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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Marvin Augustin with StartLogic. StartLogic has
partnered up with Google to help American businesses
get online with a free website. If you went to in
the past to create a website, then you used Homestead. Now, you’ll be using StartLogic. The StartLogic Site
Expresso web builder is mobile responsive, which
means if someone accesses your website with a mobile
device, a tablet or mobile, then it’ll easily adjust
the size and position to better view your website. So let’s get started. Here is our agenda. Today, I’m going
to show you all how to create a StartLogic account. Upon creating a
StartLogic account, we’re going to talk about
picking the style and color. From there we’re going to talk
about customizing the website further, grabbing a domain
name, and then publishing. And then we’re going to
talk about website tracking. Now, I’ve done over 100 events
for getting your business online with Google and, if
you recall, and you attended these events, then I’ve told
you that this is a classroom and you need to take notes, pay
attention, and ask questions. Just because we’re on video,
remember, I can still see you. So please do take
notes and follow along. So here we go. So now, you want to
go to click on the Getting Started
button on the top right. From there, you want to go
to Build Your Website link. Once you’re done
clicking on that, then you want to go to
Create Your Free Website. When you click on
Create You Website, the next step is to agree to the
terms of service on StartLogic and then sign in with Google. Once you sign in
with Google, you’re officially in the
StartLogic account. You want to create
a security question, and enter a security
answer, and then hit Submit. From there, you’ll be waiting
for a few moments for it to load, and then you’ll
click on Ready Set Build. The moment you hit
on Ready Set Build, you’ll be taken to the
business questionnaire. Now this is where the nuts and
bolts of the program begins. So now you want to enter your
business name, business phone number, business address,
and where you’re located. We’re going to take
this information to better optimize your website
and easily place information that you’ve already
placed in there. This is what makes
the Site Expresso web builder with StartLogic
so easy to use and create a new website. We’re generating
this website tool for novices like you, who’ve
never built a website before. So please do take advantage. So once you’re done
entering that information, the next step is to
choose your industry, then select the purpose
of your website. We have three options. You go products,
services, and/or both. Go ahead and choose
one of those, and the next step is to enter
nearby cities and regions that you service. Do keep in mind that
whatever you enter here, please don’t reiterate what
you entered as far as your city and town in the
beginning of the form. So do make a note that. When you’re done, go ahead
and click on Continue. Now we’re going to talk
about choosing a style. Now, depending upon
which purposes you chose, you’ll see respective
styles that better fit that
business purpose. Go ahead and pick a style
and it’ll automatically update within the
Site Expresso tool, then we want to talk about
choosing a background color for your website. Now, at events I
normally ask businesses to think about the logo colors
in order to choose a website. And the last event I did
in Maui, which was awesome. Loved being there. I spoke to a small
business owner named Kenny. Kenny’s business was
basically helping plants grow more efficiently. His colors were,
believe it or not, red, white, blue,
with a touch of green. So just think about
it for a moment. If you had those
colors in your logo, which color scheme
would you choose? White. White is the safest color to
choose because it doesn’t clash with that logo color and
it automatically blends in. So when you’re thinking about
what color scheme to go with, choose a color scheme that
goes best with your logo. Once you’re done,
we’re going to move on to actually setting
up your header. Your header setup is
directly underneath where it says style and color. Go ahead and double click
underneath style and color where it says header and the
dialogue box will appear. From there, you want to
enter in the business name and even upload a logo. So you can upload a logo,
and enter business name, and then directly
underneath that, you can decide whether or not
you want to show both, or just show the
business name or logo. When you’re done, hit OK. Now we’re going to move it
on to actually customizing your website. Here, you want to
double click the hero image to enter your own image. If you don’t have your
own image, don’t worry. We actually have a
huge image library that allows you to choose
from tons of images that are high definition and are
compatible with the website. So do take advantage if
you don’t have your own. If you do have your own, you
click on Upload Your Own Image. And you’ll be good to go. Now, a couple of things to keep
in mind when entering an image. There are three compatible
image file extensions that work best with the
Site Expresso website. Those are .png, .gif, and .jpg. If you do not have one
of those extensions, you can easily convert it. Also what you need to
know is that, if you have a large image
that you’re uploading, it’s going to take too long
for your pages to load. I’m going to tell you right now,
if Marvin goes to your website and it’s taking too long to
load, I’m going to leave. And you don’t want
that to happen. So here are my suggestions. Keep your images under
the following parameters. One of them is pixels. So I would recommend staying
within 500 by 500 pixels. Another way to measure
image sizes is kilobytes. I would stay within
the kilobytes and the low kilobytes. And the last way to
