Bounty Hunter D Naughty Girls Episode 1

Wait Hey, I was thinking that when you at the end of your videos you outro yes, you’d be like Bounty on a date. I’ll be black tomorrow But who Now and when you get to everyday, bro, you could be like, I’m black every day but I am That’s right. Yo, it’s your boy bunny on a beat and I got my main man outside with me petit mayo Patti You’re gonna say enough meal, you know, like when I say Patti Mayo no Patti Mayo is good a nose. Yeah, that works. All right. So listen, we got to do something quick agent white Agent white snow. All right today partner we are going after Tameka Washington, she’s 23 year old female 5 215 pounds disorderly condom dentist. Mmm. She is a Exotic dancer. So the one that’s different about this one is that she’s just stripper No, I’m not that she’s a stripper is that her court date hasn’t come up yet So but she hasn’t checked in with the bond company so the bond company has her on a One week check in every I’m not gonna say the day but every certain day they have to check in Okay, so she didn’t check in. It’s been two days. She hasn’t checked in so he caught me just go check on her I’m not gonna arrest her There’s no reason for the rest because she didn’t miss her court date But we still have a right to enter the home Because it’s on the bond application if we have to kick a door in which I don’t think we have to do this should be Simple I’m just gonna ask some questions and it should be it. All right, simple one today low risk, very low risk. Well right here Your looks obviously for looks of course, welcome. Ladies. You’re welcome Yes, go let’s do it all right, we don’t try to do it fast let’s go I didn’t do shoutouts I forgot to give you guys a shout outs for merch I appreciate the merch it helps the channel. Ok So let me tell you who bought submerged for me Trenton from Minnesota. I appreciate it Trenton Joshua from the Netherlands all the way in the Netherlands. I really appreciate that a friend from Florida. What’s up, my man and This is just Mrs. I guess it’s mrs. Short for mrs. And that person is in the United Kingdom So listen, I appreciate when you guys get merch for me. It’s such a blessing and thank you Let’s keep it going. You guys are helping the show a lot and let’s go on a home the Residence Belva More service To your home Okay, what’s your like basically here come on, oh here here come here you all right, come on I am trying to bust into your house, okay? I’m from the bail company and they told me come over here. So I see you like a bike behind my bed Okay, and they I’m not trying to be rude to y’all first of all Okay. The reason that we here is part of your bail application You’re supposed to check in every week once a week and you didn’t check into the Bell company spend two days So he said body on a date come on over here and see what’s going on He didn’t send me over here to arrest you because your court dates not up yet If you miss your court date, you’d be in handcuffs Just the way you are and you’ll be going to jail, but I’m not here to arrest you. Okay? So I have to have a legitimate reason why you why you didn’t check into the bail company or are you working? Okay everybody work Working okay, so Do you have a phone? You think you lose your job you went to go to court went to jail. I? Might okay, you might so if your job is important pick us up get on the phone Tell a bail bonds company. Hey, I can’t go to court or Tell you work hey, I gotta go to court take care of my business. So I work Okay, we’re not here I’m sorry I really know this attitude I mean inconveniencing you in any way because if it’s a problem for you, it’s no problem for me We can revoke your bond right now a fellow Bail Bonds company I’ll tell me your and you can give me about them and they’re probably gonna lose their money So based on bad behavior, we should revoke your bond. This is a warning this. Okay. Don’t roll your eyes at me ma’am Okay. Oh, this is funny. Yeah, it’s funny, right? I might be able rescue keep acting like fool So you should be not gonna give you a warning and check you in manually because you didn’t check in by yourself Okay No, no, I do miss your ID We’ll find an idea. I need some type of identification to I don’t need anything from you here for you. I’m not here for you But you think out other you’d like people just sit on the couch and wait. So what were y’all doing what I got in here? I’ve heard a lot of commotion. I said I said I say a warrant service and the other answered the door right away So what was going on? Oh, yeah, just ID you don’t have once again why you started taking this shit seriously? Cuz I will call Bail Bonds company and I will revoke you Okay this in a game, okay I’m about here because I want to be here I’m here because I’m doing you a favor. He’s doing you a favor So why start taking seriously? All right What was what were you guys doing I’m a home on pitbull back. Okay. I’m I hold my pitbull back. All right What were y’all doing? When I not gonna do when I say a warrant service y’all knew you already know you out on bail when I say warm service Yatta come to the door, right? Wait, so what was going on with that you guys stay away from drugs and alcohol You been clean. You’ve been drinking and doing drugs. Let’s probably know no wine on a per sec You know, I’d be pissed at you right now, right? I’m gonna but you know I can right just keep that in the back your mind wait But you can’t what I’m sorry criminal And my you be see you once again I’m not gonna piss test you well being cool with you and you have this fucking attitude roll your eyes all this sassy bullshit Why do you think she seriously cuz we’re gonna do a job right here playing here ass So what I need to know right now, okay I’m