I’m just gonna look at a suit, okay? [customer] I got a credit card. I can pay for this. [worker] You have a credit card? [customer] I do have a credit card. Wanna see it? Here you go. [worker] We don’t take stolen credit cards, sir. [customer] Come on man, why would you think my credit card is stolen? Not a word. Even when our sales person gets security involved. [security] I’m gonna have to pat you down. [customer] I don’t believe this man. This is messed up. [worker] Sir, we need you to take your jacket off. Okay? [customer] Is this legal? [worker] Yes, it’s legal. [customer] I didn’t do anything, I’m just looking at the clothes. [worker] We have to protect our merchandise. [worker] We have to protect the merchandise in the store. Gabriel is clearly not getting any help from our sales man. So, he approaches this next woman for some advice. [customer] Excuse me, can I get you’re opinion? Does this look good? [worker] Is he- is he bothering you? I don’t- I’m sorry. [customer] Does it work with the hoodie? [female customer] No. But again, our sales man is right there; thinking and saying the worst of Gabriel. [worker] Sir, can I just take a look inside that jacket? [customer] Why? This is- [worker] I feel as though you may have put something in that jacket. [worker] Can you just pat him down and make sure that he doesn’t have any- So far, no one seems to object to this embarrassing, public, pat down. That is, until her husband, Raul Sigara, takes a step forward. [Raul] I don’t want to intrude or anything but, you know, I live in Europe so- I mean.. [Raul] This would never happen in Europe. [Raul] You can’t profile on the basis of looks of someone. Wow. [worker] No, I wasn’t profiling anyone. [Raul] No, what I’m saying is that, how can anyone make conclusions on the basis of the color or, you know, looks, and stuff like that? [worker] I mean, 9 times out of 10 when someone steals something, they look like him. Raul is speechless. [worker] Are you saying I was wrong? [Raul] Oh, yeah. Definitely. But his wife, she’s just getting started. [worker] So, I was making you uncomfortable? [worker] He looks like he’s someone that would steal from- [female customer] No he does not! [female customer] Because he’s black? Are you racist? Before she gives us any proof, it’s time to introduce ourselves. So you notice right away, and you whisper to your husband [female customer] I said, “I just want to leave.” Right away? [both] Yes. [Raul] She wasn’t very far from slapping you Until now, Damon has just been watching our scenario unfold. Alright, Damon is gonna get ready for his next scene. But, what if he jumps right in? [Damon]Alright, how do I look? With a help of a disguise, this multimillionaire is about to be profiled himself. [worker] I’m just- give me a second to check in your jacket. [Damon] What do you mean, check my jacket? [worker] Now we need to- Security! This next man notices but, he doesn’t say a word. [Damon] What do you- what do you mean? Well now Damon, like Gabriel before him, is in the middle of the store getting stopped, harassed, and frisked. [worker] I’m pretty sure I saw you put something in your pocket. [Damon] I just stood right here. I just walked in. [worker] Just give him a quick pat down and let’s make sure he didn’t take anything. Okay? He could be worth the GDP of a small country and still, no one steps in. So we send our shark back into the tank one last time. [worker] Sir, do you have any idea how much this store costs? I mean, things are very expensive here. [worker] I mean, it’s a very high up store. This is mostly Wall Street banker types. [Damon] I, uh.. Okay, I mean, I, uh, get it. I’m- This next man just can’t turn away. [worker] Seeing people that look like you, who come in and, you know, I mean, you’re making people feel uncomfortable here. [male customer] Why would you tell him that? [worker] You’re just not the type of customer that we have. I mean, just look at him. [male customer] Yeah, but I’ve been lingering around, took a phone call.. I mean, I don’t usually get into people’s business but it’s a judgment call you’re making based on how someone looks. [male customer] I’ve been lingering around even longer. [worker] You know, you’re dressed very nicely. [male customer] I think you’re being totally inappropriate. [worker] I’m sorry that you’re feeling that way but I- [male customer] Well, I think you should apologize to him [worker] I think you should mind you’re own business. [male customer] I can respect that but, at the same time, when you see injustice taken in place, like you’re doing right now, people have to step up [worker] Do you feel safe around a guy that looks like this? [male customer] I feel less safe based on your comments right now. [male customer] I think the way that you’re engaging him makes me feel unsafe because it’s filled with bias. I think it’s filled with a lot of prejudgment and I think you guys should engage him. I think it’s.. What Would You Do? How you doing, my man? [male customer] Oh, man! Are you serious? It’s ‘What Would You Do?’ You okay? [male customer] I’m good man, I’m gettin’ a little hot in here! The fact that you’re African American had something to do with it? [male customer] Of course, I’ve been subjected to discrimination. Of course. It’s hard to escape it in New York or anywhere. [male customer] If I’m not dressed like this, if I have on my basketball cap and I walk into a store, it’s the same kind of thing. And you can be wrong about who that person is! [male customer] Absolutely. It could be me! The guy who’s ready who hold up the store, dressed or undressed. Or, that guy could have a lot of money. [male customer] Absolutely. You heard of Shark Tank? [male customer] Absolutely. You know Damon John? [male customer] I thought that was Damon! I said, “This looks like the- this is who I said- Yeah! [male customer] I thought so at first. [Damon] Pleasure to meet you man. [male customer] Outstanding to meet you. [Damon] You really represented good right there. You didn’t take it at all. You just jumped right in. In other words, don’t judge a person by his or her color because you could so often, be wrong.