measure images is DPI. And I would recommend
staying at or below 72 DPI. Now like I said earlier, it’s
important to jot down notes. So I hope you jot
that down as well. The next thing and last thing
I want to mention about images is that your images now
can also be optimized. If you can recall, whenever you
save an image to your computer that you’ve taken, it’s going to
save that image as a file name with a series of
numbers and letters. You don’t want that to happen. So do yourself a favor. When you save with your
computer and before uploading it to your website in Site
Expresso, name that image. Name your image respective to
that image for your products or services. Keep in mind, you
don’t want any spaces, and it can run straight through. Now let’s move on. Now we’re going to talk about
how you can use our image library, because I
mentioned that earlier. Pretty easy. We already have a
name for your images already set by default
because of the questionnaire that you answered earlier. So at this point, you can
search for that image there, or you can remove that
and type in the image that you’re searching for. Go ahead and find it, pick
it, and you can easily add it to your website. Moving on. Let’s talk about adding text. Now, I want to stop
for a second and talk about this, because
this is very, very important for your website. If you want to better
optimize your website, it is important to have content. Content is very, very key. And here is a short story. I look like a healthy
guy and I would hope that you would
feel the same. And I do try to be
as healthy as I can. And, believe it or not, I
do try to cook for myself. And I was in the
market for cookware. And my choices were stainless
steel and cast iron. When I searched
the web on cookware to find out what was
better for me health-wise, I found two websites
that popped up on the first page of
the search engines. Believe it or not, they had
the word cookware at least 11 to 15 times within
their website. That’s important to add
a keyword associated with your product or
services within your content. Now I know some of you may
struggle with adding content, because I know I do. So we’ve already
thought about that in creating Site Expresso, so
we have a text builder for you. So do yourself a favor. Double click to add text. What’ll happen next is you
will see Write Text For Me, which I would use, or
you can write your own. It’s up to you. So let’s talk about how it works
when we write text for you. Choose Write Text For Me
and then hit continue. Next you’ll be asked to
choose one of two services that you’re known for. So, one example is that you
have high quality products. Next, you’ll be asked how
you refer to your customers. Do you refer to them as clients? Or do you refer to
them as customers? Choose that. When you’re done, hit Next. The very last step is to enter
a short description of what customers like
about your business. This is important because this
is how you separate yourself from other business
owners on the web. So enter in what customers
like about your business in about one or two sentences. If you don’t know what customers
like about your business, then enter in what
would you like them to like about
your business. From there, you hit Continue. And the last couple
steps is to decide if you want to
showcase that text in casual form or a formal form. It’s up to you. You also have the ability
to customize that text. Once you’re done deciding
that, you hit Use This Text. And then, voila. It’s automatically placed
within your website. Here’s another
recommendation that you would want to jot down. We recommend that you
have at least 250 words within your home page and 100
words within your next two pages. Again, like I said,
the search engines like adequate content and
this is your way to do it. Let’s talk about
the other elements that you can also
add to your website. You’ll notice that
all the elements will be placed in white. They’re not active. In order to activate them,
you’ll need to double click. So remember, to
activate an element, you want to double click. And I want to talk about
two elements that you all should use within your website. The first one I
want to talk about is a call to action element. A call to action on the
website is important because you’re telling the
visitor exactly what you want them to do when they
get to your website. Whether it is you want
them to buy an item, or fill out a form for
them to contact you. Our call to action element,
once you double click it, will prompt you to set
up an email for contact. It’ll prompt you to call. Or you can prompt it to
set up and show an address. Your choice. So that’s one that everyone
should have within the website. The other one I want to
touch on is the coupon. The coupon is great because
it helps visitors come back to your website and it
also helps with conversion. So you can definitely
double click the coupon and say, for example, if I had
a yoga studio, we’ll give you 10% off a yoga
session, for example. So definitely use those
two, at the very least, within your website. Let’s just say you’ve
added an element that you no longer want to use. No problem click on
that element and then there’ll be a reset
button on the very top for you to remove it. Pretty easy. Now we’re going to
move on to adding more pages to your website. Adding pages is very simple. To the very left
of where it says style, that we
already worked on, you’ll notice
it’ll say Add Page. So go ahead and click
on Page, or Add Page, next to where it says Page,
and you’ll see a drop down. And in that drop down,
you’ll have the option to add additional pages. You’ll notice that you can
anywhere from a service page, a testimonial page,
or even an About page. It’s your choice. Also keep in mind that you
can also change the page names and descriptions within
each page that you create. So when you’ve already
