Building an Online Business from Scratch in 30 Days…

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel,
the number one place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video,
I’m literally going to walk through step by step exactly what I would do if I lost everything
in my business. Literally. If I was going to build my business from scratch all over
again, what would be the essential things and steps that I would move forward with in
order to get back what I have today? Now, this video is inspired by Russell Brunson’s
30 day challenge. Now I have his book and I was also part of his challenge and in this
book and in his challenge, big six and seven figure entrepreneurs walk through what they
would do if they lost it all. And in reading this book, it was super inspiring seeing the
essential oils that other entrepreneurs would do if they were to rebuild their businesses
all over again. That’s why I really wanted to do this video
because I think that it’s super helpful for you guys to see exactly what I would do step
by step. With that being said, if you’re interested in learning the essentials of the things that
I would do, then keep on watching. Alright, so let’s think, and as you can see, I’m getting
super excited about this. Okay, so let’s seriously, let’s think if I lost it all and I was really
starting from scratch, I had nothing to my name. What I would do as my number one step
is to list down all of the things that I’ve ever accomplished. And the things that I’m
good at, and I talk a lot about this in this video right here, but this is the number one
thing that I would actually do. And the reason why I would do this is because since I’m starting
from scratch, it’s really important for me to really zone in on the skills that I can
monetize. And again, I talk about that in this video
right here, but ideally it’s really important for me to actually look at myself from a bird’s
eye perspective and see what are the types of skills that I can easily and quickly monetize.
All right? So once I’ve pinpointed a winning skill that I believe I can do better than
the average. And by the way, if you don’t feel confident in your current skillset, make
sure you get a true objective point of view from a friend or a family member who knows
you really well and ask them what they think is a skill that you have that is better than
the average person. But anyways, once I’ve fine tuned and figured out that winning skill
that I can offer and that I can monetize, the next thing that I would do is actually
create a buyer’s persona. In a nutshell, what a buyer’s persona is is
essentially an entire profile of the person that I believe I can help with my skill, essentially,
it’s basically outlining who my ideal client is. And if you haven’t caught on already,
my strategy is to sell a high ticket service. And again, I talk about this in this video
right here, so make sure you check this video out so that you understand why I decided to
choose this as my strategy. But basically I’m going to create a buyer’s persona where
I’m going to really in detail outline who my ideal client would be and also what their
point a to point B would look like. Let me explain what I’m thinking about the point
a to point B. I’m really thinking about first the point a of this ideal client. What situation
are they in right now? What do they need help with? What are their pain points, what are they’re
struggling with? And then I would move on to thinking about their point B, which is
basically where do they want to be? What are their goals, what would look like a success
in their eyes? What do they really really want to achieve in their life? And after I
realized what their point a to point B is, I’m then going to look at the bridge between
point a to point B. What do they need in order to get from point a to point B and whatever
they need is what I’m going to offer. Because what you need to realize when you are selling
a high ticket service is that you need to fill a demand and that’s a mandate lies in
that sweet spot between their point a and point B. So this is exactly what I would do
if I lost it all and I had to Redo my business from scratch and figure out a new offer that
I would be selling to this ideal client. Now once I figured out this gap that I could
potentially fill, the next thing that I’m going to do is actually do competitor research.
And the reason why I’m going to do this is because I don’t necessarily have time to reinvent
the wheel. I want to make sure that someone else out there is also profitable in business
by doing pretty much the same thing. Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to copy the person.
However, it’s important for me to know that there is success out there and that other
people have been successful in doing a similar offer. This means that I’m going to go straight
to Google and search up keywords that I think will help me find those people. Not only this,
I’m going to head straight to Instagram, youtube, and even linkedin just to make sure that there
are other people out there. On top of that, I’m also going to be leveraging
Facebook and look for Facebook groups so that I can see who the owner of those Facebook
groups are and then find their website that way. Now, after I’ve done some competitor
research and maybe if I don’t find anything that’s profitable, I’ll probably go back to
step one and Redo the whole process all over again, but if I do find someone or people
who are profitable in doing a similar offer, I’m then going to move on and commit to that
idea. Now next, what I’m going to do is I’m going to start creating content and documenting
my journey of starting my business while sharing key advice within that niche. By creating
content, whether it’s on Instagram, youtube, Facebook. I’m now going to not only start
positioning myself as an authority within this space by sharing my advice, sharing key
and valuable content, but I’m also going to build my personal brand that way, especially
the fact that I’m documenting my journey. I really want to build an engaging and strong
personal brand so that I can be a magnet for new prospects. Not only this, I’m going to
be joining Facebook groups, specifically Facebook groups where I believe my target audience
is and be very generous and helping these people within my Facebook group that’s going
to allow more eyeballs onto my Instagram page, my Facebook page, where I’m actually housing
a lot of my own original content. Now once I’ve developed a solid library of content
and I’m starting to attract an audience, the next thing that I’m going to do is to host
market research surveys and market research calls because I really want to dive deep into
this person and I really want to validate my assumptions that I shared with you in tip
number two where I’m creating that buyer persona, but instead I want to actually get in front
of real people and validate whether or not my assumptions are right and also ask them
if there could be a service that would truly fix all of the problems that they have currently
in their life. What would it be? I basically want to hop
on these calls and collect market research data through surveys so that people are literally
handing me the answer of the product or the solution or the offer that they would actually
buy and that they would actually need. Once I’ve hopped on real calls with real people
and I have a slew of information coming through Google forms or survey monkey of people that
are filling out my survey so that I can truly understand their pain points, their goals,
their desires. I’m now going to collect all that data and create a very juicy lead magnet.
