Boostly Marketing Mebership Website Testimonial – Melanie from Trevorrick Farm Holiday Cottages

– My name is Melanie and I run Trevorrick Farm Holiday
Cottages in Cornwall with my husband, Mike. We’ve been running this
business for 17 years. We’ve never taken any
marketing advice before. We’ve just waited for bookings to come in. We’ve been happy when then
do, bit upset when they don’t. Didn’t really think we
could do much about it. We’ve been in a few courses
over a number of years. You go on the course, you go home, you mean do something, you forget. The thing about finding
Mark’s training site and these videos is
that you can watch them over and over again. We lead very busy lives,
but it’s something we can fit in in an evening because we get the chance
to do the training videos in our own time and they’re
always there to watch. Since I started watching Mark’s videos I’ve learned how to MailChimp,
which I’ve never done before. I’ve even worked out how to do this video which is quite frightening, really. I did a very successful
competition for Cornish pasties. I got about 600 extra likes to my page, lots of inquiries. I did get a couple of
bookings from an earlier MailChimp campaign I
did following a video. And I just feel, now,
so much more confident. I feel like I can do things myself, which I didn’t and couldn’t do before. The video is absolutely excellent. I can’t recommend them enough. I also had a marketing hour with Mark which is absolutely awesome. And I just feel I’ve got Mark there as a digital friend to hold
my hand in a digital sense if I get stuck on anything. For small business who can’t afford to pay vast amounts for marketing advice, Mark has made marketing
affordable and accessible to everybody, wherever
you are in the country, in the UK, and of course, abroad. Thank you very much for Mark and I look forward to working with you for the next number of years.

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