Build a free website with Weebly | Utah SEO Ninja W/ Triston Goodwin

Hi everybody welcome back this is
Triston and today we’re going to be redoing our Weebly tutorials. Now the reason why is because there’s so much new content on Weebly and some of the
processes have changed in such a way that creating a new series is kind of
going to be a little bit better because there’s new stuff that we gotta know how
to deal with the stuff so let’s go ahead and get this started we’re going to be
building a site where we sell video game props I think we tried this before in
the past but we’re gonna go ahead and give it another shot and see what we can
do with it this time around so what we’re going to do is we’re actually
going to break this up into a series of smaller videos very very short we’re
just going to show how to do one or two different things that way you guys
aren’t being like completely overloaded with like huge crazy you know 30-minute
long videos like what I did in the past so let’s go ahead and get this started
this is the very first thing you’ll see once you have told weeble that you want
to create a website it’s going to ask you what your focus is honestly it
doesn’t matter you’ll have access to the exact same features all the way around
the only thing that it does is it will make your first page either a normal
page a blog or store we don’t care it that doesn’t affect us so we’re going to
go ahead and go to site and then we’re going to choose our themes now honestly
there are a lot of things that I kind of like but just for the purposes of this
particular video we’re going to go ahead and go with slick because we can’t okay
so first thing we got to do is we have to decide what we’re going to pay for
this particular website and how we’re going to have the site hosted okay so if
we’re just going to do a free site we want to go with the Weebly subdomain you
have to pay anything for it but you have a lot of limited features if you are
creating a brand new site and you still need to buy a dot-com or grow or
whatever as you can see right here then this is the option you want to go with
if you already have a domain and you already have and that means hosted
somewhere else you’re going to want to connect this with the domain that you
already own so fill that out right here and that’s how that part works now again
we’re just going to do this right here on Weebly so we’re going to call this Triston props yay okay and now we have our blank slate we love this
part so we’re not really going to go too far into how to edit any of this part
right now I’m just going to show you how to set the basic site structure so first
things first if you want to change your theme click on design change theme there
you that’s how you change your themes if you want to change some of the colors of
your theme just click those right here if you want to change fonts that’s what
you use if you want to change your background you can use this right here
that’s how that part works now Italy gives you a whole bunch of free
backgrounds and stock images that you can use none of these really have
anything to do with what we want to do with our site so it doesn’t matter to us
but we’re going to click that when I say it’s good and of course you can also
upload a video if you so desire so I’m going to close that
oh and before you get too far you can do a little bit of editing to these images
you have a zoom you have a blur you have a dark and you have filters those have
things like a vignettes and stuff like that I’ll give it a little bit of a blur
too we’re going to be replacing this later but just for the time being and
seybolt and save to all pages ok next thing you want to do if you want to
actually edit these pages there are two different ways you can do it the first
thing is we now have layouts which we has recently added and what these do is
they let you kind of choose like it another template just to fill out and
replace you know whatever information they have on here with your own
information now with this particular site we’re going to structure it with
three different content silos ok that means basically we’re just going to
create like three different towers of information within the site and those
are going to be divided into products our blog or news and then we also have
our videos which are gonna be DIYs and guides and tutorials so for our purposes
something like this would probably work just fine something like this so I’ll go
ahead and choose this one and of course I have a whole bunch of other ones here
as well if you want to take a look at those this will do the job for us and
there we go we now have a basic layout in place so in
keep now if you want to add more stuff to this that’s where we have our tiles
over here on the left-hand side the screen and what these do are the
different little sections of code that we can add to our site that just kind of
make everything nice and easy so you can add them over here just drag and drop
and you can rearrange stuff and so on now there are a lot of different tiles
and they’ve actually added a few new ones and they’ve upgraded them as well
so we have our image galleries slideshows maps I’m not going to read
through all of these but the ones you guys are probably most going to be
interested in our products and the other ones we use let our titles text and
images now you’ll see down here at the very bottom it says view more these are
not actually more tiles these are apps and you can add these to your site and
they do some really really cool things so you can add some interesting
functionality we’re going to go and loop this a little bit further in depth in a
future video but I do have a quick guide on these on the channel if you’d like to
take a look at those it was from when these were very first released and just
kind of shows you how to add them to your site so if you’re interested in
that check that up ok so we have now decided on a layout we have our theme
all set let’s double check okay so next thing we want to do is we want to set up
our actual page structure so we’re going to click on pages and here we have our
current pages that are on the site if we click on menu we can see those are the
ones we have right okay so we want to add some new ones right first one we
want to add is our products page I should call this supplies here we go and
we can do a few different things with this we can choose a different kind of
header that we want and so if you want at all hit or short hit or no header
haha just like that landing pages splash pages and so on and that just changes
the size of this upper section right here and of course we can add a
different lamps so I’m going to hit and save that we also want to add our blog
page which is going to be our news there we go
I’ll make this one a short hitter as well I’ll save that and then we also
want to add our videos and DIYs and we actually wanna
add that as a blog as well and there’s why is because it gives us a little bit
more organization when we’re actually putting those together so we’re going to
call this part guides and we’ll save that so we now have contact supplies
news and guides now say we kind of want about to be down here at the end right
and say we want our contact page to actually be under the about page just
like that so what you do is you just drag it drop it and if you want to be a
sub page just kind of drop it a little bit to the side and it will
automatically do this and that’s how you know that you have a sub page or a child
page okay so let’s go ahead and add a couple more of these
so our supply page for example that’s where we want to sell some of our
products so we’re going to go ahead and grab a store page and we’ll call this
store very good so I’m going to grab this we’re going to drop it over here
underneath supplies just like that all right so let’s head back to our home
page and we’re going to test this and take a look and see how it looks so I’m
just going to hit made you now we have our home our supplies with our store
page underneath here’s our news blog here are our guides and here’s the about
the contact page and that just about does it now if you want to go ahead and
publish this and it looks like my computer’s a little frozen right there
doesn’t quite know what to do hey back over here to build so we’re going to
publish this real quick we already have this set up as the subdomain where it’s
going to hit continue and we’re going to open the page up and there we go so
here’s our menu here’s all the stuff that we put together for it here’s the
layout that we have and that’s it so again we’ve looked at setting up a theme
choosing a theme we looked at setting up a layout which we have right here and we
also looked at building up our basic site structure in our next videos we’re
going to look at actually editing and adding content to this site we’re going
to replace some of these elements with our own and that will all take place in
our next video and now here’s the end of the video rants just making sure to
remind you that if you like this video you’re more than welcome to hit the like
button it should be over here underneath this part somewhere
and you’re also more than welcome to subscribe to this channel if you’d like
to see more of this kind of content because this is the kind of stuff that I
do a lot of so that should do the trick for this quick little video I hope you
have enjoyed it and I look forward to making some more and I can’t wait to see
you guys there that’s it for me have a great day ciao