Now I talk more in depth about lead magnets and email lists and this video right here,
so make sure you check that one out, but because given the fact that I’m in a hurry and I’m
only going to trim down to the essentials, I’m just going to create one lead magnet only
that’s going to actually funnel into my high ticket offer. This lead magnet would be a no brainer lead
magnet. It would be super juicy, super value added. Most likely it’ll probably be a free
masterclass that I offer on evergreen where people can sign up and through that lead magnet,
I’m going to share my processes. I’m going to share my framework. I’m going to share
the things that I would actually deliver in my high ticket offer while still adding value
in that lead magnet so that regardless of that person decides to buy my high ticket
offer or not, they’re still walking away with a lot of value. Not only this, if I really
think about it, I’m currently at a stage where I don’t have a lot of social proof. I don’t
have testimonials to leverage, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to offer a limited
time offer slash discount that you can’t find anywhere else specifically. If I know that I’m most likely going to sell
my offer at $3,000 once it’s fully launched and fully prepared, what I’m going to offer
to these first round of people that are coming through this lead magnet and learning more
about me is that I’m going to offer it for $1,000 instead. That way, if I have 10 people
who agree that this is something that is worth investing in, that they see value in, if I
have 10 people, I would have already made a 10 k a month. Now at this point knowing
me, I would probably be super nervous to even charge $1,000 for my service, but I’m going
to remind myself that most times I don’t have a price issue. I likely have a positioning
issue and that’s why on this masterclass and in all of my content and in my website or
whatever material that I have currently online, I’m really going to make sure that I understand
my ideal client and in all of my communication and also within this masterclass I’m going
to make sure that the messaging, that the positioning and that all the value that I’m
giving makes sense and is truly attractive to that person. So it’s not even a question about price. Now
obviously depending on your experience and your capacity, 10 people might seem like a
lot for a one on one service. That’s why instead what I would do is actually turn it into a
group coaching program instead of working one on one because I don’t have that much
time and I also want to make sure I get through these people quickly so that I can validate
this concept. Make sure I have testimonials in a timely manner and prepare for the next
launch. Not only this, by offering it in a group style of coaching instead of one-on-one,
I can then manage my time a lot better and set better boundaries, especially since I’m
only selling the program for 1000 compared to the 3000 that I was planning to offer in
the first place. Now, as I’m ensuring I’m getting results for these 10 clients that
I have under my group program, I’m also going to be listening to their needs, taking in
their feedback and also periodically checking in on them and make sure that I’m getting
feedback as well as a testimonial at the end so that I can leverage it for a higher ticket
offer in the future. Not only this by ensuring that I’m always
collecting feedback and making sure that I’m listening to their needs to their suggestions,
it allows me to then fine tune my future services as well. This is why I highly recommend that
throughout this entire process you are listening to the demands of your ideal client or customer
because this is really going to fast track your success in terms of building your business
from scratch and finding success. If you aren’t listening to your prospect, then you’re going
to be hitting walls, not making the income that you want to make and you’re always going
to be confused as to why you’re always hearing crickets. That’s why even though this video
is laid out step-by-step, there are going to be activities that you need to do daily,
such as engaging with your audience, actually listening to what they want or the feedback
that they’re giving you and not only that, more importantly, mastering your mindset,
understanding that the stronger your mindset, the easier that this journey will become and
that overnight success is not real and that focus and patients are the key things that
you’re going to need in order to fast track your success. Now, if you liked everything that you heard
so far or you’re really intrigued, I just want to let you know that we’ve only scratched
the surface when it comes to building a business from scratch. That’s why if you want to learn
more, such as how to do sales calls, how to actually create this offer, how to price this
offer, how to create your website, how to create your email nurturing sequences and
all of that and more. Make sure that you’re signing up for the wait list for my new program,
The Bossgram Acadmy. By signing up for the waitlist, you’re going to be the first to
be notified when this program is launching in The Bossgram Academy. I’m going to be teaching
you not only how to dominate on Instagram and use it as a vehicle to build your business
and generate leads, but I’m also going to teach you how to build your business from
scratch. That’s why if you’re interested, make sure
you sign up for that wait list so you don’t miss out. Not only this, if you’re interested
in learning more about my personal business journey, make sure you hit the notification
bell because I’m going to spill all the beans on the top key learnings that I want to share
with you based on my experience of growing my business to six figures and beyond in less
than one year. So if you want to learn more about my business journey, then make sure
you hit that notification bell so you don’t miss that video. In the meantime, while you
wait for all that juicy goodness and make sure you also check out these two videos that
I have right here as well. I love to talk about entrepreneurship, online marketing,
youtube, Instagram, social media, all these different things. So make sure you check out
these two videos. I promise they’re not going to disappoint as always, guys, I appreciate
you. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you have a great day, a great week, and a
great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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