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100 thoughts on “Black Customer Racially Profiled In High End Store | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  1. When the actor said,"people who steal stuff are always black." Im pretty sure my blood was on fire and i almost yelled bullshit🤬 and that it was not racist omg 😡😡😡🤬oooooooo

  2. This happened to my brothers and I when we were in LV in Vegas the security guard followed us all though we were young it made us feel like criminals…. super upsetting.

  3. The fuck is next eating while black and someone gonna look through your window and calls poilce saying u stole a pizza

  4. I used to be a salesman at Toyota, I had 1 customer who looked like homeless man was looking at 80k used Lexus no one wanted to help him, I went for it and that guy was an owner of a biz and bought the car my pay was $1200 for one car and the heights I made per car.

  5. Hey, can y’all please subscribe to me!!! I’m almost to 100 subscribers and I make awesome videos!!! Subscribe and I’ll subscribe back!!! Comment when done.

  6. If a race is know for constantly stealing and committing crime of course their going to be evaluated and observed .

  7. Plot Twist: They were filming the wrong guy, and he was actually a thief. And all along they were just filming a guy stealing.

  8. Those fancy men in suits are less human than most of the people in these experiences, but we all knew that lol

  9. Obama is an intelligent charismatic person who dresses in high end suits if it can happen to f#$king Obama it cam happen to anyone . Obama should have said the name of the shop and the address so peoppe know to avoid it

  10. It’s honestly sad when people discriminate against others for their race, accusing because of their race. Fortunately, other races stand up for the African-American man.

  11. I thought the world was racist to us until I left the country. The only ones who thing America is great is those who reaped all the benefits from free labor. And we STILL get stereotyped smh.


  13. Honestly I’m not surprised that those greedy bitches didn’t do shit for the guy. I mean they’re shopping on a Wall Street store. Of course they’re not going to stand up for anyone

  14. I once went into a clothing store, and the shop attendance just told me "We don't have anything less than $20" Me: Ok, thanks

  15. Im an Indian living in Europe (Spain) but it much worse here. Every time I have to buy something, I feel uncomfortable the way non whites are treated here. I earn twice the national average, but even on normal shops, I get looks and got frisked in middle of the store, just because Im not white.

  16. Happens more outside of the country. My fiancé and I went shopping in Costa Rica and we were followed all throughout the store.

