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Hiya my name is Phill and I have been self
employed all my life. Recently I have had to make a list of business
ideas for beginners. My own business has been going down the pan
thanks to the government and Chinese but don’t get me started on that.
err So I’ve been looking on the internet for jobs that I can do.
I’ve only got one skill set been doing the same job all my life, so I needed to look
for jobs that required little or no training. I’ve used all my own savings to keep my business
afloat, so I needed a new job that required little or no experience and little or no start
up money. And I found quite a few in the internet but
they were scattered all over the place. So I put them all together
I made a website put them all together and I’ve put a link to those down below.
But don’t click it yet, don’t click it yet. Let me tell you what to expect with these
because err they are pretty damn good to tell you the truth.
This is a list of proper jobs that you can do from home. It’s not quick it’s not get
rich quick schemes of buying and selling on the internet, it’s real proper work.
Get your hands dirty, graft you make the money, don’t do anything you make no money.
Real work which is what we want but real work with little or no skill involved but a high
income depending on how hard you work but a proper income, a proper income
Along with this list of jobs there is also guides on how to start this job. things you
need to know err how to how to actualy do the job.
How to price up the job, equipment and tools you need for the jobs.
Every thing that an absolute beginner needs to know for that particular field of work.
A lot of these jobs can be done from home requiring very little start up money so er
so to start with you are not having to rent your own property. You can work from home
find out if the job’s right for you, scale it up and when the business is good
move out, get your own property and go on from there.
For every one of the jobs on this list there are how to start your own business guides
for each one of them. These guides have been made by people who
have actually worked in the job. not er people trying to get rich quick.
This is proper hands on experience. The do’s and don’ts of the work.
How to get customers. How to get paid more importantly. There’s work strategies. there
are tradeshows you can go to. All the equipment you need.
The materials you need The suppliers where to get them from.
Some of these guides even have email contacts and they will give you coaching to get you
going in your business which isn’t a bad thing, in fact that’s fantastic.
It’s like having a mentor but working for yourself.
Brilliant So some of these links go to lets say cheesy
sites. These are sites made people who know their
business not, they are not web designers. er but so read through them there are hints
and tips just on the introduction page and while I was compiling this list I was amazed
at the diversity of jobs that are out there, I couldn’t believe some of the jobs.
A lot of the jobs I thought “I could do that straight away” Some of the jobs I didn’t know
even existed. Other jobs I couldn’t believe that people even paid you to do them.
Check them out. There are some good ones down there.
Alright I hope I hope my list helps you. So good luck with the future. Hope you get something
soon. Phill saying by for now.

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