Building a $35,000/month One-Man Online Business – Raghav Haran – Nomad Summit Las Vegas 2018

without further ado here’s Raghav welcome
buddy sup guys I’m Raghav I’m gonna talk about how I built a one-person team
one-person business – about 30 to 40 thousand dollars a month on average per month while still
protecting my free time still traveling still like doing all this stuff that we
like to do is digital nomads.. I want to start with an obligatory lifestyle
design photo it’s actually kind of funny because like before before I did stuff
like this before I went to Bali I would look at that photo I’m like oh it seems
like that guy’s having a good time right but the truth behind this is like what
was running through my mind at that moment was those rocks that I was
sitting on was super uncomfortable I was really scared actually because like I’m
like I don’t know like I don’t want to get up and fall off the cliff
so yes it’s so beautiful but that’s interesting to know that truth. New Mic.
So the 35 K month breakdown it comes from in bulk by selling digital products
both for myself and for for clients so by digital products I mean like high
ticket products high tickets like courses coaching programs seminars conference
tickets stuff like that and the same thing works for services too so like
like if you’re an SEO agency or like a developer or something like that the
same basic funnel works and I’ll talk more about the specifics of the funnels
later in this talk but selling my own digital products training programs
coaching stuff like that through my own Facebook ad files and also building
Facebook and Instagram that follows for other experts other coaches other
service provide for example one one example of a client might be like a real
estate investor who’s selling like a coaching program on real estate for
$2,000 or or like a seminar for $2,000 or even like an age it’s like an SEO
agency that’s selling like a 10k service package like anyone who’s selling like
an expense of product these funnels can work for
and I have basically basically nothing there’s no website and I have a blog
I don’t podcast there’s no employees no contractors I have like 200 followers on
Instagram so that’s that’s nothing something big and I think like you know
right now I’m kind of easing into these things I’m not like against any of that
stuff but I feel like in the beginning at
least a lot of these things tend to be more barriers and opportunities I think
especially when you’re getting started like a lot of people feel so overwhelmed
about they need to be on YouTube and creating content, and they have to like have
a site you have to be blogging all the time they have to have a podcast and I
am even to this day I’ve done like really none of these things that’s
actually kind of funny because on the Nomad Summit site I don’t know if you
guys caught it but when I was first listed as a speaker I didn’t have a
company name I said like copywriter and entrepreneur and Alexandra was like
emailing me she’s like you have a company like we need to put you less like a
founder of something and I’m like well I don’t have a site you don’t have
anything so I don’t know what to say so I think she pulled something off of
LinkedIn we’re just fine but so what I was thinking about how I can bring the
most value here and I think there’s a couple of big things that I hope that
you can get out of this the first thing is like if you’re getting started if
you’re just like kind of looking for like opportunities and seeing what’s out
there to become a digital nomad I think like I
can give you some more context around my skills copywriting my core skill is that
so that’s kind of how I write Facebook ad funnels like the core reason why it
works is the copywriting the sales copywriting so like I’ll give you some
more context around like becoming a freelance copywriter that’s working with
high ticket clients which i think is like a massively lucrative thing
especially right now like with Facebook and Instagram ads I’ll give you some
context on that and then also like tactics if you’re more advanced or if
you just have a course already like taxes to sell your own high ticket
products or a service like another some developers like services like that can
really be used like these files can be used to sell those services as well
that’s me in high school that’s like a photo from I was like 15 years old I was
like this was a marching band photo it’s not a good look I’m glad to change that
anyway well I was like 15 15 or 16 years old in that picture and I you wouldn’t
tell by looking in that but I grew up listening to gangsta rap music 50 cent
the first rap out my I ever heard was 50 cent get rich or die trying’ I fell in
love with hip-hop after that was like I love this
but at that at that age like if you remember myspace was really big back
then and like the people who are like really getting the most value out of
myspace were rappers like rappers DJ’s indie rock bands people like that right
and I would like rap I loved hip-hop so what I did was I started making beats on
MySpace like I downloaded FL Studio it’s like a DJ beat production software and I
put up with myspace like artists page and it was like 15 and I was like making
these beats on FL Studio in my room ya don’t know I was like making beats on
FL studio in my room and I was also like a rap trying to rap over the beats too
and I would put up my artists page and I found out three things number one I was
not good at rapping I was not really that good at making beats either but I
was good at writing songs so like I I would post these lyrics on the forum
