‘Building Up Bristol Borough’ Season 2 Official Trailer | Small Business Revolution – Main Street

– [Narrator] Small
towns across the country are fighting for their survival. – [Man] The jobs left,
and the malls that come up at the same time. – [Man] Businesses that have been here for generations are closing up. You’re seeing a decline in our population. – [Woman] It’s the story you
hear about small-town America. – [Narrator] But what
if we change the script? The hit show Small Business
Revolution: Main Street is back for a second season. – Here’s one of our newer retail shops. – [Narrator] After a nationwide search, more than a million people
voted for one winner, Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. (cheers and applause) – Yeah! – [Narrator] Now, marketing
expert Amanda Brinkman and her team at Deluxe are going to work for the people of Bristol
Borough, Pennsylvania. And they’re bringing along entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, and a whole cast of small business experts to help revitalize the town. – These are fundamental principles to getting your business
in a better place. – [Robert] You gotta raise your price. – Yeah. – You’re not making enough money. – If we reorganize the kitchen, we could get a chef’s table in here. That’s a big boost to your business. – [Narrator] Last year, season one winner, Wabash, Indiana changed forever. – It’s definitely one of
the most monumental things to have ever happened in our life. – [Narrator] But in a
different town, with high hopes and a whole new set of challenges, the stakes are higher than ever. – [Amanda] Congratulations,
you’re the businesses! (all scream) – There’s a lot of work to be done. – The business owner in me
is having an anxiety attack. – This experience has been
a tremendous catalyst. – [Woman] Any kind of change
that’s worth it, it’s scary. You really do build us up. (upbeat music) – She’s writing it down. – Well, it must be important.
(laughs) – [Narrator] Now streaming on Hulu and smallbusinessrevolution.org

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