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26 thoughts on “Building .NET Desktop Applications with .NET Core and Windows 10 – BRK3095

  1. It is a shame there is no support for win 7/8/8.1. Enterprises use them still and upgrading your app means support for older platforms too.

  2. So why isn't this titled 'Building .net desktop applications with UWP' – I thought that was the future of Windows. Now I'm confused. And yes I understand the relationship between UWP and .net core to an extent. But is UWP a dead end? UWP was meant to be the Windows head of the .net core body, now .net core has it's own head.

  3. What a waste of time. If you want to build a real app learn C++ and build a native Win32 app outside of .NET World. Do us all a favor.

  4. i want a new winforms designer as good or better than the current in winforms Core.- otherwise nobody will move their projects there.
    unfortunately we need and 3rd parties to work on that "conversion too" like devexpress….

  5. 26:50 updates without informing the user? yeah those annoying things win10 does we dont want that in our apps and clients!

  6. All these Build videos are mixed with the audio so low that we have to crank our volumes to hear them… so if sound happens from somewhere else on our devices … BAM! We are blasted out of our chairs.

  7. "You've probably had to make a choice between WPF, Windows Forms, an UWP."
    No, no one even considers UWP.

  8. I've been trying to replicate the location app on this video but as soon as I put in the MapControl the xaml designer breaks and the app no longer compiles. Any thoughts?

  9. both Apple and Google created new UI framework to make ui with Swift / Kotlin, without XAML or extra steps, this is the future, WPF isn't what .net core need, it needs a TRUE modern UI framework in C# only

  10. I have written a poem to support .NET :d

    .NET .NET you are the old ones,
    But don't you'll able to compete everyone

    Time and again you compete with trends,
    People say you are but loved enterprise ones!

    .NET .NET with .NET Core you'll be the future!

    😀 #DevOTram

  11. “Ask the app developer for a new app package. This one isn’t signed with a trusted certificate (0x800B0100)” error message.

  12. I would like to start using .NET CORE 3. To make an updater/launcher program for a videogame. Please can you recommend me some material to start?

  13. This is a deadblow to .NET desktop. Watch out: if there is a security issue in .Net, you now have to update all your distributed apps yourself. Now you are resposible for patching microsoft .net security updates.

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