boards on MySpace and get a whole bunch of responses from artists and different
people saying oh this like this is legit so what I tried doing at that age was
like selling songwriting services to artists that were like coming up on
MySpace and it was like a fun thing that I was doing at the time I didn’t really
make like a ton of money from it it was just like a fun thing and the reason I’m
sharing that is because like first of all to kind of show you like my
background but also like it’s kind of crazy how like I never like this thing
that I was drawn to you I just never assumed that it would be practical at
all like I just never thought that writing could be something that you
could actually make money from like especially in high school in college
like you see these like top like the highest pay professions right it’s
always like it’s always like doctor lawyer like petroleum engineer is always
up there it’s always like the same professions and like I never thought
that writing could be like one of those things but I found that it could be I
wrote this article by two years ago it’s called how to get any job you want even
if you’re technically not qualified I this was like the near the tail end of
college from me and I I publish this on medium so like I did really badly in
college it got horrible grades but one thing I was good at is getting jobs
I was never had any trouble like getting internships or job offers that pretty
like good companies and my friends would keep asking me like how I got these
different opportunities despite not having connections or anything like that
so really like I wrote this article on medium to start out just because like I
was kind of just tired of telling my friends the same thing over and over
again so I wrote it I published it on medium and and also LinkedIn and like
the next day I woke up and I had like 10,000 views or 20,000 years ago it’s
like is it’s getting a lot of traction I felt like over the next few weeks it
started popping even more right now and I had like upping to this day it got
picked up by Business Insider and a bunch of other publications too I think
it has like over 2 million views like in total now but like a bulk of it came
from the first few weeks afterwards and as it was getting a lot of traction my
god I was getting a lot of messages from people asking for more information and
things like that so I put this call to action at the bottom of the blog post is
like it was next steps and I had this like little like thing it says if you’re
an ambitious person was take a correct relax level sign up here take my 4 step
checklist so landing your dream job it was basically this blog post but like in
PDF form it was more well designed even if you’re not sure what what do you want
to do yet even if you feel under qualified most of my contents
counterintuitive which is true and it’s different from the usual career advice
you generally see on the Internet and I had a sign up here to get the guide so
within a few weeks of having that I ended up getting like 5,000 or so email
subscribers I the first email in the sequence my
intention behind this after I started getting a lot of subscribers was to see
if I could create some kind of like digital product as like the next step
for them to sell them on that and provide some more value so like the
first first email in the email sequence was like some version of can I ask you a
quick question like what specifically are you
struggling with when it comes to couriers like is it is it resumes is it
like getting interviews is it after you get the interview so I wanted to know
the specifics and based on those specifics what they told me in the email
I would build like I built the table of contents for the actual course and I
launched it this is what the overall flow looked like so from the blog post
they went to a call to action which was that thing that I showed you it was a
super ghetto MailChimp opt-in page after that so MailChimp is a is a free tool is
a tool that you can use to host or email us basically and what a lot people don’t
know is that they actually have a landing page like builder meaning that
like they have a page where you can people can like opt-in and send you
their email address it’s really basic it’s very ugly it’s there’s not good
design on it but I use that for the first 4 or 5 K email subscribers and
then after that they went through a five-day email sequence where I sold
them on like this $49 product and went to a sales page and then it was a
purchase link and I had like 5 made 5k from that within like a several week
period which was kind of crazy because like I published his blog post with no
intention of actually starting a business and in like an early November
and then with him like at the next month it was like 5k and like a one-week
period after like after it Lodge which is pretty nuts and more than that was
like the impact that I had like like this like this guy for example he he
emailed me and he was like what does it say he like he borrowed like a hundred
dollars from his parents that week to buy groceries and then like he used
something in my article to land a promotion and he he got a massive raise
after that this dude got like an internship at Twitter this girl got a
job in McKinsey which was nuts that’s like a massive consulting company so
this was like world impact it’s not like some internet
marketing stuff anymore I was like wow this is like actually like working and
helping people too so I I scaled it even more I started off with this $49 product
it was like a one hour long video course or one or two hour long I hosted it on
teachable I still do teachable to this day so it was for nine
