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here’s a video about a business plan assalamualaikum wr. wb. we are from the general engineering university we want to convey about a business plan about computer network services NR cloud Indonesia maybe we will say in advance the company profile which will be delivered by Mrs. emi setia wulandari okay, our company is engaged in services leasing infrastructure such as data centers, computers, etc. our company works with providers telecom and xl You can see the industrial classification table Examples of industrial classification, IT components, sharpening business ideas Service, komputer, hardware, dan network,
Hardware+people+data+software IT infrastructure rental services (computing, storage, memory, applications, software, networks etc.) are internet based Background eeee Along with the development of technology today consumers want fast, easy and inexpensive, practical services practical, can be accessed from anywhere, can use applications etc. VISION
Developing computer technology in Indonesia Innovating to develop new technology along with the times Helps cutomer to save on infrastructure costs related to computers and helping customers to save maintenance costs the purpose of this plan business is Opening jobs, Creating computer-based modern business, Helping companies to reduce infrastructure investment costs and maintenance costs I will continue to explain about our products benefits for customers All Data Stored on the Server Centrally, Data Security, Long Term Investments Justification of the selection of business objects In the future all businesses will become modern businesses all will be online or internet and computer based, of course for that we chose this business because we believe we will need many companies, especially small and medium-sized companies Excellence with other products So from better security The data that will be stored in our data center will be safer because we store the data on a local server So still in the territory of NKRI. the map is managed by IT in the country for cheaper prices Rental in our place will be cheaper because customers are free to choose the type and capacity according to their needs do not have to rent on a large scale this is for drawing the diagram So this user this server this is a place to storage oke for the equipment we use for three main equipment; supporting equipment; operational HR; the main equipment itself is a server computer infrastructure as needed: there is a server computer; Rack mount; etc; keep storing we use hard drive
RAM and other devices Network: Router, HUB switches & switches LAN, FO, etc. for its own supporting equipment there is definitely AC keep the blower to keep the room cool

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