added that page, click on the Add
Page option and then you’ll see a little pencil. Click on that pencil
and a dialog box will appear where you can
enter in a separate page name and a page description. Now we’re going to
move on to publishing. Before we talk about
publishing, I’m going to add another story
and a question for you all. Once you publish
your website, we all know the search engines
will spider your website and add your website to the
database based on your content. And from there, you’ll
be at the last couple pages of the search results. Now here’s a question for you. How long does it take to
get to the first three pages of the search results. We don’t know the answer. In recent events I’ve
heard two weeks, which is pretty dramatic, and
I’ve also heard six months. But the true answer
is we don’t know. But I can tell you, it
does take some time. And I’ve seen people
and small businesses being afraid of being
published because they think someone is going
to see the website. I can tell you all right now,
the moment you hit Publish, no one will see your website,
unless you’ve given them the direct address to it. So again, don’t be
afraid to publish. Now let’s talk
about what happens after you click on the
Publish and Preview option. Once you click on that, it’ll
be on the far right hand side. It’ll say Publish and Preview. From there, you’ll see a
version of your website both in the desktop version
and in the mobile version. If I didn’t mention
this earlier, the StartLogic logic
Site Expresso web builder is mobile responsive. And so you want to take a
look at how your website will look in the mobile version and
make the necessary changes. Make sense? Awesome. Once you’re done previewing it,
go ahead and click on Publish. And then you’ll see– another
dialog box will appear. It’ll say, “Congratulations,
your website has been published. Would you like to
register a domain name?” If you know what you want
as far as your domain name, go ahead and click
on Yes to continue. From there, you’ll be
taken to a screen that allows you to plug
in a domain name. Now a couple of things to note
when registering a domain name. In this example
that I have shown, the domain name says
Stasia’s Bakery. Now the recommendation
here is to include a product or a service,
as far as a key word that you provide within
your domain name. In this example,
Stasia has a bakery. So if I were looking
for a bakery online, guess what I would type
in the search results? I would type in bakery. See what I did there? That’s the example that
I want to show you. And so when you are
creating a domain name, you want to make
sure that it includes a keyword, like I’ve said,
associated with a product or service. Now, one more thing to note. Your domain name
shouldn’t be too long, because if it’s too
long, it’s going to be too long to
remember, and no one’s going to remember to
go to your website. So I would suggest keeping your
domain name within three words. Anything longer than
that, like I said, is too long to remember. When you’re done entering
that domain name, click on Claim Your Domain
Name, right underneath. From there, it’ll show
you all the domain names that are available
for you to register. Your domain name that you look
for will show on the very top, if it’s available. Go ahead and click on it. If it’s not available, it’ll
show alternate extensions or even other versions
of that domain name. If it is there, go
ahead and click on it. And click on Claim. From there, the
very last step is to incorporate your
credit card information. Now, you get a free year using
StartLogic Site Expresso. That is true. The reason that we’re asking
for your credit card information is we want to make
sure your domain name is protected against fraud. Which means, if someone were
to contact StartLogic and want to move or change
that domain name, they’d have to prove
that they own it. And the best way to do
that is the person’s going to be paying for it. The second reason we prompt
you for that information is to assure your domain name
is renewed automatically the following year. Any domain name that’s not
renewed on its renewal date will be released back to
the public within 80 days and we want to make sure
we avoid that for you. Make sense? Cool. Once you’re done answering
that information, go ahead and click
on Register Now. From there, you’re all set. Couple final steps
to decide on is if you want email
with your domain name. So for example, An email for that would be
[email protected] If you want to do that, it’s
only an extra $2.00 a month. The other thing that
you want to decide on is if you want domain privacy. What domain privacy
is, is that it blocks your personal information
from the public database. Every domain name
in existence is in a public database
called WhoIs. And if you don’t have what
is called domain privacy, your personal information
will be shown. I don’t know about
you all, but I don’t want my personal
information public, because then I’m subject to
telemarketers and spammers. So if you want to avoid
that, go and check the box to protect your
personal information. If you don’t care for it,
just leave it unchecked. And then click on Register Now. Then you’re pretty much done. Your domain will
propagate within 24 hours. Now we want to go back
into Site Expresso. So choose the link that says
Take Me Back To Site Expresso. Now we’re going to talk about
how to access your website. Pretty simple. On the very top of the
Site Expresso program, it’ll say Control
Panel on the top right. Click on Control Panel. Once you’re done, you’ll
be in the Control Panel, and then right underneath,
you’ll see Site Expresso. Click on Site Expresso. And it’ll take you right back
to where we just came from. So whenever you log back
in, you go to Control Panel, and you click on
that Site Expresso. To log back, you’re going
to go to And on the
