Business Never Sleeps (How to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors)

if you’re feeling sick or you don’t want to work pull it together and do whatever it takes to get the job done in the world of entrepreneurship it doesn’t matter if it’s you’re sick or it’s a holiday business never sleeps there’s someone else out there who’s younger who’s hungrier than you who’s gonna do whatever it takes to succeed get out of their parents house and live a better life so if you’re not willing to put in the hours you’re gonna lose it’s a sad reality of it people make fun of me because I’ll work holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas or I work when I’m sick even if I have a fever and a lot of it is because I’m passionate about what I’m doing but in addition to that I know if I’m not working and doing whatever I can to get ahead of my competition they’re gonna overtake me and in many cases I’m already behind my competition I don’t have the biggest business in the space I’m not making the most amount of money and that’s why when I’m sick or when it’s a holiday I’m doing whatever it takes to get on on top and sure some people look at me and be like that’s not living amazing life that’s a terrible way to live that just sucks but the way I look at it is I’m passion about what I’m doing I love working and I don’t see it as sad I see it as hey this is my opportunity to get ahead of other people or at least catch up and if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur it’s sad but it’s true and that’s okay as well there’s different places for different people in life you just got to figure out what’s right for you but if you want to be an entrepreneur you want to succeed you need to make sure that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed even if that means working holidays sometimes spending less time with your family I know that sucks but sometimes it’s a sacrifice that you have to make in addition to working the days you don’t feel like it

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51 thoughts on “Business Never Sleeps (How to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors)

  1. That's great advice. Passion is everything and it will keep on forcing us to do. Thanks Neil and do more like this for motivation. (I'm the first command for you Neil😉)

  2. When we are passionate about something we don't see holidays , we never tire of doing that work.

    You are amazing neil bhai , I want to meet you

  3. I disagree with spending less time with family especially if u have kids…when u die ur business wont mean nothing to you in the grave but ur family will. But otherwise i agree

  4. Good Video thank you @Neil for Inspiration all times. Now I Know why to create entreprise in your passion is more important. I'm work every day because i want to become the best in my domaine as You.

  5. Neil, you always inspire me. best part of this video is"business never sleeps". dedication and not ready to quit is the key to success.

  6. Totally agree! At this point in my life, been there, done that, and this is where I CHOOSE to be. Have an awesome weekend, Neil. Thanks always. 😊

  7. Hi love ur vids but this one didn't make any sense if u can't make time for ur family or friends what's the point you only have one life and it s not all about money. it does not matter how much you have you will always want more. If your sick you should rest if its the holidays you should spend it with ur family I feel sad for you if this is the way you live your life as you preach in this video

  8. same, but I work constantly because i like programming and developing sites. i also don't want a partner or kids. i get bored if I am not doing something

  9. i work on my blog which based on the SEO and Digital Marketing. But my blog in HIndi language, any best suggestion about hindi blogging?

  10. I have had a great experience seeing the updating version of your ubersuggest tool. Thanks you for creating this amazing tool. Can you please make app for android. धन्यवाद neil

  11. Ohh dude how's your timing (or maybe YouTube's timing to put this in front of me right now 😁)
    It's just gone 2:30am on a Sunday night (well actually a Monday morning) and I am brushing my teeth about about to go to bed after working pretty much the whole weekend trying to hire staff and improve my business.
    This weekend the wife took the kids swimming, to the movies and spent time with them. There was also major football matches on and I missed all of it because I knew I had to get this done.
    I did take 60 minutes out on Saturday to take the kids to the park.
    Will they (5 years old and 3 years old) be upset that I did not spend the whole weekend with them…..nah probably not.
    Will, when I'm 90, regret not being able to spend this full weekend them……nah probably not.
    Will I regret in the future not being able to provide for them if they need me to, yep probably and that is why I'm happy to put in the extra hours in now.
    Plus hopefully it will mean in the future I will be able to spend more time with them.
    So I'm not disappointed that I had to work all weekend and that I am going to bed at this time of the night/morning.
    But it is still great timing for me to see this video as it is nice to get reassurance that what I am doing is right 😊

    Thanks again Neil.
    Regards Ben

  12. Thanks for the amazing video niel !

    I had a question not related to this however, I work and produce content in most of the niches form B2B to B2C.
    Some of the niche clients prefer the content as well as user experience to be interactive and less boring. But however people related to niches such as real-restate, finance etc prefer their content to be boring with a lot of paragraphs and with no user engaging signals.

    I had a thought that in boring niches, if we can make content interactive as well as engaging and stand above those boring contents, would the business grow or it could be otherwise ?

    I want to hear it from you !
    And sorry for such long paragraph..

  13. So true! I ran a company for about 12 years and I worked every holiday and vacation – if you want a successful, growing company – you should expect this

  14. Can you please make a video on "how to make money as a teenager" because I'm 15 and I wanna make some…nice videos tho…😊😊✌..

  15. Hi Neil, my business is profiting, should I raise fund? My company had a positive cash flow business modal, but what we need is knowledge and connections from investors, many big companies raise fund to scale faster, and not only for money, but they do get help and connection from investor as well. Any idea how to structure a fund raising? What is the minimum percentage that I had to hold on?

  16. 1:50 that`s true Neil, well we must ignore them because people never see anyone to succeed. They will do whatever it take to fell you down.
    Your biggest fan there is`nt even a single video that i missed out. Just Thank You

  17. Brother Neil. One of the worse mistakes I ever made, and biggest regret is Working so hard and focusing on my business that I neglected my family. I know the passion you have and that working has its own peace. That sounds strange when you read it, But I fully understand loving to work. Ive found myself always trying to get to the next level, make more money , more success . Nothing can replace or is worth more than the time we spend with familiy. Once we lose that piece of who we are and where we come from, "Familiy or loved one passes on" Time is the only possession we find ourself to have missed used. That precious time we lost because our choices to persue what we think is so vaulable, Becomes wasted time. We then suffer from regret and Heartache . We can never go back and say I love you or share a laugh or tear with those we care so much for. We have only so much time Neil. Find balance Please my brother. your familiy loves you , And most Importantly God loves you. Give time to the true value of life, Familiy and Love. I love your life and I have a great respect for you and your work. I dont know you personally, But I have become fond of the man you are and it would Bother me to know you have had to suffer great Heartache without having said a word.
    It bothers me that none of the men and women on youtube, give reverence to God in their success. All knoledge comes from God. Any man who thinks he did all this on his own or self made is wrong. It is the will and grace of God Almighty. Comming from your background you know this. just a thought my Brother. Rip and Tear

  18. Digital Marketing is painful in this point of view. :/ But it's worth every penny when you see someone achieving success with your help. =)

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