Business Plan Intro

hello welcome to the town of New Paltz
business proposal competition okay everyone our five applicants are coming
to talk to us hey everyone
Vivaan you can call me Steve I have a great idea for a business in New Paltz I
wanted to open a salon where you can bring your family moms dads kids and
even the dog it will be the kind of place where everyone can relax kick back
and get their hair cut thank you very much for listening to me have a great
day so like my name is Sarah I have a cool
idea I want to build an amusement park in the town of New Paltz well not in the
middle of town just outside of town Cruel right see you all later
thanks for listening why hello town board my name is Erin how
you doing I have a great idea I would like to open a bar on the Main Street of
New Paltz you are a great group of people thank you for listening to me
take care I am getting hungry when is lunch how many more people are there
don’t worry there are only two more applicants left to listen to we are
almost done hello my name is Rebecca
want to tell you about the big business plan I have
you see I want to open a food truck even to food trucks i would park them on
the edge of the campus we would serve food late at night
hope you enjoyed my presentation I have to get back now my name is Jacob you will not guess what
I want to do I want to open a chip huddle
I mean chip oat lay thank you now we have a lot to discuss before we
give away the grant money you

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