Brainstorm Your Online Business Ideas

Now that you’ve considered your skills and
resources — as well as the time you have available — review your brainstorming document
to narrow down your list of ideas for your online business. For example, if you like thrift shopping,
you might create an online thrift store. You could dedicate Mondays to driving your
car to shops to find interesting items. Then, on Wednesdays, you could list the items
for sale. With an eye for capturing moments, camera
equipment, and weekend availability, you might start your own photography business. Or with woodworking tools, access to raw
materials, and a garage for storage, you might make wooden picture frames, jewelry boxes,
or tablet and smartphone stands to sell online. Create a new section in your document called
“Online Business Ideas,” and add at least three specific business concepts based on your brainstorming document. Next, conduct an internet search to consider
even more potential business ideas. Add at least two more ideas from your internet
research to your list. Once you have three business ideas, share
your document with a partner to get feedback. Select “Share,” and type in your partner’s
email address. The sharing options let you choose what others
can do with your document: The “edit” option lets them make changes
and add text, The “comment” options means they can leave
comments but can’t make changes, And the “view” option means they’re only
allowed to see the document. When you receive a notification email that
your partner has shared their brainstorming document, open Google Drive from a new tab. Look in your shared files for your partner’s
document. To make suggestions for your partner, turn
on Suggesting mode. Suggesting mode allows people with “edit”
access to make changes to the document while keeping the original text. Add a comment about things you like and things
that could be improved. Remember to keep your comments friendly and
constructive. Once you have received comments about your
idea, review the suggestions, and choose how to resolve them. Because you shared your document in suggesting
mode, you are able to see the recommended edits and choose whether to accept or reject
them. Now, look over your brainstorming document
again, and see if there are any other ideas you’d like to add or changes you want to
make. Then, move on to the next video. Now, it’s your turn:
Create a new section in your brainstorming document called “Online Business Ideas.” Include at least three ideas. Search the internet, and add at least two
more ideas to your list. Share your document with someone else to get
feedback, or critique your own ideas Resolve the comments, and incorporate the
feedback in your document.

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