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Welcome to Bplans! This website is a free resource for entrepreneurs to start and run their businesses. You might be here on our business planning guide because you’re needing some inspiration to start a business or you’re writing a business plan at the moment, but feeling a little stuck. You might be here because you have a business and you need to grow it to the next level, or you might be here because you need to seek funding. If you scroll down this page you’ll find collections of resources that are based on all those steps in the entrepreneur journey. Scroll down look for this section that best describes where you are right now and you’ll find a lot of help there. And if you’re looking for industry information or sample business plans, be sure and take a look at our sample plan gallery. It contains 500 of them. You can download these sample plans and use them for inspiration We hope you find these resources useful and the team looks forward to helping you start and run your business.

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