trying to hold my pitbull back against it sound like he wants to take you to jail Answer my questions or I’m gonna let my pit bull go All right, I’m gonna call you that partner, but it’s no joke is serious Hey our job to make sure the Bail Bonds company that you get to court Okay is if you don’t go to court your cosign who loses their money. The bail bonds company loses their money, okay? So again, I’m gonna ask you. Why don’t you open the door right away. I heard a lot of commotion going on We’re not sick Bail Bonds when I say war service. What was the one on? First of all fucking assault Cut this bullshit out motherfucking. Thank you Jim right now. Did you know you can’t sell me like that? You can’t touch me. I can’t Touch him, okay We’re gonna be on your second you and Cal Fire’s out. What do you mean let it What you mean wait and see what you think. I’m here to do young lady Is Okay, so look You still you still didn’t answer my question. Sorry, what’d you say you guys understand? We’re not here for her We can put you know, what if you interfere with our investigation we can be here. We need to call the PD See if you got warrants or anything like that You doubt it, but maybe you do maybe by the end that you will have one So is mind your own business. How’s that? How about that? Are you? Okay. Yeah, man, what’s up? Your friend is not being a responsible Dutch committed a crime She’s responsibility to go to court that tells justice system works Okay, so when you stop being when you stop playing stripper, okay, and welcome to the real world and start taking seriously We’d already be out of here Because those plays like we want to see negative bull. Yeah, it touched me That’s not I mean, I don’t know what that’s all about. This camera is yours You don’t get I don’t even know why you did that I’m smart enough, but I still need you to answer my question because I’m honestly I’m thinking about taking jail the reason why because you’re not answering my question I said Why didn’t you open the door sooner when I banged on the door? The first time I said warrant service are all the cum I’m not gonna tell you this anymore and being nice. I’ve been very very kind to you. I Think you’re doing the set The reason I’m asking you is because if you keep around and evading it where are questions I’m gonna put a curfew on your bond a Curfew I can put a curfew on you. Yes So that’s why I’m asking you you trying to make your money doing your little strip, and I understand that But when you will stop me thinking I’m gonna like that type of hero. Let me see you tonight No, if you playing she’s trolling you As if she do it wrong. What do you think is going to happen by you that to me? You were young you a young sister. What is that? We’re supposed to do when you do that to me act like what I love it. I like it. Oh, come on. Let’s go let’s go ride with me, you know risky behavior means Any behavior that the bail bondsman deems may lose their bond So the way you’re acting right now I kind of think that’s borderline risky So so, what’s the next step okay the next step is we’re gonna leave when we’re ready Okay now I could sweep this house for weapons if I want I Didn’t do that because like I told you when I entered in your resident, I’m not here to arrest you But I can give you any question. I want because my bail bondsman, who is my boy put up his money for us so When I come in here, I want to make sure everything is tidy. I haven’t been through in bags. I didn’t go undercover If I see anything, that doesn’t look right I didn’t go into your bed I’ve done anything right case you miss what’s going on. He’s just running his mouth waste your time Because you don’t take this seriously. So now who’s gonna wait your time so you can keep being late for work That’s cool. When you stop rolling your eyes See now you’re cutting into my coin I Won’t cut into all your coin and you’ll lose your job The bad ones are put his money on for you what you mean cut into your coin? Your point is not on the hook. Okay, so I want to hear out here right now. I’m sorry. I didn’t check in I will check in next week and Every week until I go to court and then I will show up to court like a big girl This is too much I’ll take it. Okay, that’s all the wonder here. You would check in Like I said, I’m not here to arrest you and you get to show up the court Yeah, man, this is your precursor. This is your warning You can roll your eyes all you want it doesn’t bother me so Are we done? No, he said you’re done I’m wasting your time now. I can wait your time all I want you Wasted our time at the door. They don’t waste much our waste your time Hi, sir. I’m sorry for not checking in my bath. I’m irresponsible little shit next time. I’ll check in. I’ll be better Thank you. Let me go my way. How about that? That sounds good to me Do you have any questions before we let you go Nope. Do you understand what I’m talking when I’m telling you as far as your responsibility to the bail bondsman Guardiola? Okay, and tell you a little friend over here next time she’s dipping in my business I’m gonna take her little ass to jail. You can tell her that right now The way you talking to my partner over here I told you they said nothing to do with you and I wasn’t here to arrest you I told you to stay out of it. It was nothing to do with you. Okay? Alright, alright So we’re gonna see ourselves out make sure you Make the phone call next time you leave I won’t have to bring my black ass up here again You smirk all you love is what am I right that smirk right off your face I hope you do What you got shows you did you get a show so he said yeah You know, usually I don’t do this for free since I like, you know, you said you can dance I’m ready to get out of here to start them taters