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Do you wanna know how to
build a seven-figure business? Well in this video, I’m gonna share with you the
exact strategies that I did to grow my business to
over a million dollars. (soft music) Hey guys, it’s Linh Podetti
here and welcome to my channel. So on this channel, I’m gonna help you achieve
time and financial freedom. Now if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe
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every single week. Okay so, let’s talk about
the million dollar business. I remember starting my
first ever business which was a nail polish
E-commerce store and my goal was, I’m gonna make a million
dollars in the first year. I had no idea how hard the business was. Because I had no idea
about business, in general. So the first year was just
a lot of mistakes making. And learning about what
the hell is a website? What the hell is SEO? And there’s all these terminology that I had no idea about. How could I be making a million dollars if I don’t even know anything? And so I think, a lot
of people underestimate the amount of time you need to really learn and get to a level where you can even make your first dollar. That’s just being over exaggeration. You can make a few dollars
but it’s not enough to sustain or support your living standard. Now, even when a year after and I launched my agency business, which I had one full year of experience about marketing and web development. And then, I started an
outsourcing business and I was able to get clients. My first year was around
$200,000 in revenue that I got. And then the years after, I was just really wanting to
scale to a million dollars. I thought, okay well first year 200. Next year a million. Every year was trying to get to a million. But I didn’t have the right strategies. I didn’t know what I was doing. And so I finally, a few years
into it, I cracked the code. I sort of understood, where the downfall in the business is, what I need to do to change it, to actually be able to achieve it. Because if you’re in the
wrong business model, your packages aren’t done right, it’s just, there’s no way to scale. So I’m gonna share you some
of the things that I did to change my business
model in order to achieve a business that can
generate a million dollars. Okay so– What does it take to actually
get to a million dollars? Now, if you look at a million dollars, what it really means is,
you either sell 10 packages or you have 10 clients that are paying you about $8,400 a month or it
could be a hundred clients that are paying you an
average of $840 a month or a thousand clients
paying you about $84. So you need to think of a
model that will allow you to be able to earn that amount of clients on a regular basis. Which leads me to another point, My original outsourcing
business was project-based. So I would deliver services like a web development
project or a graphic– like a logo, or a brochure. And the difficulty in that is that it’s not a recurring model. So, I wasn’t sure when the
next client was gonna come. And the services that I’m
offering aren’t something that they’re gonna want again and again. They want one logo, that’s gonna last them
for years and years. A website that’s gonna last
them for a few years. But what was missing
is the recurring model. So I really needed to think of, how can I make my service recurring? And so, that is why four
years into my business, I launched Outsourcing Angel, which is still part of my business, my company, my original company. But I launched it on
sort of another service which is recruiting of
outsourcing staff for you. And that’s a recurring model. So people pay me. And I hire these people. And we’re together on an ongoing basis. So the first thing you need to look at is, how can you turn your business into something that’s recurring? Think of services, not just think– First of all, find the problem
that the people are having. Come up with a solution but think– Make sure that it’s a
Recurring sort of solution rather than, I’ll do this one thing and then that’s it for you. The next tip I have for you is consider getting a strategic partner. So you can have a strategic
partner or partners. And what it really means is, think about your strengths
and what are your weaknesses? I knew, at that point in time,
after a few years in business that my strength is in
building up the business. You know, creating teams
and creating processes, sort of the back end. I wasn’t strong in the
lead generation area or didn’t have time. It’s not that I am not strong. It’s just that if I’m
building the back end, I really need someone to worry
about getting the clients in. So I found a partner to
focus on the lead gen and we revenue share. We were doing profit
share, then revenue share, there’s different models
that you could think of. But overall it’s all about, how can we both contribute our effort in? Share the results of
the performance together and then leaving us time
to focus on our strength, while the other person
can handle our weaknesses. The third thing that I did to grow my business to
a million dollars is to really just focus on my core product. So rather than, saying I
can do web development. I can do graphic design. I can do brochures. I can do social media. I can do all the things and
delivering these services. It’s like going to a restaurant and this restaurant has a
hundred different items. It would be just so much
more difficult to try to serve up a hundred different meals and having the team for it. Whereas, when you have one core product, it’s a lot easier to focus
all your energy on it. So when I was focusing on
Outsourcing Angel as a business, our core product is we hire VAs for you. And it’s a recruitment service. We don’t do training. We don’t do process creation. We don’t do anything else. We just do recruitment and
helping you work with the VAs. And we also just have