website page, you’re going to click on Login. Now, we all created our accounts
using our Google account. So therefore, the
moment you get to Login, there will be a button that
says Sign In With Google. Go ahead and click on
that, so therefore you don’t have to remember
an extra pass code. Pretty simple. Now let’s talk about
our help center. How to get help after today. When you’re in the
Control Panel or even when you’re in the
Site Expresso program, you can click on Online
Help, right above where it says
Published and Preview. Once you click on that, it’ll
show you our help mechanisms. We have our knowledge base. We have a user guide. We have access to chat support,
so you can chat with us. We also have the
submissions of tickets, so you can even send us a
ticket with your question that you have. We can also support
you by phone. Our 800 number is 800-725-8064. Feel free to call that
number for questions. Or even add additional
items like pages, or even sending online,
or on your website. Now let’s talk about
website tracking. I’m going to show you all how to
connect your websites to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Now, this is
important, because you want to make sure you know
how your website is doing on an ongoing basis to make
necessary changes to improve you website’s performance. That’s like plugging
in an EKG all your body and getting a message
on how your body is doing on a regular basis. This is so important
and I would recommend that every one
associates their websites to Webmaster Tools
and Google Analytics. If you agree,
here’s how it works. You’re going to go
to the Site Expresso from the Control Panel. From there, you’ll see on the
top right, underneath Publish and Preview, Website Statistics. Click on website
statistics and you’ll be taken to a page that prompts
you to Add Google Tracking ID. Click on the Add Google
Tracking ID and a dialogue box will appear to plug in
the Google Tracking ID. What you want to do next
is leave that page open, and open a brand
new tab and navigate to When you get to the page, it’ll say Sign In
To Google Analytics. Or rather, Access Google
Analytics, on the top right. Click on that. And now we’ll take you to a
page that it says Sign In. That will be on the
far right hand side. Click on Sign In and the very
next thing that you’ll see is– they’ll be a form for
you to complete on the Sign In page. One of the important
pieces of that form is to plug in the URL that was
shown you when you hit Publish. If you don’t remember what
that URL is, no problem. Just go back to Site
Expresso, click on Publish, and the URL will appear. This is a temporary
address until the domain you registered fully propagates. Grab that fill that in, and fill
out the necessary questions, and then hit Submit. Once you hit Submit, you’ll
see a UA tracking ID. Now, a lot of times
people would just try to type that in into the
Site Expresso ad tracking ID. I wouldn’t suggest that. I would suggest just
copying that UA tracking ID, then going to Site Expresso,
and then plugging in and pasting that tracking ID. And then saying, “Yes,
publish my website now.” There will be a blue
button that says, “Yes, publish my website now.” Click on that, and
you’ve automatically just added Analytics
to your website. Congratulations. Now we’re going to talk about
associating Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools is
another tool that helps you critique
your website as far as improving
it’s optimization. This is equally important. Here’s how it works. When you go back to your
Google Analytics account, on the far left hand side
it’ll say Property Settings. Click on Property Settings
and then scroll down to the very bottom of the
property settings page. There you’ll find–
it’ll say Webmaster Tools and there will be an
Edit button right there. Go ahead and click
on Edit button. From there, you’ll
see a button that says Add Website
To Webmaster Tools. Click on Add Website
To Webmaster Tools. Then you’ll get an
option that asks you to proceed by clicking OK. From there, you’ll
get another page that’ll prompt you to Add Site. Here’s where you want to
type in the website domain that you registered,
so you can make sure your domain name
is added properly. Once you’re done typing
that domain name in, hit Add Site like I said. And then from there,
you want to verify. Because we want to make
sure that Google verified it has connected your website
to the Webmaster Tools. Once you hit verify, you’ll
say OK, and then hit continue. And then you’ve just
connected your website to Webmaster Tools. I hope this information
was useful for you and I do want to make sure
I add a couple more points before I let you go. We actually have a couple
incentives for all of you that’s created a website
with StartLogic Site Expresso this week. And those incentives
are the following. Every single business
that published a website and grabbed a domain name
will receive some perks. My favorite two perks
that you’ll receive is basically a website
analysis report. We will allow you to
analyze your website and see how it’s doing as
far as it’s optimization. When you’re done viewing and
setting up the analyst report, and submit that
back to us, we’ll reach out to you once more
and provide you an option to have a 30 minute website
consultation with one of our StartLogic web advisers. Just think about this. You get a free consultant to
talk to you about your website. That’s like you walking
in and helping someone in your profession
to how to best use your products and services. I think that’s pretty key. So definitely take
advantage of that. And again, like I said, there
will be other incentives that we’ll also send to
you, so definitely publish your websites and
grab that domain name. Thank you all very
much for your time. And thanks for getting online. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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