Really man, and you got your finger. Come on. I’m trying to think about a big deal our bro. I Always got my finger much burger you damn, right? all right, so You just left that kind of I don’t want to say hostile environment The stripper house the stripper house. So I mean, what was your intention with that? What were your intention on that one? What do you mean my intention well, because I went in there I thought it was all business and then you know, she was de robed to a degree. That’s what we did. Listen First of all, we weren’t there to arrest her. She wasn’t a threat Her court date haven’t passed. I Didn’t asked for lap dance. She says she danced I’m like, whoa. We’re not at risk. Go ahead. Danced it fine I didn’t see any harm in it. I Mean that’s why Everybody wants to dance let them dance right y’all let penny know if somebody wants to dance personally my eighth dance I don’t want the report coming in. It’s like yes, so you made this young lady dance. We have everything documented, right? Well, of course, so who gives a shit about that report? She wasn’t a high level fugitive little dance It’s America. So you didn’t do anything bad. It’s America’s and except when she touched me. I didn’t like that though Yeah, that’s that’s tough work. Okay, yeah I really I had to play the dad role like all right kids cuz we were kids aren’t you genitals? lady are danced Oh dad, please I Had to be the white guy in the room. I’m like the white guy in the room No sound like hey, we have a business these like I was in your dance. Look I surprised you guys the preacher He’s like reach for his wallet. Yeah, the one come on girl go. Hey, go ahead. No, let me just stop that well Anyway, you are lucky that your wife is recording Enlarged in that room is thank God you got my wife Recording because if she wasn’t it was just on body cam I gotta leave that mother Flower hey, it wouldn’t with this Yes, my beautiful wife was recording or not cuz I’m not no cheatin ass nigga. She didn’t like touch me Let’s my black ass gonna be on the couch tonight, I don’t know yet Anyhow game right now recording it not bounty hunter fucking date good. I thank you. I Um, I had that conversation too, but hey, you know what? It is I’m gonna say I’m siding with your wife also But you don’t know what side she’s on I’m gonna for whatever side she’s on never side She’s on I’m siding with your wife. Okay, and by the way, he’s even come out I’m just saying like hey We went through all this bullets this whole dance and everything and I like I wasn’t really looking I was like peek him back The next thing I know deep Mars wife is on the ground I can get it girl get it like really is this a bail if anything a bounty hunter show? My wife why she was all in the girl stuff. That was not me You know, I didn’t even get to hide, you know, Katie you were a tight ass on her Okay, and I was like we need at least loosen up cuz we weren’t there to you know to do then. Why don’t we see? Okay, so now please don’t get me on my calendar is Bobby in that he’s knowing damn Well, my wife don’t like that kind of okay, so stop it She was shaking clam yoshu, shake yo you you don’t even have any Roby’s nigga off you you just sit here What do y’all do that? Don’t know it’s all on me male. Yeah, well don’t spit in your hands and then touch my Arms, I gotta go Satisfies to do that that was off-camera when I was like that was fake Hey you want to smell no, bro Listen, it’s a weird And that guy who punches me? Okay, we’re done. All right. Listen, I’m just saying I’m just saying listen. I appreciate you watching YouTube It’s sorry the body. I don’t need and give you anything Man, I’m sorry you had to see the whole stripper scene though. You just take it away anybody I go home Don’t touch me with you You guys don’t realize how hot these things are so hot everybody’s always asking about my best here, let me show everybody my best Bonnie how nerdy what kind of best do you wear? Kevlar look at this. That’s my best right here you guys what’s inside of my best here? Let me show you real quick before I cut the camera. Oh, I got a dirty today. See these are paksas These are called identifiers see that that’s an identifier you guys boom Yeah, I’ll be ready to go. I’m just Shawn I’m sorry things that they they don’t usually get a chance to see I’m have to unzip these out but what I’m gonna do is I want To show you all real quick I’ma show y’all look just what’s inside my best. Everybody wants to know It’s a soft Kevlar see that Kevlar so this right dear No, I think they thought it was just whatever alright Alright, so now you know what society bunny hunted be this if somebody shoots a gun at me and patty if Patty’s right here What’s gonna happen when the bullets go like this and it ricochets and OH. Can I just kill Mayo did that kill male? So what happens without were two sub armor, so it goes inside of the vest and it won’t hurt Mayo Children ricochet you get it put it together right see one of our soft vests The mother feet are going with the body hundred DS s by the way If you notice I like to wear this vest gets a MOLLE vest I can put it on I like my head up here The only difference is DeMars got side coverage right here, and he’s got a little bit more neck coverage here. It’s the same thing I got level 3a I don’t know what you got another three. Yeah So why it’s Just a different type of vest his is a flat vest. I get Molly. That’s it. So that’s it Alright, so I got it. That’s me. Wait, dude. Stop a whack on it You know describe you all that good stuff finding on the date. I appreciate it, man. I love y’all. I really do I’m almost at fifty thousand subs just because of y’all man. That’s love hold me down. Hold me down You

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