British Airways All Business Class Jet to New York

– Have you ever flown to Shannon
and JFK from here before? – No, this is my first time. I’ve never seen it so crowded because the airport is so small. This is a really comfortable way to go to Ireland. – The aircraft can’t take the full weight and the full fuel off the runway. – Greatest secret of British Airways now. – And we flew at 39,000 feet today. Mach is actually seven nine, so it’s .79, at the speed of sound. – What a memory. (upbeat pop music) (easy listening music) (voice on the PA system) – Have you ever flown to Shannon
and JFK from here before? – No this is my first time. – This is your first time okay. So let me explain to you how this works. Your flight is due to depart at 9:40, your flight to Shannon where
you’ll arrive there 11:00, once you arrive there
at 11:00 you de-board, when you de-board please
make sure you take all your belongings off there,
don’t leave them on there because they will do the
screening of the plane. Once you’re in Shannon you’ll
go through immigration, all your paperwork and
everything will be checked there, once that’s all checked and
cleared then you’ll go back onto the same plane, it usually takes about 15 minutes maximum, you’ll go back to the
same plane, same seat, and then you’ll fly
off to JFK where at JFK you’ll go through as a domestic passenger. – Oh sounds lovely. (upbeat pop music) – Well this is so crazy
at London City Airport, I’ve never seen so crowded
because the airport is so small. (upbeat pop music) Well it was absolutely
madness at the City Airport. The security check, half an hour queues, the space is just so limited here. I think UK has one of
the highest airport tax in the world but the
facility isn’t very great. With no lounge at the London City Airport for passenger flying on this flight, you will get a voucher for
breakfast in a restaurant at the terminal. Hi is this your first
time flying this flight? – This is my first time
flying this flight, yeah very exciting. – I was told this is all business class, only eight rows. Feels like your private
jet with your own family going on this flight. Are you excited? – Yes I am excited how bout you? – Super excited. (laughter) – You can now board
the aircraft thank you. (plane engines) – I’m here today, I’m
flying possibly the smallest commercial plane, transatlantic. The A318 Baby Bus
transatlantic to New York. Hi there. – Good morning sir, how are you? – Nice to see you. – Please may I check your boarding card? – Yes I’m at the back of the bus. – You are you’re 8A sir aren’t you? – 8A but still in business class. (laughter) – Absolutely sir. Sir my name’s Chris I’m
your CSM, welcome aboard. If you need any help today please just ask and there we are 8A welcome. – Pleasure flying with you Chris. – Thank you sir we’re
sorry to keep you waiting. Nice right, isn’t it? – Yes very nice.
– Very nice, yeah. All right take care. – Good job! – Hello good morning hi. (classical music) – Hello. – Hello. – I’m all the way at the
very end of the plane, this is my seat. – Very warm welcome to you. – Yeah thank you very much. – Welcome aboard sir.
– My pleasure. (upbeat pop music) Oh my God this is so cool, this
is at the end of the plane, I’m siting at the very
very end of the plane still business class only eight rows. Look at this, no one around. – Good morning Mr. Chui, welcome
on board, my name is Chris, I’ll be your senior crew member. This is today’s menu for you. – So you’ve heard about our
London City New York route. – I heard about this so much. – We’ve been operating
now for nearly 10 years. – Is that so, nearly 10 years? – And it’s our… – 10th anniversary. – Anniversary. – Wow! – Yeah we’re very proud of our… – Finally I made it just before 10 years! I knew this flight number a long time, this used to be the
Concorde’s flight number, Speedbird 001, 002. And now today I just saw
there’s only three cabin crew on this flight. – Yes there’s only three cabin crew. – And we only have like 17 passengers? – This is our first quiet day today. – Able to give a really good service. – Amazing. It must be one of your
favourite flights this one. – Oh yes, yeah absolutely. – Favourable passenger
people for the crew. – Immensely proud, yeah it’s
really really really lovely. – [Pilot] Welcome aboard
this London City section going up to Shannon first. We’ll get getting off in Shannon, you’ll get some new flight crew there, but your wonderful cabin
crew team good news for you are taking you all the way through to JFK. And for this section
to Shannon is one hour and five minutes. (plane engine) (lively contemporary music) – We’ve got some heavy
turbulence just after takeoff, it was very bumpy and lots of cloud, no feasible ceiling yet still climbing. (easy listening music) – Would you like to try
our vegetarian sushi today or would you prefer the fruit starter? – The fruit starter please. – Here we are. Your champagne, enjoy. And your fruit. And especially for you I’ve
been baking all morning, my finest recipe. – Oh what a surprise! – Our lovely biscuits. – Biscuits! – Nice. (easy listening music) This is a really comfortable
way to go to Ireland, wish every flight from London
to Ireland was like this. I got a flat bed. (easy listening music) (plane landing) (easy listening music) – One down, one to go. – Hello captain, thanks
for flying me here. – Safe pleasure, this is the show bit. Hi good morning. My name is Andrei Clayer,
I’m one of the Captains on the Airbus through on our
London City to New York route. – Now Captain I want to ask
you how long is the runway at London City? – London City’s a short runway,
and it’s a narrow runway. 1500 metres approximately
long and only 30 metres wide. – Is that the reason we cannot
do a nonstop to New York? We have to make a tack stop at Shannon? – Correct, so the aircraft
can’t take the full weight and the full fuel off
the runway at London City and meet the climb gradient, so the compromise is to come
to Shannon and then refuel and the passengers can
clear US immigration. – Brilliant, that’s a
really good strategy. How long this aeroplane can
fly because we only have 32 business class seats
so it’s fairly light. So what’s the range
given this configuration? – Well when it’s fully
fueled up the configuration is to New York and beyond
so it’s probably an eight and a half hour,
nine hour endurance. – My name’s Jeremy, I’m the First Officer, we’ve just finished the
flight from London to Shannon. We’re gonna get off now and hand over to another fight crew, the
reason being it’s quite close to our hour limits if
we carry on to New York. So to protect the operation
we do a crew change and we’ll come back
tomorrow and we’ll take the next service to New York. (easy listening music) – Well nice to see you again Chris. – Nice to see you again welcome back. – Super easy transit. – Absolutely slick and
this is gonna save you hours at the other end. – I knew this is great. – Fantastic sir.