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20 thoughts on “Build a free website with Weebly | Utah SEO Ninja W/ Triston Goodwin

  1. Can you do a tutorial on html in weebly please? I'm trying to edit the navigation bars inside one of the themes "Squared" and I'm having trouble.

  2. Hi I just recently made a weebly page would love for everyone to check it out at 🙂

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. I have a question, all my text on the blog page appears to be centered and I cannot find a way to de-center it so I can right align it. do you know of a way? Text alignment on any other page appears to be a non issue, it's just the blog page that centers all text and I cannot change.

  4. I'm trying to follow along but what comes up on the site is nothing like what is on your video. Is there a newer one?

  5. Bullshit
    Working 2 hours just to edit 1 line in my homepage, I can NOT edit the bloody text.
    Fix ur site or close the site.

  6. Thanks For Sharing This Content !
    How Can I manage to have Clients Sign up after clicking the designated button and have that page open in the website itself instead of being navigated from the Weebly url ?

  7. You cover a lot, but too fast! You are too fast to put cursor on a choice button. I cannot follow or see where you click. Please let the cursor linger on the spot that you are choosing to then talk about. Or use a bigger, brighter color cursor slowly.

  8. I just started to build a Weebly site (transitioning from basekit) and I cannot figure out how to change the background image. The video above seems to illustrate that it can be done, but I don't see the same tools on my version of Weebly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. This tutorial is not helping for a few reasons: 1. There is no "Design" button on my Weebly page, there is a "Theme" button with which I can change the theme however. 2. I can not change the color as easily as Tristan. When I click the white circle, the text comes out black. When I click the orange circle, the text comes out to something other than orange. 3. There is no "Background" option for me on my "Theme" page so I can not change my background color as easily as Tristan does. Since there is no "Background" option, I can not go to "Select Background" or upload images let alone a video here. 4. I do not see the "zoom," "blur," "dark," editing options that Tristan says are on the bottom of the page. So, therefore, I can not upload images to my background nor edit it as he claims I can do because I do not have these options on my WEEBLY page. 5. What is the difference between a "layout" and a "theme?" I thought the theme dictated the layout. 6. Of course I do not have a "Layout" option to click on. It would be so much easier if these things existed as they do on Tristan's page. 7. Tristan has a "Menu" tab which shows the pages he has. I do not have a "Menu" tab, so once again I'm lost when he refers to something that is not on my 2016 Weebly. 8. When creating his "Supplies" page where did his "landing pages, splash pages and so on . . . my only option here was "header'" or "no header." 9. I could add the pages and put them in the order that I want. 10. When I "Publish" I do get the dialog box that asks about the sub domain and that is ok, however. The dialog box comes up too large so I can not scroll down within it to press "Continue." No matter how I scroll down, I can not get to the bottom of this dialog box to press Continue the way that Tristan does. 11. When I finally pus the X on the dialog box, I do not go back to the page I created as Tristan says 'there you go" at 8 minutes in.

    I really want to build my page and get proficient in doing this. I have been watching and re-watching these videos but remain frustrated. In this instance I am frustrated for the reasons cited above. Tristan has options that I do not on my Weebly page. Does Weebly purposely leave out these options such as "layout" in order to entice us to move up to a more expensive plan?

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm feeling quite dumb, yet I am still determined to learn how to do this.

  10. Triston:

    Great and informative video. I have a question. I am about to edit a weebly account that my Broker manages. He gave me access, so thats not an issue. What I do have to do is add a bunch of rental properties into a category that has also already been created.

    Heres my question: Since we have many properties, can I divide 1 page with different properties or do you recommend that each property get a page? I would like to put all our properties on one page. I think that makes it simple.

    Thank you

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