  17. 6:25 For whatever it's worth, I think the pat-down exercise was flawed, especially when the "white employee" justified it by saying that he saw him put something in his pocket. If I had been in the store, I'd have assumed it was warranted because he said HE SAW HIM put something in his pocket. And even without those words, if I saw someone getting pat down, I'd have assumed I missed some context (REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR). So judging customers who remained silent in those scenarios is a bit unfair.

  18. if i was in there and he said about half the people that rob are black, i would slapped him a new face. fucking racist pig 😂😂 i know it’s fake but still.

  19. I know this is a show and everything but, while I was watching this I started remember the nightmares I had of my brother being taken away by the police just because he’s black. Ever since I’ve been seeing police shooting black males because they ‘thought’ it was a weapon, but it was nowhere near a weapon, and because of that I’ve been so terrified of my brother going out into the world, he’s 17 going to college next year, and that scares me. I don’t want to have to get a call or see on the news that he was shot. I cannot imagine being able to live the rest of my life with my big brother gone, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. He’s the only male figure in my life and to me, that’s the biggest thing ever.

    I just pray that he’ll be okay when he goes out on his own.

  20. I'm trying to think what I'd actually do.. If I'm being honest, I don't think I'd object if they thought someone stole something. Regardless of what they look like, they may have seen the person do something that I didn't. In some of these they do take it too far, though.

  21. Saying you were ignored at Mercedes then buying one to prove a point does not help anything. I get that feeling you want to prove your worth to people but I had to learn that doesn’t matter. Don’t buy if you don’t want it and especially if your disrespected. We don’t need to buy up the store because they still look at us as less than

  22. I fu#^!*$ hate how the girls are laughing like wtf is wrong with you I get you didn't know what to do but like wtf that sh#$ inferiorates the crap out of me

  23. I’ve been racially profiled before in a Walgreens I am Hispanic and Lebanese and I was just walking around the store then this man came up to me and started telling me to stay here then the police came and then I was so confused what was happening then the police told me that I was convicted of stealing I went off on the man who told the police that and it never happened to me again😂

  24. Genuinely dont know how these customers dont say anything, I wouldve burst at the sales people. Just watching this makes me so upset i want to punch them although i know they're actors

  25. F**k Damon. People like him who hoard and spend money selfishly are why people can't afford healthcare, food, housing, etc. The more money they hold the less there is to go around.

  26. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Also, most European countries have very little gangs, violence, and hoodlums roaming around theiving. So to them it's a foregein concept that people dressed like hoodlums would steal, let alone what a hoodlum looks like. Whatever color your skin, if you walk in looking like that employees are gonna watch you. Those actors handled it horribly by accusing him without proof instead of simply customer servicing him. But yeah it's understandable.

  27. One time my friends got kicked off an apt basketball court because they are black & I spoke up about the injustice & now we all can't go there anymore

  28. Now they should do one where when the Black guy leaves the store he hands the person that defended him a shirt that was in his jacket

  29. Salesman actor: 9 times out of 10 if someone steals something their black

    Me: cracks my knuckles welp, seems like I need to put someone on the floor again…

  30. Oh yes lets forget that the crime stats year after year prove conclusively that blacks are more likely to steal. Total joke.

  31. In fairness, i work in a shop and the majority of people who steal, are the ones who look like they're going to steal. Also i was in New York a few years back and got followed around the Nike store by the staff, and I'm white. But i don't dress too sharp. A lot of my clothes are old and worn so i look like I've got no money. But even though I've been on the other side of it, I'll still watch the people who come into my shop that "look" like they're going to steal. Only i wouldn't actually approach them unless I'm 100 percent sure they've taken something and are about to leave without paying for it. Otherwise you're just asking for a lawsuit.

  32. I am my mom were profiled at a oxford street store until my mom bought the clutch she wanted to………typical

  33. Ok dont hate on me saying im racist but the black guy did look kinda suspicious because he was wearing the jacket, hoodie, and hat.

  34. To be honest if you see a man dressed like that, black or white, it dosen t matter, you would think it s a thief, no matter the race.

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