– Really really good. – I’m really pleased that
you found it very easy. We wish more people would come
and try it because obviously they’re so slick, so professional. – It’s almost like the greatest secret of British Airways now. – I didn’t want to say that but yes sir, you’re absolutely right. – Hello. – Hello again. – Good to see you again. – Welcome back.
– Welcome back. – 15 minutes only. – How was that, 15 minutes? – Yeah short transit, amazing. – Isn’t good isn’t it? – It was a really short transit. We were off board around
11:30, now at 12:00 ready to go as the captain said. It feels really intimate,
you know the crew already, you’re coming on board
again and you know where you’re sitting, everything’s familiar, so it’s a great experience. There’s also a very funny
US Immigration Officer, he actually knew me
from YouTube and he said I knew this guy. Of course I’m not able to
film at the US Immigration, I’m not able to have him on the camera, but you know who you are
and thank you so much for watching my videos. – White Company amenity kit for you. – Thank you. – [Pilot] Now climbing up
to 39,000 feet for the crew, very quick flight time today,
just six hours and 30 minutes. (plane engine) (easy listening music) – There’s only one class on
this plane, business class. It feels private jet,
it really feels private. – Sir good afternoon, can I
offer you an Ipad for your entertainment onboard today? – Sure. (easy listening music) – Your lunch is served sir. Potato and Stilton soup for your starter. (easy listening music) 2018, yeah? Would you like to try it first? – No it’s okay. – Would you like us to pour it? (easy listening music) – The catering is from Do & Co. The presentation is
pretty nice, nice glasses, brad trade, looks a bit posh and upscale. The taste was okay, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. (easy listening music) – This is all by The White Company. Very prestigious. – From UK from London. – Yeah uh huh. Inside the first thing we have is the ground mattress. There’s the duvet which
is really really soft. Lots of ladies like to
wear, this is a shawl, cause it’s also very very soft. – Oh yeah. (easy listening music) – Enjoy your rest. (easy listening music) – Well I must say the bedding
is really really nice. Very very plush pillow, very
very nice duvet, soft blanket, this goes fully flat as well. It’s not angle flat,
it’s actually full flat. So it’s amazing it can go full flat on a small plane like this. I slept so well, I slept four
and a half hours rock solid. I think I was just
previously exhausted from the last three days spotting
around London Heathrow. – This is the Ploughman’s lunch. – Ploughman’s. – With the traditional
scotch egg, the ham, Stilton, pickle, salami, the three
different kinds of breads, freshly baked scones with the jam and also the sweet treat. (easy listening music) – Mr. Chui I just wanted
to come and say thank you very much for choosing us. – Thank you, thank you very much. – We hope you’ve enjoyed
your flight with us. – Oh tremendous, really a pleasure. – Thank you very much and
hopefully we’ll see you again soon sir. – It’s just so private
with only 20 passenger, everyone have a empty seat next door. I actually used some of my
soon to expire Qatar Airways Q Miles to redeem on
British Airways as their One World Alliance, so
70,000 miles on Q Miles for 446 pound is a very high
surcharge and a very high tax out of London. – Cabin crew would like
to thank you very much for all your hard work today. Please take your seats now for landing. (easy listening music) – As you have already cleared
US Immigration and Customs at Shannon, you’ll be arriving
as a domestic customer. All of us at British Airways and indeed the One World Alliance
would like to welcome home our customers who live here in New York. I wish those of you visiting
a very enjoyable stay. – It’s been a pleasure, absolute pleasure. – Yeah thank you very much,
see you around, bye bye. – Take care. – Hi I’m Captain Nick
Lamont and I’ve just flown you over to New York
from Shannon we got on, and some other guys flew you
to Shannon from another city. And you asked for some
information on the flight, so we flew at 39,000 feet today. We flew at Mach .79, so it’s
.79 is the speed of sound. The distance was 2,875 miles. We used about 13 tonnes of fuel. – I think I’ve just flown
the smallest commercial aeroplane transatlantic. Do you agree with that? – Yeah, I think so yeah. – Think so as well. The A380 is the smallest
commercial airlines transatlantic. What’s great about it is coming in, arriving as domestic
passenger I don’t have to fight for the queue
to clear immigration. And also we arrive at Gate 1, that was the old Concorde gate. I took that gate when I
took the Concorde in 2003. What a memory! (easy listening music)

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