dollars the iteration two I double the price 97 after that it was 197 I added
some more stuff to it I added some more stuff made a 497 and then the last
iteration I it was 997 I got like a career coach to coach people one on one
it was like much more intensive and that’s that that last iteration when I
was $1000 is when I started like playing around with Facebook ad funnels and
stuff like that and Instagram ads and and things like that but there was kind
of a limit to the stuff that I could teach like like there was a new careers
I didn’t really want to like become like the career expert or anything I wanted
to branch out from that I like building funnels I love to write that was fun for
me to write these Facebook ad funnels and the copy and stuff like that so what
I tried to do was I started to replicate this for other experts I started doing
it for my mom versus an immigration lawyer I started doing that I did it for
like an SEO agency so I started like taking this thing and trying to
replicate it for other people to see if I could still get results for them to
and sell funnel building as a service so I’m gonna show you some examples of
actual campaigns that work to give you some more context I can’t go into like
all the super details I’m gonna like do it tomorrow in the workshop if you guys
are interested but I’m just gonna be like a high-level overview about how
these funnels work so you can kind of get a sense of if you were to do this
for a client like what would you actually have to deliver or like if
you’re doing it for yourself to sell your own products like what what
actually goes into creating something for yourself
so the funnel goes like this at a high level it starts with like ad copy
there’s like one piece of Facebook ad copy that I always write there’s no I
keep it very basic there’s no like multiple ads or anything just one ad
copy and goes to a landing page landing page is like a page that within
email opt-in box where you can send your email and then in exchange for that you
get some sort like video which is called like a lead magnet video guide something
like that I’ve been on the back end there’s like a 10 to 15 day email
sequence and then there’s a sales page and then you buy that’s like the basic
funnel and I replicate that for everyone for like services for courses products
seminars basically everything so I’m gonna show you this example this is an
ad campaign that I ran for myself to sell my own service the funnel building
as a service ad campaign for myself first I got two other examples later but
I’ll start with this and I’m actually gonna read the copy because I think it’s
gonna like help illustrate the next point so dear expert on my nobody I
don’t have a huge following I’m not a millionaire
I have no simple 7 step system for you nor am I gonna ask you to register for a
live webinar that just so happens to be starting five minutes from now and I got
horrible grades in school so I’m not smart by traditional standards but the
truth is I don’t need to make outrageous claims to impress you how come because I
know how to crush it with Facebook ads without following the rules that 99% of
marketers think they have to follow for example I don’t use power editor I don’t
have a fancy autoresponder funnel I don’t want to split tests I don’t have
tons of complicated software tools I don’t use it mo jeez I don’t have videos
of myself standing in front of a whiteboard with a marker I don’t run
webinars or use messenger BOTS so what’s your secret I wish I had one all I know
is this if you want to build a big email list and scale your business rapidly
then stop wasting time on stuff that doesn’t matter
commonsense plus good copywriting plus awesome ads equals more customers and
clients that’s it stick to the basics chicken and rice bro
it’s not about funnel hacking or what software tools you use or how long
should my video be or even target audience size say with me it’s about the
message for real the unsexy truth that most marketers won’t tell you is this no
amount of shiny new taxes can fix a bad advertisement so if I were you
I triple down your ad concepts and ease up on the bells and whistles and
technical nonsense and then I have like if you’d like to see how it’s done
there’s a free video and I kind of go into that a little bit more and it’s
kind of like a the last half of it it’s like more like a call to action sort of
thing so that’s the ad copy the bottom of it it’s like this this
magnet it’s like a picture of me without a beard so it converts less obviously and and in the video the incentive is
like a behind-the-scenes look in my 40k a month Facebook ad followed from coal
traffic so you click through there’s like this landing page you have the it’s
like a really basic again you click on that thing you enter your email and you
get sent to this Thank You page where I have a I’ve recorded this this video on
Camtasia it’s like a screen capture thing with some white keynote slide so
again not fancy super basic and it’s doing super well so like that the
targeting is massively broad the cost per results is like a dollar 71 I got
about three clients from this so far like basically what I do now is like
this is like in the beginning what I did was I had this thing running and right
now I’m not taking on any more new client so I don’t really have this
running anymore but whenever I want I just wanted I want to take on someone
new or if I have a spot or something like that
I’ll let’s kind of turn this thing on and it will bring me phone calls that I
can close like pretty much without me having to go out and pitch people or