two sort of services, part time or full time. Simple. Just one product, two options. And all our energy went into it. And it just gave us a lot more time to focus on improving the processes, improving our customer service. Rather than trying to do,
10 or 20 different services and not being able to be good at anything. And so nowadays, now that we’ve really you know, creating a great product, we are now partnering with other companies that have other services. But rather than trying to do it in-house and say, we could also do these, do that, we’d rather partner with them. Be their affiliate partner
or strategic partner And refer them the work. And let them deal with it. While we can still earn. So down the track, once
you’ve built up your business, you can always add-on
partners to do other services. Rather than trying to be
everything to everyone. The next point is, systems
and processes is so important. So from day one, even when I
was this small with a few staff I was already creating
systems and process as we go. And as you get bigger, you’re gonna just have to create
more systems and processes. And what happens when you start creating
systems and processes is that you’ll be able to actually remove
yourself from that task. So I started to create
systems for how to recruit. Then I found a VA to be
able to take over it. Then when I created the system and process on how I was doing accounts and things, I then, found someone else to do it. But without the systems and process and how you actually do things repeatedly, you won’t be able to scale. And when you have everything in your head and not into a process, you tend to sort of keep those task more. You can’t let go of those control. And so, it’s really really important to always having everything systemized because if things can’t be
systemized, it can’t be scaled. So it’s really really
important to look into how you can do that with
screencast tutorials, with using project management tool to keep everything centralized. There are other softwares like systemHUB that a friend of mine owns that allows you to keep
all the systems in there. So check it out. Use these tools to help support your systems
and process upgradation. Now my next point is about
quality of your service. I really believe that
rather than growing fast and trying to just
achieve these high revenue and beat other people or whatever it is, it’s really about beating yourself. It’s about making sure that your product is so good,
that makes you so proud. As you get clients in, they are the ones that are gonna spread the good
words about your business. That’s how your business will start to grow almost exponentially. It’s like at the beginning,
it might be slow like this but then as more and more
people hear about you, and your branding is so strong, you’ve got so much customer reviews, positive customer reviews that more and more people
want to knock on your door and want to hire you to
work for their company. So I really believe that
focusing and making sure that you’ve got a great product first before you try to just
throw money into marketing and throw money into
trying to get more lead. And it goes back in to having
systems and process too. It’s like having a great product, having great systems and process together before thinking about
just getting more leads in because there’s no point in bringing leads and not delivering it well. And so we found that
because I had so many years of spending time on the
back end, on the services and my partner was worried about lead gen, we were able to scale it to a
million dollars much easier. And finally, the most important thing is having a great team. And so, we do underestimate
how long it takes to make a million dollars. It’s also because at the first few years, you’re also building your team. You know, these people are coming in to work with you and
they’re learning about you. And as the years go by you
become such a strong team that you can actually handle
a lot of more work load that comes in and
everyone is there together as this powerful team to work together. I was able to scale the
business because I could rely on my team to be able to be
there when I was scaling up. When I was partnering with more people, bringing more leads and my team was there to support all of my innovations
and ideas and new ventures that I was trying to do with partners. So I really think that
as early as you can, hire a great team, hire people. So that you could build that relationship and trust with them. When that opportunity
comes to really scale up, you’ve got that team there
to really support the growth. Thank you so much for watching guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed my six tips about how to grow your business. Now, these tips are most important for you because it’s not really just about trying to grow a business to seven figures. It’s really about growing a business that will give you the
lifestyle, the freedom. So the things I mentioned
about systems and process and team, that is so important
if you really want a business that’s gonna give you time back. So that you could spend it
with your family or travel. Because there’s no point
in just trying to achieve a seven figure or eight
figure or whatever it is, and yet you have a business that really sucked the life out of you. That you’re stuck in it. You know, you are not just feeling happy about it. Whereas, the tips that I’m giving you are the tips that have actually given me not just the financial
freedom but the time freedom, which is the most important. Because things like having a great team is what gives me that freedom
to do what I need to do because I know the team is
there to help and support me. So thank you so much for watching again. And if you’re new to this
channel, like I said, don’t forget to subscribe
so that you get notification of when my videos are out. And if you like this video,
please give me a thumbs up and share your comments below. And I look forward to
seeing you again next time. Bye.

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