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What if business were made easier in the food and beverage industry New digital technology is changing the way we perform business. Farmers use connected watering systems, supported by weather data that take the guesswork out of farming. Data enables hospitals to predict length of stay, maximising savings and higher patient satisfaction. New digital technologies also make business easier in the food and beverage industry. What if operators could access training, when they need it to reinforce competence? With our short tutorial videos that can be watched on any device, even in the noisiest production environment, they can. What if spare parts statistics were just a tap away? Using our ePIMS app you can see inventory overview, order parts and more. In combination with our extensive e-Business platform, operations can be optimised. What if the installation process could be more efficient? Using the Microsoft HoloLens to project a new line, will make this possible. The visor also removes the need to travel, by allowing us to connect people who are worlds apart. So all service engineers are experts, wherever they are. Tetra Pak is at the forefront of developing and investing in digital technologies, that will create new opportunities for you to optimise costs, increase productivity and maximise uptime. Now and in the future. Tetra Pak Services, boosting your productivity through our expertise.

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