anything like that card brings them to me and each each client is like anywhere
between charging like seven to ten K up front plus like twenty to thirty 20 to
50% of Commission’s on the funnel on the back end so that’s quite a bit of cash
for about like seven hundred and fifty dollars invested so that this kind of
funnel works pretty well so and then after that you’ve got on the back end
once you give me the email address there’s like fifteen follow-up emails
and the CTA on each email is to drive people to like a sales call and that I
were closing on a sales call for this specific thing so like why why does that
work and like that that reason I started that example is
because like that’s like really the core thing that I use across all campaigns
and like the the core thing that I have for like every campaign is this
philosophy which is like focusing on this like unconventional truth right so
like when for that for that specific piece of ad copy that I showed you like
the the truth was that you focus on the basics right so like
way I think about it whenever I work with anyone or sell any product whether
it’s mine or anybody else’s it’s like what does everyone else in this space to
do that you disagree with like what’s your point of view what’s your like
specific point of view on like what most people do but like you believe that you
should do the opposite there’s actually a good book by Peter teal called series
and one he I think he explains his concept to some degree there he says
some version of like any like any any founder any investor that he works with
he always says he always wants to know like what is like he always asked him
like what’s the one thing that you believe that most people will disagree
with or some version of that so like that’s kind of thing that I focus on for
like every ad campaign and massively broad targeting I don’t I don’t really
pick a niche all my stuff is like 200 million plus person audience very broad
stuff and the reason for that is because that allows me to once the ad works if
I’ve brought audience I can kind of set and forget it for like a eight to nine
month period if I want to I still collect the same like returns which is
part of the reasons what a big reason why I’m able to like scale it’s like 30
40 K plus per month it just being me and not working so much is that like the
each of these funnels that I build are kind of rung on their own and I can
collect a baseline of returns at least for like eight nine ten month period
depending on what the product is so I’ll run through this one pretty fast is a
copywriting course this is my own ad campaign so like this is kind of similar
again no-beard but that this is the ad copy the the the
video again is like some sort of free video on how I’m able to land clients
without having to pitch some prospect or sell which basically is like me going on
job boards and pitching them with some creative strategies same free video on
the Thank You page and it’s doing it was doing pretty well like it was like
nine-point like so for this specific date range 9.5 K are so invested and
there was like a three point at X 8 X return so I was like 37 K and I was able
to run this for like I was actually working until like two months ago stuck
in June is when I saw a slight dip in ad performance so I was able to run this
for like an eight or nine month period without any seeing any dip
in returns at all and that’s kind of how it works for most of that campaigns and
then the same kind of thing 14 main follow up email is there’s a bunch of
free content for the first six emails and the last seven emails is like more
salesy and again like I’ll go into like the details of what the emails are like
tomorrow in the workshop so this one is one for a client this is like there’s a
course there’s a client I was working with who runs a lead generation agency
and he was like winding cream product on how other people could also start the
room with media LinkedIn region type companies and these were the results for
that the one thing I wanted to draw attention to is like the the column at
the near the right there or first from the right I think though
that says relevant score so usually like so these ads are getting like there’s
like two one with the ten out of ten one with a nine and what’s interesting about
this is that they’re targeting here is like 200 million people like 300 million
it’s like a massively broad audience and that’s kind of unique that you can get
because relevance score is what Facebook uses to kind of gauge how targeted your
ad is for that audience like how well they engage and all that sort of thing
so it’s kind of weird that like I’m able to get that these ads are able to get 10
out of 10 relevant scores for like basically half the US if you if you like
if you think about it that way and I think a big part of it is the fact that
the focus is on that like unconventional truth and the angle and the positioning
because from my experience if you focus on that the vast majority of the
audience will like see that and engage with it and you’ll be able to kind of
make the as super targeted despite not being niched
down if that makes sense yeah so that’s yeah that’s pretty much it for this one
and then yeah so the same same structure for this specific campaign as well there
was ad copy landing page lead magnet there was a 10 day email sequence sales
page and they purchased and these were the results from this this was from
thing last month so like the spend was 3.5 K the returns
were 6 to 7 X consistent upfront so that’s like immediately after the
sales are done within like a two-week period and then I we also doubled that
spend this month and the returns also like 6 X 7 X so that so that’s still
staying consistent and based on the other patterns I think that’s gonna like
remain pretty consistent for like at least like another 10 months or so at
like a baseline just kind of based on what we’ve seen so far so those are some
examples of campaigns that worked why does it work so consistently I think
it’s because of like the disproportionate focus on the message
over everything else and not so much on like the software the
websites or the bells and whistles or anything like that it’s very much like
about what like what do you believe like what what is it
like if you’re selling like like software developments like what like
what are most software developers doing that are tricking other customers like
what like what are they doing that’s like like what kind of BS are they
selling in a way and like what and how can you call that out is how I kind of
think about it because always that always exists like in every kind of
market and if you can do that people will engage and they will love that they
will love that point of view and that unconventional shoots a foundation for
all the ad copy and for all the email funnels – and that’s like kind of sense
of foundation for everything and and targeting these broad set and forget
niches when possible that kind of allows me to I still do work on the campaigns
and tweak them and stuff but if I’m able to target a broad audience that I can
kind of set and forget that allows me to kind of collect passive income I guess
for like a sec six to seven month period and also when I work with clients I
charge a percentage revenue from the funnel instead of just trying to
maximize the cash upfront which also helps because then I can have funnels in
multiple different spaces that can run simultaneously for a long period of time
and why is if you’re thinking about song as a service I act I’m actually a big
fan of it I like because right now Facebook and Instagram are producing
pretty unbelievable returns like I’m seeing like 4 or 5 6 7 X like as kind of
typical for some like a lot of these ad campaigns it’s not like crazy to get
those kinds of returns right now if you are good at writing
because most people aren’t really good at writing copy that sells well they
tend to be kind of more focused on other things so if you’re able to write copy
that’s gonna separate you quite a bit from other people and also because the
platforms are so insanely under price right now you actually don’t have to be
a great writer to like take advantage of it and build funnels at work like right
now AdWords for example people who do AdWords like to win especially like in
like competitive AdWords markets you have been pretty good at it because like
it’s a bit more competitive now but like in my experience you have that great at
like copy and funnels on Instagram and Facebook yet to get some pretty
profitable returns it’s real lucrative and I haven’t found too many of those
services that scale as smoothly as that in terms of like not having to hire
people in terms of being able to run everything on your own and not taking
that long – like deliver the work either it once you get good at knowing what to
do um yeah just some quick math here like if you’re if you’re like
interesting like in delivering some service like like let’s say you get
let’s say you give this a year it’s pretty long time frame like if you get
five clients over the next year which is doable I think and you deliver one
funnel each that does 10k a month 10k it sounds like a lot but honestly like
again like with the with us 5 6 7 X returns on the ad spend it’s not
starting a crazy number to be honest with you and if you charge a 20%
Commission on those revenues that can be like an extra 10 km of net for you so
that’s like some interesting numbers there to play around with and it’s
actually a lot more achievable than you might think that’s actually how I scaled
up in the beginning just like offering this as for other people on a commission
basis and collecting the commissions on revenue and being like wow this actually
scales really well and the launch process again I’ll talk more about this
in the workshop if you guys are interested but basically in the
beginning kind of goes in these 7 steps the first step is I usually send people
a questionnaire if I work with them on figuring out their point of view like
what do they believe about their industry like what strong opinions do
they have about that field I try to narrow in on that first and then it
comes to like positioning the product like
example positioning is like starting an agency versus starting a social media
company versus starting a consulting business it’s all the same thing right
it’s like what’s the what’s the angle that you’re gonna go after creating 2 to
3 free videos to start out figuring out the targeting the ad copy starting email
with that quick quick I always start email with a quick question till I get a
sense for what people care about first and then like writing back send a email
sequence based on those number 6 responses so that’s that’s the high
level 7 step of how I how I replicate this thing for for myself and for other
people too you can find I’m not active on any websites obviously but but you
can find you can search my name on Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn I’m on
there and if you want like if you’re interested in this stuff I look a bunch
of videos on fun holes and everything that’s my phone number you can text me
with your email address and I’ll send you a bunch of stuff on that if you want Thank you

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